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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Our family is taking a blog break from ALL of my blogs until January 3rd. 
(No Ahhhh's even! *insert sad 'awe'*)

I may be very skimpy on leaving comments as well.
Everyone enjoy the holiday season, 
I know I'll be holding that little boy oh, so close and wishing him to not grow up any faster!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ahhhh 8--The 6 pointed Star

 Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-Long, Hillbilly Hectic Hexie #8

Isn't it pretty?
oooohhhh, ahhhhh

This week is an easy one.

Make sure the point is up.(pink arrow)
We don't actually need the black lines this week but they aid in knowing where to draw the star.
The asterisk type design goes from the middle out--1/2 way through each hex slice area.

Then you play connect the dots.
VERY carefully and accurately as you do not have lines to draw on for the star.

Merry Christmas to every one!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you up for a challenge?

2012 will be my year of challenges. I don't make New Years Resolutions. That just is a recipe for defeat in my book. But challenges I love. They give me a deadline. They give me something to focus on.

On my book review blog I am participating in 11 reading challenges (so far). I didn't even know there was such a thing. I am loving it because it is expanding my horizons to read things that I never have. From historical fiction to time should be a good year of reads.

I am also hoping to get my quilt life more into challenges. I think they inspire me to be more creative and think on my own and not just follow the patterns of others.

*Quilting Gallery already has their weekly contest themes listed for the entire year. I've gone through them and notated some that I thought would make a fun challenge for me. (Like "Wind, Earth, Fire, Water" or "Just squares".) You can find the list Here.

Kim's Crafty Apple has her WONDERFUL project quilting. A new season of challenges starts in January. I've always wanted to do these but never have been able to because you only have one week from the moment it has been released to get this project completed. I am sure going to attempt to get a couple of them done this time around!

*Quilters, Books and Bindings has a newish blog that you friends of reading and quilting needs to visit. We will begin a read-a-long soon, and then after reading the book we will create a quilt that is inspired by the book.

*Sharon pointed out the Color Challenge at Patchwork Times. This looks like GREAT fun! Thank you Sharon!! Another for me to join in :)

Well, here on my blog, I am all about learning. My first learning challenge was for us to learn paper piecing. Only one brave soul joined me in the challenging Mabry Mill quilt; and she did a fabulous job!

Several more have joined in my journey of learning Ahhhh's. And I think all of us are having fun with that.

 So what's next? Well, since I have so many new friends, it is time to have a little challenge of my own. I've visited this before but it's time for a re-visit. And this time I have figured a way to help insure commitments are kept. First lets take another look at the books that I want to personally work through starting this year (and this will probably go into the next year...and probably the next after that...)

Do any of these strike your fancy? Well go vote! Now! And then be thinking if you would like to join me on my learning journey. You will have to purchase the book yourself...same as if you were in a class. I will teach the how's step by step here on the blog... also the same as if you were in a class. Only this will be FAR less expensive than a quilt class.(Free other than your purchase of the book and your own choice of materials.)

Remember my nice giveaway last week? Well, I will make up some very nice giveaway's for each book that we work through. To qualify you will have to purchase the book, work through it with me and post about it on your blog (or email me with photos if you do not have a blog.) Next year is going to be a fun, challenging year in my Hillbilly World.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Does it mean I am scatterbrained because I like my random posts?

Random Quiltsy
Marcia has already finished the long arm work on the heart quilt. She does a beautiful job and a young woman will have a very nice surprise just in time for the holidays. 

Random Life
Stephen has gradually been eating more. I am sorry my posts have been a bit 'Stephen heavy' but that boy was really worrying me. Maybe it was all for not. I hope so! He does have at least 2 adventures that he needs to share before the end of the year so that he can get them in his 2012 Stephen's Adventure Blog Book. We had a nice dinner this weekend. Wanna see our ham? Smell-o-blogision hasn't been invented yet. Sorry.

Random Thoughts about Blogging

Welcome to all the new followers. Thank you for sticking around for a visit. I do enjoy getting to know one another--and the best way to do that is comment and chat. I do mix people up at times but I try not to. And sometimes I get behind in reading and end up having to skip a day or two but I hate that because I miss very important posts--such as a newer blog friend lost her son suddenly just a bit ago and I didn't even see it! So in order not to do that I've been purging some blogs. There is nothing wrong with purging blogs. Don't be overwhelmed by blogs because you just had a blog hop and followed all the cool blogs you saw! We all do that. And we all have to purge eventually. 

