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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


(wow, that font is really hard to read in all caps. It says OFF TOPIC and TMI case you can't read it.)

Well, I know one can't really be off topic when we aren't in the middle of a conversation; and on my blog pretty much anything goes...but this time, well I just don't usually talk about this topic.

I am so excited that I am NOT PREGNANT. Whew! I was scared. I am having the worse pregnancy symptoms. I am sore, irritable, exhausted, nauseated many times throughout the day, I get this awful mouth taste after eating, I can't stand the thought of chocolate. Trust me, that only happens to me when I am pregnant. But I am not really sick. No need for sympathy at all. Just know?

So I did some googling. Did you know that other women feel pregnant too when going into perimenopause?

Oh...and that it can last about 5 years??!!

WHAT?! Oh heaven help us all.

Ok, so that's what's going on in the life of your hillbilly friend. Shall I link this to Marcia's Minutes for Me? Naw, probably not.

Wonder if I will lose more followers after this post? I've lost some recently and not sure why. I think I need to lighten up like I used to be. Consider this your first light hearted post!

So...did you feel pregnant, are you feeling pregnant, do you want to feel pregnant, or don't even say the word? State your status ladies!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Woulda Coulda

I was not able to make a Project Challenge quilt this week; and knew that from the beginning. But I got to thinking that planning an 'out of the box' project is still a good stretch of the imagination...even if the quilt never gets to come to pass. ( I know-"never say never" and 'put it in the idea hat'). I wanted to show you what I would have made if I woulda coulda done it.

The challenge this time was to use a song for our inspiration. Not just music but an actual song. I chose a song that my husband wrote concerning his children (most of you know that story). We used to keep the song up on myspace in the hopes that someday his kids would hear it, but myspace is kind of a thing of the past. We don't know how to get the recorded song from the computer to the internet now. Any ideas?

Anyway, I will let the song describe the rest of this post and the quilt that would have been. Bear with the photos. They were scanned in from a very rough sketch.


When I wake up in the morning, wipe the sleep from my eyes
I realize that you're not with me, it still takes me by surprise
In the stillness of the hour, leaning on that bed post
These are the moments, when I miss you the most.
The bed post, bed and pillow would have been applique
When I stumble to the kitchen and pour myself a cup
I stand gazing through the window, watching as the sun comes up
I think I see you in the backyard, and my thoughts are engrossed
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
It was going to be an appliqued window, cup and tree and swing fabric, the rest embroidery

When the minutes turn to hours and the hours into days
The weeks roll into months then years but the pain won't go away
Whether wide-awake or sleeping, every second that I can boast that
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
Applique/embroidery calendar years; one year for each year the kids have been  gone.
When my day is finally ended and I lay me down to sleep
I ask the Lord to richly bless you, and for all our souls to keep
I trust you to the sweet protection of the sovereign Holy Ghost
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
Appliqued verse

Chorus: Every song I sing, every prayer I pray
Every breath I breathe, brings me closer to the day,
When you come back to me and I'll hold you close
Tag line: When each drop of blood throws through my broken heart
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
These are the moments, when I miss you the most.

It was to be a patchwork heart-each patch a different color of red, with black embroidery making them look patched together. Big black line where heart is broken.

photo borrowed from myspace.
We know nothing about this organization.
We do sadly know about parental alienation.
Please pray with us that Jerry will see his kids again someday. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kalahari Quilts

I have the COOLEST thing to share with you today. I've been sitting on this for several weeks now just trying to find the right time to share it with you.

It all started with the Quilters Books and Bindings Blog. When Miki posted about the challenge to read The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency and then make a quilt that was inspired by the book, I did what I am always prone to do. I went googling. I had this vision of in my head of a rainbow bargello quilt with a Giraffe and a tree in the foreground. You are not going to believe what I found:

Guess I am not going to make that quilt. But then I just had to stay and look around a while. Let me tell you about Kalahari Quilts. The business was founded in 2006 by Jenny and Danny Healy. Since that time, Danny has passed away, and Jenny is left alone to raise two young children. Her shop is her income. It is the only quilt shop in Botswana. Her quilts are famous..and even made it into the No. 1 Ladies movie. 

Her work is absolutely wonderful.  I just don't know how finds the time to do what she does. 
I am sure necessity drives her.

Jenny Healy has a blog that you can find Right here.
I would take some time and browse her blog and her website gallery.
Everything is just beautiful.

So, what am I doing for my challenge quilt?
Well what do you think all those African Ahhhh's are for, anyway? LOL

Friday, January 27, 2012

You make me feel like Dancing!

