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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Reader Mal Ware

A very quick post, and you will see another in just a few hours as the Ahhhh is already scheduled. But I wanted to tell you what to do if your Google Reader comes up with a Caution, Mal ware!! and shuts down. That happened to me tonight and after several tries and some googling, I found the problem.

It means that one of the blogs/sites in your reader has been hacked or has been infected. So if you can go through them one by one and find it, then you can unsubscribe from that one blog, and then you will be able to view your reader again.

It just so happens that some of you may follow the particular blog infected in my reader. Mr. and Mrs Crafty RV have 3 blogs and I cannot get into any of them. I am sure they've been hacked, so if you follow them go and unsubscribe to them. When they get it resolved I'll let you know. I can email/fb them to see what is up.

Also a Stephen update:

I took Stephen to the doctor today. It turns out the poor little guy has Croup. He is on some steroids to keep his throat from constricting. Thank you for your concern. He seems to do better sleeping in an upright position, so that is what we shall do! He's asleep in his bed now, but at the first sign of cough I'll grab him up in my arms. If it gets too bad we will go down and sit in the cold car. Yep, cold air works...strange, huh?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some hearts, hacks and handsomeness, oh and a Helen!

I have been attempting to get the charity heart quilt finished this week. I did spend some time squaring up blocks, taking away from some and adding to some others to get them all the same size. Last night I started on the sashing and hoped to get it all finished, but Stephen awoke hacking and coughing. He spent the rest of the night in the recliner with me. You know how that night time coughing goes. It was the real deep cough. It even woke up Jerry who is a heavy sleeper that usually doesn't even hear Stephen in the night. 

Given the state of my poor baby, here is where the heart quilt will sit until next week probably--at least it's further along than before!:

Tomorrow we are driving a 140 mile round trip to take Stephen to one of the best pediatrician groups that I've ever used. I am sure that they will get him feeling better in no time. That way he can be up to his normal very helpful self again!

No worries..this week's Ahhhh is almost finished and will be here on Thursday.
It's way easy.

 I will be unavailable from Friday until late night Sunday. 
Friday, this wonderful, handsome man (and good father) hits a huge milestone. 
(He turns 50!)
(look at my baby boy; he's gotten so big!)

Jerry's parents are funding a little trip to Branson for us. 
It's kind of a combo birthday trip for Jerry, Seth and Stephen all in one.
Plus, my best friend ever, Helen, will be meeting us there. 
I guess it's kind of a birthday trip for us too. We both have January birthdays.
It will be so good to see her again! 

She is an angel. I will tell you more about her when I get home. 

See ya Ahhhhll.....Thursday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mabry Moments!

Last winter I was a frazzled female. Really frazzled. Jerry's health issues were bad back then, Seth's schooling was going terrible back then, Amy was going through some was just a bunch of stuff all on my shoulders. So, my friend Marcia suggested that I start make more time for me. We put our heads together, and that is when May for Me was born.

When May rolled around, we found it was Marcia that struggled finding "me" time. While my husband is now better, my son is doing great with his schoolwork and my daughter is doing fantastic, Marcia has had a hard summer/fall. She really has a lot on her plate right now and December looks to be one of the toughest months yet for her. A couple of weeks ago she created a Linky party called, "Minutes for Me" I am so glad that she did because it forces us all to find just a little bit of time each week to do something for ourselves.

One thing that I really like is to get projects finished. I cannot stand starting new projects while others are sitting around. And right now I have more projects sitting around than I've ever had in my life! So this week, I purposely made some minutes for me...and yep, you guessed it, I finished up Mabry Mill. Finally!

For those that don't know, we started this Mabry journey several months ago when I was teaching Foundation Paper Piecing here on the blog. I posted a photo of Mabry Mill and asked if anyone would like to join me in making it. I had several that said yes, but when it got right down to it, only one was able to commit and stick to it. Linda has done a great job, because Mabry is a very hard piece to quilt and she is new to paper piecing!