Random Wish
Beauty in the Beast is coming to the Theater in 3D.
 I think my 21yr old daughter and I need to go see it. Just us.

Random Hillbilly

Ok, rapid fire comment section. You know how this works. One or two word answers. First thing off the top of your head.

1) If money and time were no object, who would you surprise with the best gift ever?
2) If you could transport through blogland to anywhere, where would you visit first?
3) Approx how many blogs do you read a day?
4)Your random wish--in two words!
5) Is it a Hissie Fit or a Conniption Fit? (Or you don't know)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the Winner is...

Deb said...

Wow! And kudos to you for putting family first -

She has been emailed!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I just had to share with you all...Stephen was happy today. Back to his normal self all day long. That's been awhile. We were worried that he had turned into a different boy. But today he was back. He was sweet all day, and he laughed and he didn't throw fits. And he got down and played. Wow it was good having him back.

He still isn't into eating though. Maybe tomorrow...

But he was happy!

Just in time for his birthday party this Saturday :)

Ahhhh 7--Spiderweb

I am pretty sure most of you have seen the spiderweb. Not much explanation needed here. Next week we will get a little more starry eyed again. I miss stars! We will still be using this same basic beginning though:

I have quit drawing out my patterns when I make mine.
Instead I just place dots where I want to cut; that way the only line I am following is the original graph paper line. You never have to do anything the way that I show you. I just like to share what I've learned in case you'd like to try it. Here is what the spiderweb would look like if I was cutting it out:

I drew it out for you though.
Notice the two outer portions are twice the size of the two inner portions.

You can either piece that center as tiny triangles as I've done in these two:

( I cannot help but make bright ones!)

(for my African Quilt)

Or you can leave the middle as a small hexagon as I have done here:

I only had a fat quarter of this African women fabric and it wasn't large enough for me to get the outer rows all the same direction, so I had to flip them back and forth. And since I had to on those, I decided to flip the pineapples back and forth too. Dancing pineapples!

Both of the African blocks don't really match and they look like they wouldn't belong on the same quilt. I may be making a quilt and some runners or something...or I may be surprised and they will look fine. At any rate, I'll keep making them and see what I can come up with later in the Spring.

Don't forget to upload to the Ahhhh Flikr Group.
(I've posted a discussion there for those that are actually making hexies along with me...and would appreciate if you popped over there and answered it real quickly. Thanks!)

I have been trying to work on making my photos look better.
I forgot to upload them to piknik and add my name to them. Next week...always next week.
I've discovered pinterest and am hoping that I can drum up some interest by pinning some there.
I need to go 'fix' that 96 piece one, huh? That would be a good one to pin.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Month of Blessings...week 2

Giveaway Here

This is a photo heavy post; and a bit long...but I PROMISE...if you hear me out you won't be sorry. There's a bit of a funny surprise along the way. I almost didn't include it because I am so embarrassed. But life happens and kids happen and well, we all need a laugh!

I have removed the page for THE GREAT HOLIDAY ORNAMENT EXCHANGE until next fall. But, with over 30 participants it has been a great year and so much fun. I loved getting the kids involved this time around. Here's a look at what I got last week and the first of this week. I hope I remembered them all! I am just going to go in the order that google uploaded them. So it may be a bit random. That's ok....cuz the funny is tucked in somewhere (or maybe even 2 funnies)

We didn't have a tree topper so I was so happy to receive this beautiful star from Jill.
Doesn't it look great up there? She also sent some tp rolls! I jumped up and down. I did!
(She is working on getting a blog going but not yet.)

A shiny card for Stephen. And a do not open until Christmas to me.
Wanda is very kind but ornery making me wait like that.
I'll forgive her though because she sent me some denim legs to upcycle for dog blankets.
She made the beautiful ornament below too.
Look at all that stitching!

The ornament below is from Linda
It is so cute. She's got another photo around here somewhere...
(how do these get all out of order when we upload them?)

The cutie below is from my cousin Aimee who lives in Norway.

When we were driving through Springfield a bit back, I picked up this free ornament for Stephen to make. 
I wonder if that was a good idea.
It was all foam sticker and very cute and fun for him.