Stephen and I dance to this song...this version of this song... several times a week. It's an absolute hoot to watch, so get up and dance a few steps. Perfect for exercise if you are joining us for Annie's On my Weigh :

Why do you make me feel like dancing? Well, cuz I love you guys! And you are so loving and giving to me! I feel so bad that I didn't do a good job of sharing all the Christmas gifts that I received. I had an entire memory card that got wiped out before I uploaded the photos--but here are a few gifties that I can share:

Birthday gift from 'that guy who hangs around my daughter'

Win plus a bit extra from KatieQ

Stephen stocking from Patty at Granma's Charms

Day planner from my sis:

Charm pack from Wanda:

I am linking up with Marcia's Minutes for Me Party.
You can find it Right HERE.
For sure, find some minutes for YOU this weekend.
Maybe you could dance a bit? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ahhhh 11-- The Kite Flower

This week I could hardly contain my excitement to share this with you. I have completely fallen in love with kaleidoscope fabric. In fact, after making this week's ahhhh, I spent some time googling around and now am hoping to get my hands on MORE, MORE, MORE. I want more!! This is exactly what I've been talking about when it comes to patterns. One thing I want to create is hexie patterns with kits using kaleidoscope fabric...someday :)
Don't know what kaleidoscope fabric is? Well, I had this piece laying around for several years just waiting on the perfect project:

I only showed a small piece of the fabric to show you where I cut out this weeks hexie pieces from.
Here's my little kite:

And here is this weeks Hexie
(It's not crooked. I just am.)

Isn't that star in the middle so cool?
You will hopefully be seeing much more kaleidoscope fun in the future.
At the minimum, you are stuck seeing this fabric each week until I work through this half yard of fabric.

And of course, my African kite flower which I am equally in love with:
(I need to get these African ones done for a challenge!)

And finally--an easy one for you to draw up this week:

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Long, Farewell!

No, not to me silly. To Stephen! He told me that he is too big a boy now to be blogging his adventures on a quilt blog. You'll see a button on my side bar that looks like this:

Click on it (on the left side bar) and you will be whipped away to the many adventures that await you!


I received a nice email from someone that found my FPP tute, and she wondered if I had a flickr group to share items made from my patterns and tutes. The Ahhhh group has been adjusted accordingly (to be an all inclusive Hillbilly group) and can now be found on the left side bar as well. If you have any photos of items made from my patterns, tutes, or schemes and have a moment, I'd love to have you post them there. Thank you kindly!


Speaking of the FPP tute, here is a photo of Raelynne, the recipient of the heart quilt.
Raelynne has Leukemia. She lives alone but has two sisters that come and help on occasion.
She was very blessed by her quilt from around the world.


My Dream.
Every year about this time I get the hankerin (some Hillbilly lingo for you) to attempt my little business again. This year the hankerin is a bit larger than other years. We have decided that it is time for my husband to quit his second job. His working for 60 plus hours a week is just too much--for him, for me, and for our little boy.
Many have in the world with 4 blogs, and homeschooling now 2 boys (yes, Stephen has begun even at this age) and running a home. So, since I've had many ask via emails, I'll give you more details on the how. (more about quilts in a moment)

Well--the extra blogs are a way of keeping my life streamlined. 

Stephen's blog is my alternative to scrapbooking. Easier. Print a book at the end of the year. Done. (But I'll make it fun for those of you that like his adventures.) Even if you don't stay and follow let me know what you think of his bloggy look.

The book blog--I often read during the mid of the night when I can't sleep. If I read a book, I'll blog about it. No hurry. No demands. Just my own personal quest to get good books blogged about.

The Bible Study blog--I have help for that one!

Then there is this blog. I want to keep learning and doing and teaching. And I am really really hankerin (there's that word again) to design my own patterns (using ahhhh's and some other things up my sleeves) and I want to sell kits for those patterns. What do you think? Do you think I have a shot at it? 
Well, even if not, it will be so nice having my husband home on the weekends. I'll just have to buy a little less fabric, thread, needles, batting...but so worth the trade! 


See you Thursday for Ahhhhh day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Burning the Midnight Oil

For quite sometime I've wanted to be a part of project quilting. 
I love the challenges. I need the boost because I really rely to heavily on patterns.
I have always wanted to make MY OWN creations. 
This time around I am very much hoping that I get to work on every challenge. But even one here and there will be fun. 

The first challenge was Architectural Elements, but was pretty open other than using a photo for inspiration.
There were so many way cool buildings to choose from. 
First, I loved this one and thought about weaving a quilt:

Then I decided maybe I would do a whole quilt with all different types of shoes and the people that live in them:

But then decided I wanted to go Kansas City style, and since I love to read, thought I would use the Kansas City Public Library for inspiration:

But, sadly there is only ONE week from the time the challenge is issued to have a quilt completed.
So I had to go with something much more simple:

But that's ok, I did at least have some good ideas for the other quilts. 
And this one I dressed  up a bit. 
I got to thinking about how often I work late at night, 
so I designed this and named it,
"Burning the Midnight Oil".

I embroidered a little clock in one of the windows:
Not bad for my first challenge.
Still wish I would have had time for my other ideas though.

