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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mystery # 4

When I last chatted with you, I had the dilemma of whether or not to sew...or to do dishes. My husband called right as I was pondering that very question and-- can you believe it...he forbade me to do dishes and told me to sew until he got home. Well, alrighty then! LOL--He had to hear my grumblings earlier in the week and didn't want to hear them anymore I guess. No grumblings now! I feel very blessed that I had time to sew these up before we started the school grind again.
 (Which is a reminder to you. Tomorrow--Thursday--starts ten days of a very heavy school load. We do double lessons in math and a couple of other subjects. I will be slow to respond but I'll be around eventually.)

The fourth clue used some new blocks. These are 3" x 6". They are really easy with only 3 pieces each.We had to do them in two different color variations. Here is the first:

For the second set, we used new colors and then attached them:

Here is a photo of all of clue 4. I played around with the layout a bit for fun:

Clue number 5 uses these same blocks but the color scheme will be different. It just came out tonight, and I'll share it with you next week.

Stephen will be here Friday morning, 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are doing really well with the mystery. Glad you got to sew and some 'me' time.

Fiona said...

Your'e keeping up well with this... looking good..

Stray Stitches said...

Great blocks and I like the new color addition.