Oh, there's Linda's other photo...right in the middle of my Stephen section.
Go figure! This is a cute mug rug that I decided needed top priority.
 It's hanging on the wall beside the door to my Creation Station.

Oh...look more Stephen art work!

Remember the other night when he was feeling better and was running the hall like crazy?
He got quiet. So I went to check on him and he was making the picture above.
Then he found another sticker. A big one.
It made a nice picture too I guess...what do you think?

Michelle made the card below. Isn't cute?
Sorry Michelle to put you below Stephen's art work. 
I am sure you've endured similar horrids thanks to Harrington.

A sweetheart of a blog friend completely surprised me with the gift below.
I'll leave her anonymous as she prefers that. Thank you my dear friend!
I've not used it yet. My amazon list is very long. I look on it daily to decide just which book to get!

Remember I told you about a blog angel that is helping us with our Christmas? 
Well, there are many angels floating around blog land and they just keep dropping things our way.

Another Angel provided for us to make a Christmas ham and the fixin's to go with it. 
Do you know that we haven't had ham in four years? It is pricey stuff!
The other night (Sunday) our mouths were just watering looking at it.
And we couldn't help ourselves. We cut off a slice and fried it up. 
Oh my goodness it was so good and bad and good!
We only ate one slice so there will be plenty left for our dinner this weekend.
Can you just picture us sitting there looking at it trying to decide whether to eat it or not?
That little devil on our shoulders won. LOL
I am going to do a cherry glaze (for the rest of the ham) I think. I just can't decide...what's your favorite ham glaze?

More Stephen artwork below.
He's still off his food. Eating very little but eating none the less.
He's sleeping much more than normal. 

The night of Stephen's awful day of torture, we came home to a box on the porch.
Inside was this fabric. See the teddy bears? There is quite a bit there and he LOVES it!
This is all from Pam. No blog but she follows on email.
She also included Santa Claus straws that Stephen has drug all over and used. Plus it got him to drink water that night when I couldn't get him to eat or drink anything. And she included a marble puzzle for Seth. I enjoy listening to him get aggravated at trying to solve it.

Well, I best stop there. I am out of funnies. 
I got some more goodies today but don't have photo's yet. 
See you Thursday for the next round of Ahhhh's!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Hearts are finished!

Go HERE for the Blog Hop Giveaway

Thank you all so much for your kind words, prayers, and concerns for our little guy. As I type this it is Sunday p.m almost midnight. He's running around the house like crazy acting as if he's been pumped full of caffeine. It is way past his bedtime but no amount of rocking or reading is calming him down so I give up. I guess he feels good and is going to enjoy it until he crashes.

Last night he did not get better. It was toss and turn and moan and groan and cry all night long. Normally he sleeps through the night. Today he was just lazy and cuddly and had stomach problems. This evening he got better and is making up for lost time I guess. It's nice hearing him laugh!

I wanted to share with you that Friday I finally got the Heart Charity quilt pieced together. I could not get a full photo because it's large and my design wall is in a hallway. I couldn't stand back far enough! I always try to make my quilts oversized. I want the recipient to be able to cuddle and snuggle without any toes sticking out.

I think it turned out beautifully and I like just the simple sashing/no border. 
( I know I have a ton of new followers so I best explain. This quilt was made by a whole bunch of us when I did a foundation paper piecing Learn A Long here on the blog. The blocks are from women all over the world.)

The quilt is now on it's way to Marcia's.
She donated the sashing, batting, backing and is going to do the longarm work.
After that it will be on it's way to Southern Mo to a lady that has Leukemia. 
I'll tell her story more when Marcia gets the quilt finished and I post it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stephen's Adventure that he wished he never had.

The Blog Hop Giveaway is Right Here

My dear friends,

Some of you I emailed yesterday about Stephen. It is easier to explain one time to all this way. For those of you that are new...thank you for following and I will be around someday to visit. I have a sick little boy and I may not get to blog hop this time around. I am writing this at 3 a.m. and I just got my boy settled in his own bed...but who knows for how long.

Here is what is happening for those of you that do know our little Stephen. He has been sick for over a month. Fevers off and on the whole time. Sometimes it is stomach flu symptoms (for our International friends...vomiting, diarrhea and all the stuff that goes with it) and sometimes he has head cold symptoms. Last week they said he had croup. This week just another stomach virus. I got concerned because no one else in the family has had any stomach flu symptoms. None at all. Stephen and I share drinks all of the time. If he had a stomach virus all three times...I should have gotten it at least once. So should have others here at home. With all of the sickness he has lost a bit of weight.