Here is my finished Mabry Mill. I am going to add a few borders, including some leaves, but you won't see that for awhile because I sent this part home with my daughter Amy to have fun picking all those papers off the back. She actually enjoys it (she's kind of crazy that way).

I am linking this up with Marcia's Minutes for Me.
Thank you Marcia for encouraging me to find time for myself!
And thank you Linda for sticking with it with me!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


That is what I am thankful for.
 Each and every one of you.
 You have absolutely changed my life. 

You have given me support. 

Whoever says that internet friendships are not true friendships...
they have no idea what they are talking about. 

Thank you. 
From the bottom of my heart. 

I love you guys!

Monday, November 21, 2011


A few days ago, I texted Linda that I was going to work on Mabry, so she sat down and worked on them at the same time. We both got the exact same two blocks done before we both got interrupted by life. A few days later I did a few more blocks. Here are the rest of the "E" blocks:

(I am not near my paper right now that says which block is which, but if you are sewing them, then you will know.)

Attach them to each other, and then onto your water wheel row.

At this point you have to attach some of the other rows that you made previously.
Attach the long narrow row across the top like this:

And now attach the side row that has the rest of the fence on it.
It will look something like this:

Now to finish the row.
Sew up these three:

And then sew them all together like this:

Then sew these three:

And sew them all together:

Finally, finish up the "E" Row

After you jump and scream and holler that you are done with the E's,
you can move on the the 'F' row.
Do not attach the E's to the top yet. It will be better to attach them to the F's first.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stephen Picks the Best Pumpkin

 My Daddy, my Mommy, my Bubba, my Sissy, and That Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy all went to get pumpkins. 

Of course, I had to lead the way to find the best pumpkins ever. 
First I looked high and low in the hay maze.
Daddy helped me cuz he's a good pumpkin picker too.

Nope, no pumpkins here. 
I decided to load up the whole family onto the choo-choo train. 
See? Even That Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy took a ride:

All aboard? Here we go!

First stop...the corn maze. 
It looks like a great place to play hide and seek. 
I grabbed my Sissy's hand and drug her in...
maybe in here we can lose That Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy.

As you can see, it is a great place to play hide and seek:
Oh, I see Bubba!
Bet you can't see me and Sissy, can you?

We found the pumpkin patch just past the corn maze.

I am really good at finding just the right ones.
We found gourds too.
What do you think of these?
See how I loaded up daddy's arms?

Poor Sissy doesn't know how to find gourds like I do.
She looks a little stressed here.
Bubba found some good ones though.
I guess you can see that The Guy Who Hangs Around my Sissy found her again.

We got to ride the wagon back from the pumpkin patch. 
I was starvin' from all the hard work that I did and had to grab some healthy nourishment.
I think popcorn is good energy food for pumpkin pickin'. 

I gotta watch That Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy.
Do you see him staring at my popcorn?

Before we could leave, I had to do some measuring up. 
Here is me last year:

And here I am this year:
Yep. I'm bigger!

Course the best part of pumpkin pickin' is opening the pumpkins to get out the seeds.
Little boys like me like this kind of work.

I'll share with you if you would like.

Oh, one last thing. 
I measured up The Guy Who Hangs Around My Sissy.

He measures up pretty good. 
I guess he can keep hanging around my Sissy;
just as long as he doesn't steal my popcorn!

Friday, November 18, 2011

-- A Little Girl's Star

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday and your patience on waiting for your Ahhhh. I hope when you see today's that it will be worth the wait! Stephen did get better last evening and ate, but  did not sleep well again last night. His tummy is still a bit rumbly. Tomorrow is Seth's birthday, so Lysol is my best friend and I am hoping that we can keep anyone else from catching it before then :).
 Now, can I get an Ohhhh and an Ahhhh for this weeks:

Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexie

Remember this is only about 6 1/2" wide. 
And has 96 pieces.
(I am kind of proud of it.)

The original pattern is called "A Little Girl's Star" and was published in the Kansas City Star on Aug 15, 1950

Ready to begin?
Start with this again:

Next making sure the point is up
(or too the side since my camera flipped it again--see pink arrow),
draw a line in the middle hexagon, but do not include a triangle on each end.

