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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stephen Picks the Best Pumpkin

 My Daddy, my Mommy, my Bubba, my Sissy, and That Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy all went to get pumpkins. 

Of course, I had to lead the way to find the best pumpkins ever. 
First I looked high and low in the hay maze.
Daddy helped me cuz he's a good pumpkin picker too.

Nope, no pumpkins here. 
I decided to load up the whole family onto the choo-choo train. 
See? Even That Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy took a ride:

All aboard? Here we go!

First stop...the corn maze. 
It looks like a great place to play hide and seek. 
I grabbed my Sissy's hand and drug her in...
maybe in here we can lose That Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy.

As you can see, it is a great place to play hide and seek:
Oh, I see Bubba!
Bet you can't see me and Sissy, can you?

We found the pumpkin patch just past the corn maze.

I am really good at finding just the right ones.
We found gourds too.
What do you think of these?
See how I loaded up daddy's arms?

Poor Sissy doesn't know how to find gourds like I do.
She looks a little stressed here.
Bubba found some good ones though.
I guess you can see that The Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy found her again.

We got to ride the wagon back from the pumpkin patch. 
I was starvin' from all the hard work that I did and had to grab some healthy nourishment.
I think popcorn is good energy food for pumpkin pickin'. 

I gotta watch That Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy.
Do you see him staring at my popcorn?

Before we could leave, I had to do some measuring up. 
Here is me last year:

And here I am this year:
Yep. I'm bigger!

Course the best part of pumpkin pickin' is opening the pumpkins to get out the seeds.
Little boys like me like this kind of work.

I'll share with you if you would like.

Oh, one last thing. 
I measured up The Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy.

He measures up pretty good. 
I guess he can keep hanging around my Sissy;
just as long as he doesn't steal my popcorn!


sandra said...

I'm glad your feeling better Stephen, and I love your pumpkin story.
We have a wild frill necked lizard in our yard today, I'm sure you would love it.

sweetybird09 said...

Thanks Stephen for the pumpkin patch pics, that looked like fun.
So that guy who hangs around your sissy....he seems nice glad you are ok with him hanging around.

Its good you are feeling better...

QuiltSue said...

You know what Stephen? I think you should write a book with all your adventures in, and photos and everything, cos you are so good at telling us stories. I bet lots of people would buy it.

Pat said...

Fabulous adventure !
So glad to hear you are doing better xx

FabricFascination said...

Cute post!

We did the pumpkin, maize, apple picking thing again this fall. Lots of fun, although the apples were scarce by the time we got there, so we bought some in the orchard shop. And of course we had to buy cinnamon sugar doughnuts hot out of the oil.

Belinda said...

Oh Stephen! What a great time you had! I'm so glad you shared your adventure with us. I agree with the nice lady who said you should put your adventures in a book. I bet Sissy could illustrate it for you. Mom could help you when you get writer's block. I'd buy the book!
I'm looking forward to your next adventure.

Linda said...

Wow, Stephen you grew A LOT! Keep up the good work! What a fab pumpkin you got! It's got tons of seeds for toasting :)

Michelle said...

What a neat way to see how much you've grown... this must be a yearly event now huh?