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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stephen Helps with the Design wall

Do you know that I have a story to tell you about getting pumpkins but mom's quilt stuff just keeps getting in the way of my story telling? She said she must tell about her design wall this weekend, but she promised me that I get to FINALLY tell about my pumpkins next weekend. Well, here it is almost midnight Saturday night, and she still hasn't told her about her design wall, so I am taking over. (It's always up to me to get things done around here, you know.)

So, I know Mommy told you last week all about how we had to wait and wait to get her board from the wood shop. And then it wasn't even the right kind of board but we taked it anyway. (Did mom tell you how fun that wood shop was? I had a great time getting my knees dirty, and watching tractors and trying to climb lumber. Moms kind of freak out when you climb too high up on lumber piles.)

Last week when Mommy told you about the board, her good friend Marcia just up and sent a HUGE piece of flannel for us to use on the board.

 She sent it for free, and I pretty much think she meant it all for me.
Can you see me?

But mommy is stingy and took that flannel for herself. 
We had to lay it out on the floor all nice and neat, and then lay the board on top of that.
I was really good at supervising this part.

Then daddy and I got to work using the staple gun.

Dad's not a quilter so he didn't know how to make good corners.

He tried to fold it like this, but mom forces me to watch her quilt, or she's always reading quilting blogs so I know all about how to do that stuff right. I just taked over from there.

(Mom says that she loves having all my toys in the background of these photos. 
I say a boy can't expect to work on stuff for his mom and clean up his toys at the same time.)
After all the stapling was done, I had to do some testing. 
First I ran a race or two all the way around the edge.

MOM--you are showing me in my big boy undies. How embarrassing!
This had better not go in the blog book!

Next I tried a car or two out on it.

Yep, seems solid. 
Daddy and I hung it on the wall, and then I got right to work designing a new quilt.
Or something.

That was all my own design. 
Pretty cool, huh?

Now it's up to mom to get that mystery quilt up there that she keeps whining about. 
My work here is finished.
Now I can write my pumpkin blog I hope.


Deb said...

Aaww, that was so cute. Your little boy is adorable. I am looking forward to hearing all about the pumpkins!!

Jindi's Cottage said...

You sure are a good tradesman Stephen, good thing you were on hand to supervise Daddy and do the quality control testing...I'm sure you and Mummy will have fun playing with her new design wall...your design is pretty awesome... :)

QuiltSue said...

Hey Stephen, how would you like to come over to the UK to build me a design wall?

Andrea said...

Very, very sweet - he is gorgeous xxx

Pat said...

Stephen, you're such a great help to your mom, I think she should buy you another toy car as a thank you! :) xx

Linda said...

Great job Stephen :)

Patty@Granma's said...

Stephen - you did a very nice job! You must be very strong to run a staple gun;-)
I bet Mom's very happy with her new design wall. Hugs to you,

Belinda said...

Stephen, you always provide such interesting posts. I can see your creativity on the design wall. I look forward to your pumpkin post very much!
Tell your Mom I say hi.

sweetybird09 said...

Good job Stephen, I am so glad that you got this blog written for your Mom, and you did a great job making that design board...I like how you tested it out for her!

Tell mommy that we look forward to the pumpkin blog :)

Jan said...

What an enchanting entry the big boy pants ,dont be embarassed you made an old lady (70) smile Jan xx

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Hi Stephen! I love the way you helped your Mom with the flannel fabric, tested a car on the back of the board, and Love the big boy undies! Thanks for sharing... Your Mom will be so happy with the design wall it was so nice of you to test it out with your quilt deigns!
And thanks for linking up to the Minutes for Me Party!

Karen said...

This looks like good fun AND you got a design wall as well!

Snoodles said...

Stephen, I love your quality control process....gotta make sure the design board can withstand anything, right? Right! Good job, my man! LOL
Looking forward to your pumpkin story!

Michelle May said...

Great job Stephen! Next you'll be building houses! :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen, you are too cute. I just found your mom's blog and love that you help her with it and her quilting. It's good that you watch her quilt so you could help dad. I have to agree with you, wood stores are fun places to visit. If you want to visit me we can go to my wood store,and then you can make me a design wall, and put some designs on it for me. Deal?