Do the same to make an asterisk type symbol.
Note that it does not go to the edges.

Now play connect the dots, creating a star:

Do the same in every other hexagon area:

I found it was easiest to use my ruler and draw all the lines in a row at one time:

Then you can just flip it and your ruler around and do the other lines. 
I didn't get to make a second pattern, but here is one way that you can color it in:

The easiest way to sew these is to sew all the stars first,
then add the outer diamonds to all the stars (green on the drawing),
then do the triangles last.

Can't wait to see you add it to the 

Remember, there will be no Ahhhh next week, so you have an extra week to complete this one. We will be using a new beginning design element when we get back.
 I have actually found a couple more using this one, but we will put it away for now and revisit it later. Let's just say I have enough to keep us busy for a long while :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please have patience...

I am around, sort little guy is sick AGAIN. I may not be able to get your Ahhhh post up right away in the may take one more day. We will see how fast I can work tonight when he settles to sleep.

I am sorry. Even EPP is hard to do amongst upset little tummies and the messes (UGH!) that go along with it. I am off to wash all my bedding. Quite necessary. Won't go into details. (more UGH).

Oh, on a good note...I FINALLY fixed my google reader. I will be around to visit you all soon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

More Monday Randomness

Random Quiltsy

It is now 14 days into my month of sewing and I still have not turned on the machine. Tonight I have to somehow, someway...Mabry must go on!

Random Quote

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Random Photo

In this photo are my dad, mom, brother and I (in the swing). My mom passed away when I was 8. My brother passed away when he was 36. My dad is living but I haven't seen him in 13 years. I am thinking about him today because of a movie I posted a review on today over on the Book review blog. I thought you would enjoy seeing this picture of me as a baby.

Random Question:

What fairy tale character are you most like?

Random Hillbilly:

(This is a 30 minute Beverly Hillbilly Thanksgiving episode. Save it for when you have some time to watch.
Beverly Hillbillies are always worth the time to watch!)

I hope you enjoyed my randomness today!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stephen Helps with the Design wall

Do you know that I have a story to tell you about getting pumpkins but mom's quilt stuff just keeps getting in the way of my story telling? She said she must tell about her design wall this weekend, but she promised me that I get to FINALLY tell about my pumpkins next weekend. Well, here it is almost midnight Saturday night, and she still hasn't told her about her design wall, so I am taking over. (It's always up to me to get things done around here, you know.)

So, I know Mommy told you last week all about how we had to wait and wait to get her board from the wood shop. And then it wasn't even the right kind of board but we taked it anyway. (Did mom tell you how fun that wood shop was? I had a great time getting my knees dirty, and watching tractors and trying to climb lumber. Moms kind of freak out when you climb too high up on lumber piles.)

Last week when Mommy told you about the board, her good friend Marcia just up and sent a HUGE piece of flannel for us to use on the board.

 She sent it for free, and I pretty much think she meant it all for me.
Can you see me?

But mommy is stingy and took that flannel for herself. 
We had to lay it out on the floor all nice and neat, and then lay the board on top of that.
I was really good at supervising this part.

Then daddy and I got to work using the staple gun.

Dad's not a quilter so he didn't know how to make good corners.

He tried to fold it like this, but mom forces me to watch her quilt, or she's always reading quilting blogs so I know all about how to do that stuff right. I just taked over from there.

(Mom says that she loves having all my toys in the background of these photos. 
I say a boy can't expect to work on stuff for his mom and clean up his toys at the same time.)
After all the stapling was done, I had to do some testing. 
First I ran a race or two all the way around the edge.

MOM--you are showing me in my big boy undies. How embarrassing!
This had better not go in the blog book!

Next I tried a car or two out on it.

Yep, seems solid. 
Daddy and I hung it on the wall, and then I got right to work designing a new quilt.
Or something.

That was all my own design. 
Pretty cool, huh?

Now it's up to mom to get that mystery quilt up there that she keeps whining about. 
My work here is finished.
Now I can write my pumpkin blog I hope.