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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahhhh 3---The Columbia

As we hop along in our journey, you will notice that these blocks get progressively harder...but then all of sudden they will get easy again. That is because we are studying basic design units before moving on. For instance, our Ahhhh's right now use this basic design:

We will use it today and again next week. Each time getting more intricate. 
Today our block will have 30-31 pieces, depending on how you draw it.
And next weeks will have 96 pieces!!! 
(Now you know why I said to make your hexagons as large as possible!)

You will have 2 weeks to work on next week's block,
then we will start on a whole new basic design. 
And these will be easy--way easier than we have done yet!
So hang in there, and never feel like you have to make a block.
These are supposed to be fun, not overwhelming!
They will always be here to try later.
You can do jump in when we do 'easy' ones, and save the hard ones for when you build up confidence. 
Hey, so have you drawn your basic design yet?
You know, like I showed you above??
(If you are just now joining, you can find it explained in more detail in Ahhhh 1)

Next you are going to divide the outer hexagons into tumbling blocks by making a Y.
In the photo below the pink arrow indicates that the open part of the "Y" needs to be along the outer edge.

Make these all the way around your hexagon.

This block was first seen in the Ladies World Magazine, May 1893.
They called it the Coumbia. 

Mine should probably be called "The Wild Kitty Angels of Columbia"

There appears to be a couple of mis-matched seams, but I have to zig zag this one down when I make it into something. I had trouble getting enough fabric edges for seam allowances, so several on the outer edge are in trouble as far as seam allowance goes. Nothing I can't fix when I applique it down. I am not real pleased with it. I don't like how the cats turned out. I think I should have use more contrasting fabrics, but it was fun to make regardless. 

Since I am trying to learn to be more creative, I took the Colombia block and divided the middle hexagon in the same way that we did last week. Then I had a play with all the diamonds. This is what I came up with:

I didn't have time to whip stitch it together, so I just pinned it down to the couch cushion for the photo.
(I probably should have used my brand new design board husband just hung a few hours ago. I am so blonde!)
I am thinking I would have liked this one a bit better if I'd used some of the dark fabric in the middle, but I don't think it's too bad how it is. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like the kitties! and ahhhsss!!

Pat said...

I love them both! The kitties are cute and the second pattern just fab. I can imagine a whole quilt make of (almost) nothing but these. Gorgeous xx

Belinda said...

You continue to amaze me. I don't know if I'll ever have the confidence to try something like this. (Or the time) So glad you are showing us this though!

Linda said...

Holy Cow!, these are amazing!

Heather said...

These just keep getting better and better! I'll get started on mine right away! lol :)

Snoodles said...

Incredible hexies, Tonya - you are rocking these! Way more interesting than the standard Grandmother's Garden ones that I am making off and on! Wow!

Kylie Lloyd said...

I really like this one Tonya. Can't wait to get stitching to have it done and up on Flickr. I'm thinking pinks and purples for me.

sandra said...

Nice one tonya, will decide on colors tomorrow. Have my templates all cut out ready.

Melissa said...

Way cute kitties, Tonya!