There's another challenge starting Sunday. I can't wait to see what it is. I may not have time this time with some orders that I need to get done, but we'll see. I may not be able to resist either. I've been wanting to do these for so long! Just click on the Project quilting photo at the top to go visit Kim's Crafty Apple and join us.

Oh--there's some great prizes each time too!
Here's what I won the last go around:

It's a pattern to make several zippered bags. With step by step zipper scare proof instructions.
Yippee!! Now that I needed! 
(I will certainly find time to try these soon. I've been wanting to made zippered bags for so long!)
You can find the pattern At Studio Cherie

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ahhhh 10-- The New World Star

Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-Long, Hillbilly Hectic Hexie #10

Today's star pattern is adapted from a Jenny Beyer block called "The New World". 

Just a simple 3 steps very carefully drawn:

Have fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Hillbilly Challenge!

I don't think when Marcia planned her Scrappy Quilt Challenge, she was thinking..."This is one for Tonya and her Hillbilly ways"; but then again, maybe she was! The challenge worked out well for me though, because I had just finished up a baby quilt at Christmas to send to Jerry's nephew. (I'll share it next week blog is a happenin' place lately and I can't seem to fit it in). and had some left over scraps from the charm pack and sashing that I wanted to use in Marcia's challenge.

Ok, so here is why this scrappy quilt pattern was so perfect for this friendly neighborblogland Hillbilly...all I had to do was add a little here, add a little there, cut some off here and then there, nothing was supposed to be even, the rows--are you ready for this-were NOT supposed to line up..catch my drift? Oh, ya, perfect for me!

I followed Marcia's original design of sticking to one color for this quilt. (with the exception of some blue charm squares that I whacked up for the centers).

I think this quilt should be called "Momma, load up the bottles we are going on a Sunny Sunday afternoon car ride". (or something similar that is not near as lengthy.).

I still have to add borders, but I needed to get this linked up and it is now 1 a.m. Borders aren't going to happen tonight. (Hey, I wonder if there are any border fairy's out there kind of like the shoe dwarfs in that one children's fairy tale?) Here is the fabric I am going to use. 
It will have 1" blue and 3" (or so) yellow border:

Marcia is offering free quilting to one winner in the challenge. If I should win in that draw, then I will have Marcia quilt it and send it to Belinda for her Neonatal Intensive Care Unit quilts.
If I don't win, then I'll send it to Marilyn who will quilt it up for her Binky Patrol quilts. 

Why not just quilt it myself?
I have 8 pillow cushion covers and 2 dresden plate quilts that have to get done ASAP. The 2 quilts have been in the works for over a year but the recipient is wanting them. (I really can't blame her.) 
This is also why I am kind of quiet right now. I'll breathe easier when those two quilts are on their way to Marcia's and it will be her job to worry about the quilting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally the mystery solution!

Back in the fall I joined the Carol Doak Yahoo Group and did a super fun Twist and Turn Mystery Quilt.
Part of the fun was getting to play around with the blocks after they were completed before the solution was given. At the time I did not have a space to have a play with these blocks, but I do now. Before piecing it together, I tried a few different things.
(The photos are a bit crooked. My design wall is in a narrow hallway and I can't stand back far enough to get a straight shot.)

#1 is the actual mystery solution as designed by Carol.

In the second, I moved the inner red ring and exchanged it with the outer blue ring.

Then, I traded the pink ring for the blue ring.

Finally, I changed the red and blue blocks to point up instead of down

After it was all said and done, I couldn't decide at all. 
So I went back to the original. Silly me.
Added a couple of borders...and DONE!

I am actually leaving it as a flimsy. I have no idea what to do with it. It's too wild for a charity quilt. I got to thinking that it's a real eye catcher, so I think I will hang it up high at craft shows-not to sell but to draw attention. (Ha! I've yet to even set up at a craft show for the last 10 years at least!) At any rate, I am not going to use up any batting for it right now. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stephen's Safari

So much happens when you turn into a big 2 yr old boy!!
 For one, you get big birthday cakes:

You get to open presents on your new big boy bed on Christmas morning:

And, you get to go on African Safari's! 
Yes,  an African safari right in the middle of Missouri!

Have you ever been on a safari before? 
First you go to this place and buy a cup of food.
And then all these animals come and swarm your car and try to climb in the windows to get the cup of food.
Only this little deer was too scared to climb in the window.

This llama wasn't too scared.

And neither was this guy:

But then a whole herd of zebras started running towards us!

I was a little worried about my daddy, you know.
I am a brave boy, but my daddy's window was down, and I gotta take care of my daddy!
The zebra turned out to be really nice.
Only he kept chasing us whenever we tried to drive away.

And so was the camel.

Those crazy animals tried to lick my drink right out of my hand. 
No way that was going to happen!

And then, you would not believe it.
I saw the ugliest, scariest animals that I've ever seen in my life. 
I took one look at them and said to my Grandma Helen,
"Are you kiddin' me?! Don't let them come over here!"

I mean, look at 'em. Wouldn't they scare you too?