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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stephen Hauls in a Load

Once upon a time, like last month, I had to go pick apples. Mommy said I had to pick lots and lots of apples.
I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but I have my own apple bag.

I worked really hard. I searched low--bet you can't see me!

And I searched high.
Daddy's are good for helping when you need to reach apples that are way up tall.

Mommy said we had to inspect the apples for worms, and bad spots and fun stuff like that.
I'm a good apple inspector.

I found the easiest way of all to inspect them...

Mmmm, pretty good. You wanna bite?

We had to go to lots of apple trees and get red ones and yellow ones.
Mommy and me think that variety makes the best apple butter.
I got to pickin' so many apples that I had to go get a truck to haul in my load.

Of course, I've done the hard part. Now it is up to mommy to cook up the apples.
Here ya go mom, all yours!


QuiltSue said...

I've never had apple butter Stephen. Please can you tell me what it is?

You worked very hard that day, I could certainly do with a helper like you around.

Wanda said...

Wow, Stephen, you worked very hard. I know your mommy is very proud of you. I love apple butter and think homemade is the best. Eat a big piece of toast loaded with apple butter for me.


B-Z-Quilting said...

What a little doll! Mmmmm, I can taste that apple butter now with a nice big warm biscuit straight from the oven. Give that baby a big hug!

Angie said...

What a hard worker you are Stephen!

Linda said...

Stephen, that is quite the load you picked! Good job! Mmm, apple butter sounds delish!

Lynda said...

Good job Stephen! I can almost smell the apple butter cooking now.

Belinda said...

Stephen, you are such a help to Mommy. Next year, you should help her make the apple butter! I bet you have a secret recipe you could share with her!!

Sara G said...

I love apple butter and apples. Almost smell that now! Thanks Stephen for sharing your trip.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Good thing Stephen pretested all the apples. I am going to take a couple containers of apple butter to my Mom!

Madame Samm said...

first your wee one is a great helper and drives and all too lol.
apple butter one of my absolute fav fall. x

rosie said...

I just melted at that post....