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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Reader Mal Ware

A very quick post, and you will see another in just a few hours as the Ahhhh is already scheduled. But I wanted to tell you what to do if your Google Reader comes up with a Caution, Mal ware!! and shuts down. That happened to me tonight and after several tries and some googling, I found the problem.

It means that one of the blogs/sites in your reader has been hacked or has been infected. So if you can go through them one by one and find it, then you can unsubscribe from that one blog, and then you will be able to view your reader again.

It just so happens that some of you may follow the particular blog infected in my reader. Mr. and Mrs Crafty RV have 3 blogs and I cannot get into any of them. I am sure they've been hacked, so if you follow them go and unsubscribe to them. When they get it resolved I'll let you know. I can email/fb them to see what is up.

Also a Stephen update:

I took Stephen to the doctor today. It turns out the poor little guy has Croup. He is on some steroids to keep his throat from constricting. Thank you for your concern. He seems to do better sleeping in an upright position, so that is what we shall do! He's asleep in his bed now, but at the first sign of cough I'll grab him up in my arms. If it gets too bad we will go down and sit in the cold car. Yep, cold air works...strange, huh?


Sara G said...

Hope he feels better soon!!

Kelli said...

aww, I hope he gets better soon! You know, last night I was reading blogs in my reader, and I kept getting that message for one particular blog, and my computer wouldn't let me go to it. It wasn't the one you mention, though. But I could read all of the others. Hmm. ???

Fiona said...

So glad you know what is wrong with Stephen.. it's half the battle.... but I know croup can be frightening so thinking of you... thanks for the heads up re Malware... hmmm

Pat said...

Sorry someone got hacked :(

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Stephen. hugs to you! xx

Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the info!
Sure hope the meds work quickly for Stephen.

Patty@Granma's said...

Oh, man! Croup! I hope your cold car is not as cold as my cold car! 19 degrees last night, might have been good for croup, but not much else!
Bless you all, and a speedy recovery.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Thanks for the info!
And glad Stephen is doing better! YES!

Melissa said...

Poor little guy! At least you know what it is now. My mom used to do the same with me. In fact I even remember laying across her lap with my head hanging upside down. Don't know why it made me feel better - maybe it was just a distraction!