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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ahhhh 7--Spiderweb

I am pretty sure most of you have seen the spiderweb. Not much explanation needed here. Next week we will get a little more starry eyed again. I miss stars! We will still be using this same basic beginning though:

I have quit drawing out my patterns when I make mine.
Instead I just place dots where I want to cut; that way the only line I am following is the original graph paper line. You never have to do anything the way that I show you. I just like to share what I've learned in case you'd like to try it. Here is what the spiderweb would look like if I was cutting it out:

I drew it out for you though.
Notice the two outer portions are twice the size of the two inner portions.

You can either piece that center as tiny triangles as I've done in these two:

( I cannot help but make bright ones!)

(for my African Quilt)

Or you can leave the middle as a small hexagon as I have done here:

I only had a fat quarter of this African women fabric and it wasn't large enough for me to get the outer rows all the same direction, so I had to flip them back and forth. And since I had to on those, I decided to flip the pineapples back and forth too. Dancing pineapples!

Both of the African blocks don't really match and they look like they wouldn't belong on the same quilt. I may be making a quilt and some runners or something...or I may be surprised and they will look fine. At any rate, I'll keep making them and see what I can come up with later in the Spring.

Don't forget to upload to the Ahhhh Flikr Group.
(I've posted a discussion there for those that are actually making hexies along with me...and would appreciate if you popped over there and answered it real quickly. Thanks!)

I have been trying to work on making my photos look better.
I forgot to upload them to piknik and add my name to them. Next week...always next week.
I've discovered pinterest and am hoping that I can drum up some interest by pinning some there.
I need to go 'fix' that 96 piece one, huh? That would be a good one to pin.


Snoodles said...

Wow! Love your hexagons, Tonya! Hope all is well (or at least improving) at your end of blogland...I've been needing to put my name on my pix - thanks for the heads up on where to do that!

KatieQ said...

When I was scrolling down the page, the blocks looked like they were moving. It gave the illusion of a kaleidoscope. Very cool. I love the tiny centers.

Heather said...

I really like this one. But I'm not working on it until I get all the rest done... I'm going to do them in order. And like you, I have so many things to do... maybe I'll get around to them next week!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very cool AAAHHHHSSSS! Merry Christmas

elliek said...

Had a look at flikr but as I am not joined I couldn't see your discussion. Will have to see how to join. Have kept up to date with the AHHH's but not got the energy to photograph the latest two. Sorry. They look good though and I will get to these next ones later today. Hope Seth is doing better.

sandra said...

look good Tonya, now I have a weekend project. Thanks.
Hope all well at your place.

Patty@Granma's said...

I hope to do these along with you! They look like so much fun!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

They are so cool! I love them! You are inspiring! I may have to find a Minute for Me to try one after Christmas! Thanks again for sharing!