Yesterday Stephen awoke and was vomiting yet again. And had a fever. I am not one of those worry mom's that take my children to the doc for everything, but I am starting to worry here. So, I took him to a special Children's Clinic. I wish I would have just stayed home! The doctor said that he may have a bit of Infant Anorexia. What??!! He wants me to feed Stephen butter on everything he eats to gain his weight back. (Not happening.) That is all the doc was concerned about...the weight loss...not what was causing the weight loss. He said he wants Stephen to go to a special 'failure to thrive' clinic where we can see a nutritionist. The most STUPID part of this was that Stephen was running a fever...and it was climbing while we were there. Enough so that the nurse noticed and said something. They gave him two medicines for it. Yep, I am sure that is Anorexia. Sudden onset about a month ago. Accompanied by fevers.

The next STUPID part of the trip was that they wanted to draw blood and were unsuccessful. So they just squeezed his hand and milked it out of him. Here they are holding him down for that torture.
THE HOSPITAL MADE ME REMOVE THIS PHOTO FOR NOT GETTING THEIR CONSENT. I guess I can understand that. But they did say that I could leave the lower one.
Everyone wave to the hospital staff. They are very nice at the patient advocate office.
 I zoomed in on his hand; it's blurry but you can see them just squeezing it out.
They did this for 3 viles of blood.
By the time they were finished his hand was covered in blood as was the nurses and the floor.

Bless his little heart, his hand is very bruised.
They also hurt his little man part by putting a catheter in.
 Every time he wets his diaper he wakes up crying.
Thus the reason I'm awake at 3 a.m.
One more look at my poor tortured baby.

Ducky was there to help him feel a bit better. 

We left with no answers. They found nothing wrong in his blood or urine tests.
But this mommy knows there has to be some reason he's been sick for over a month!
And most of you are a witness to that because I've been telling you here on the blog.
I am just going to let him get over this one this time. But if there is a next time in the next week or so, I am going back to that doc that was 70 miles away. 

Stephen did drink some water before bed and ate a couple of pretzels. He's woken once with a nightmare(I wonder why) and twice when he urinated. 

This is one adventure he'd rather just forget I am sure!
For you new people...Stephen has a page up top where all his adventures are recorded.
He is very popular and generally gets more comments than I do. 
I should just let him take over my blog. 

Good night all. Going back to bed now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Hop Giveaway

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Today I am joining in on the Blog Hop party! 

If you are visiting me from the party, please consider coming back and visiting again sometime. We have a lot of fun around here learning together.

Some of my most popular events are the weekly release of the Ahhhh's. I just finished up a large Foundation Paper piecing undertaking--teaching as I went. And coming in January I will be adding more to the learning list. Oh, and I also have a couple of guest bloggers from time to time. One is almost two years old and has become quite and adventure teller. He's very popular.

Ok, now that I've made you at least learn a little about me I'll show you what you are really here for. 
The goods. 

I thought a holiday package would be fun for you. So how about this:
(If you don't like holiday--there's more--just keep scrolling!)
Almost 4 yds of Christmas
3 yds of Spring Butterflies
over 2 yds of Stars and Stripes
2+ yds of fall leaves
A sideways flower basket pattern that can be un-sidewaysed very easily.
It uses Hexagon flowers.
And to finish off the deal 
A dresden Ruler

Used one time.
 I discovered English Paper Piecing.
My sewing machine feels abandoned.
I opted out of doing the Sew Mama Sew giveaway, it would be too many emails and such for me to deal with in one week. My family comes first. about I just include all that I was going to put in that giveaway too?
I didn't take individual photos, but it's a huge pile of all different kinds of fabric:

I also included these rulers. I inherited them without the books and I've not used them in 10 years.
I guess I never will. So you have a go of it!

So there you go. More than 20 yds of fabric probably. 
Some rulers.
A pattern. 
Happy winning!

Comments will be left open until December 17th.
Drawing will the the 18th. 
Only one comment per person please.
I have to have a way to contact you.
International welcome.

No, you don't have to become a follower...but why would you not want to?