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Monday, November 7, 2011

In a nutshell...

What a weekend we had around here! Seth was a bit on the clumsy, destructive side this weekend. First he set up some barricade for him and his friend to play with air soft guns, and Jerry had no idea that the car was part of such barricade. He went to back out and chairs, boards, and who knows what fell from who knows where and put several scratches on the car...we haven't had time to look closely at it in the day time.

That is because Seth did something even worse. He threw a nerf battle ax and busted out a window. So now he gets to go to the landlord himself and report what he did. I figure that will be the worst part of his punishment. Anyway, I am laughing on the inside about all this. Teenage boys are just clumsy. He'll learn his lesson. But today we do have to spend the morning cleaning up glass and taping plastic to the window before the thunderstorms move in this afternoon. LOL, life is crazy all the time around here!


I am still gathering addresses for the ornament exchange.
 PLEASE, if you haven't given me your address, I need it today! 
Just email me at HillbillyHandiworks@gmail


We are on day 7 of my month of sewing. 
I still haven't even uncovered the sewing machine.
I am disappointed but I knew this would be how the month would go.
The heart charity quilt has a recipient now so it is IMPERATIVE that I somehow get it done. I will probably just pull a very late nighter to accomplish it.

The ornaments have to be done by the end of the month.
And the baby quilt needs finished as soon as possible.
Oh and I need to finish Mabry.

Looks like several very late nights, huh?
Ya, I am bummed that my month of sewing isn't going as I hoped....
I know that there is still a lot of month left, and i am not a pessimist. 
I am just a realist.


On a more exciting note, I should be getting my design wall finished by this evening!

Also, I am loving making these Ahhhh Hexies. This week's is designed but I need to find a minute to do some fussy cutting. Then I'll whip it up. Love that these are so quick and easy and can be done without the need of a sewing machine!


Is anyone else having trouble with google reader??
It keeps going back to October 8th and won't show me NEW blogs at all!
I am afraid I am missing some of your posts. 
Is it just me or are you having trouble too?

Well, that's what's going on in my a nutshell as they say.
What's going on in yours?


Melissa said...

Gotta love days like that! I think you are right about the visit to the landlord. I used to make my kids speak for themselves, too. Far worse than anything I could do to them!

Belinda said...

We were blessed that my very active son didn't destroy the house. He did however, destroy many a tree outside with his little hatchet!

Maybe the rest of the month will go better!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

At least they were nerf! Surprised that broke a window. I have two boys and lots of friends over - this old house survived indian raids, but they almost took it down!

You need someone to take the little one for one day a week (and put the big one in a corner) so you get your sewing day.

Snoodles said...

Oh my, you are bringing back memories of when our two sons were kids....I would have sworn that I had three little boys in the house, because my hubby would join them in wrestling, roughhousing, and mayhem! LOL Good times!

Kat Scribner said...

Lately, I've had the occasional hiccup with IE windows open. I have to close out all the IE windows, open them again & it's all good. Especially, if it keeps loadin the old stuff.

Fiona said...

oh I remember a football going through a huge window!!! lots to do... glad you are having some fun with those hexies.. fun is what it's all about!

Fiona said...

oh and yes, i keep missing blogs on my reader too... need to go and look on my sidebar...grrrr

Patty@Granma's said...

In thirty years and 5 kids we only had to 'kid' breakages. One when a neighbor boy pushed his brother, one when our dainty little girl threw a ball thru a picture window;-)

Colleen said...

Glad Im not the only busy one. I had trouble for a few days with blogger. But I use the next button on my tool bar insteadof the reader.

Michelle May said...

What's that saying??? Ah yes...boys will be boys! ;)


sweetybird09 said...

Oh Tonya, that brings me back to when I was raising my kids, seems like something was always happening!

Hope you can get that sewing done that u need to do.

Look forward to seeing your design wall make sure to take pics for us.

Take care, oh and I think that having your son go to the landlord is the best thing you can do.

Have a good week!

rosie said...

We had a broken front glass door, which I never liked anyway!!!
I have been so busy on the farm that I have missed reading blogs, only catching up now..