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Monday, December 19, 2011


Does it mean I am scatterbrained because I like my random posts?

Random Quiltsy
Marcia has already finished the long arm work on the heart quilt. She does a beautiful job and a young woman will have a very nice surprise just in time for the holidays. 

Random Life
Stephen has gradually been eating more. I am sorry my posts have been a bit 'Stephen heavy' but that boy was really worrying me. Maybe it was all for not. I hope so! He does have at least 2 adventures that he needs to share before the end of the year so that he can get them in his 2012 Stephen's Adventure Blog Book. We had a nice dinner this weekend. Wanna see our ham? Smell-o-blogision hasn't been invented yet. Sorry.

Random Thoughts about Blogging

Welcome to all the new followers. Thank you for sticking around for a visit. I do enjoy getting to know one another--and the best way to do that is comment and chat. I do mix people up at times but I try not to. And sometimes I get behind in reading and end up having to skip a day or two but I hate that because I miss very important posts--such as a newer blog friend lost her son suddenly just a bit ago and I didn't even see it! So in order not to do that I've been purging some blogs. There is nothing wrong with purging blogs. Don't be overwhelmed by blogs because you just had a blog hop and followed all the cool blogs you saw! We all do that. And we all have to purge eventually. 

Random Wish
Beauty in the Beast is coming to the Theater in 3D.
 I think my 21yr old daughter and I need to go see it. Just us.

Random Hillbilly

Ok, rapid fire comment section. You know how this works. One or two word answers. First thing off the top of your head.

1) If money and time were no object, who would you surprise with the best gift ever?
2) If you could transport through blogland to anywhere, where would you visit first?
3) Approx how many blogs do you read a day?
4)Your random wish--in two words!
5) Is it a Hissie Fit or a Conniption Fit? (Or you don't know)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

The heart quilt turned out just beautifully. It will wrap her in many hugs for sure.
1. My Town
2. Texas
3. 50
4. peace
5. don't know

Heather said...

I like the random posts... keeps things interesting. :)
1) Dad
2) New Zealand
3) depends on how often posts are posted (but I only follow about 30 blogs at the moment)
4) More fabric (maybe that should be more storage)
5) Hissie Fit or just 'fit'

Shelley said...

Husband, Mary's Quilt Hollow, 25, debt free, conniption fit.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

lovely quilt...1.children,2.Australia.3...20. family.
5.hissie fit. lol

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Beautiful quilt. I really like the heart quilting that Marcia did.
1. Husband
2. My grandsons in NM
3. Too many
4. Bills paid
5. Conniption fit

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

1. my town's food closet
2. Australia
3. 6-8
3. Walk free
4. Either, I like hizzie fit best

By walk free I mean without a cane or rollator.
I enjoy your blog and read 2 or 3 of yours a day. Then I move on to another. That way I can get thru all my favorites in a week. Pam

Rachel said...

Great heart quilt!!
1. family
2.midwest USA
4.peaceful family
5. hissie if it involves mean/nasty/trash talk, coniption if it is just random annoyance and tantrum like.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous quilt, yummy ham!

1.) My honey
2.) Ireland
3.) 50
4.) down time!
5.) Depends on the reason!

Sarah Craig said...

Love that heart quilt - and your random posts!
OK, rapid fire - 1) my hubby (Mustang); 2) Green Fairy Quilts!; 3) 50 more or less; 4) Ministry building; 5) hissy fit!!

Have a merry Christmas!!

Patty@Granma's said...

LOVE the quilt!
Enjoy the Random thing....

1) sister
2) Cameron MO ;-)
3) 3-7
4) Good Health
5) Flibbergidget

Ham - yummy

gill said...

I love the quilt! MIL
2.New Zealand
4.good health
5.don't know

Linda said...

Such a pretty quilt!
1. My mom
2. Australia
3. lost count
4. to fill #1
5. Hissie fit

Belinda said...

My husband, with a metal detector. He's wanted one for 30 someodd years.


Gee, depends on the day. About 10 I think. (I'm subscribed to more, I don't always read them though)

The beach


There. Off the top of my head.

Belinda said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the quilt turned out beautifully! Kudos to you both!

Grace InAZ said...

Love the quilt! Beautifulicious!

1. my daughter
2. New Zealand
3. 15+
4. family reunion
5. conniption fit, of course!

Hugs, GraceinAZ

Snoodles said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the heart turned out just beautifully!
Ok, here goes:
1. My hubby! I'd get him a time machine (he's always wanted one!LOL)
2. I'd visit you, of course!
3. More than I want to admit! Heehee!
4. My son (back with us, that is)
5. Oh, it's always a conniption...unless of course the fit ends up with you being cattywhumpus, or is that kittycornered? I do love me some fun words!

Christine M said...

Now let me see!
1. The family with a trip to Disneyland.
2. Houston in time for the big Show!
3. Too many!
4. Healthy family.
5. Don't know.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

1. My daughter - a trip to the Netherlands to visit her.
2. YOU !
3. 30 plus but I have to admit I don't leave comments as often as I should.
4. more time with family
5. don't know?

Jill Chapman said...

I'm so glad to hear that Stephen's feeling better. He's been in my prayers.

1) Big Sister
2) American Tour!
3) Roughly 20
4) Finish degree
5) Depends who I'm fitting at!

Carrie P. said...

so glad to hear you son is doing so much better.
1. Husband
3.A lot
4. Good health
5. Conniption Fit.

Allie said...

What a beautiful quilt!! And I'm so so glad Stephen is eating more. If I had that glorious ham in front me I'd eat too. *G*

Yes, purging now and then becomes necessary. I usually keep them on my blog roll, but stop following. That way there aren't so many posts in my Reader!

1. MUM!
2. England!
3. 100+
4. cottage home!
5. hissie!

Pat said...

What a wonderful quilt. Someone is going to be thrilled.
Glad to hear Stephen continues to improve.
Your ham looked wonderful. Did it taste as good?

Random answers

A Friend, with her own farm :)
Why you, Tonya!
everyone on my roll who makes a new post.
No snow!
Hissy fit.

Quiltaholic said...

First, OOOOH PRETTY QUILT! LOVE IT! Hope I'll be that good by the end of the year lol! LOVE the Hillybilly pic (you know genetically that I'm 1/2 Hillybilly, right?! lol!) Now to the questions:
1. Cindi
2. Scotland
3. Daily?! I gotta read them DAILY?! *faints* ----- THUD!
4. MY Millions $$$$$
5. Depends on how P'd I am *snort* lol!

Marcia W. said...

1. My mother
2. The Moda Fabric Warehouse
3. dozen
4. to be healthy
5. I throw a Hissie Fit and have a Conniption. Hissie is an adjective and Conniption is a noun. Yes, we use these words in my home.

teresamnj said...

1. I'd take my entire immediate family & their significant others on a Disney cruise.

2. Ireland

3.Oh my goodness, probably way more than I should.

4. Buy a farm

5. Hissy fit

By the way, love the quilt, & great to hear about Stephen.

quiltmom said...

I would find something great for my husband.
I would love to go to Australia- I love all the bright colors of their quilts.
It depends on what time of year it is - I usually read at least twenty blogs but some times more- sometimes less if I am busy at school.
to see my son
a conniption though I use hissy fit too.
Happy New Year Tonya- Hope you are enjoying a happy healthy festive season.