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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ahhhh's Have It.

The Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexies will begin tomorrow!
(Above would be all the names that you all chose. I am going to call it the Ahhhh Hexies for short. I do hope that is ok by you.)

I thought it important to share a couple of things before we begin. If you have never done English Paper piecing, I have all my resource posts under one page up top---ironically called English Paper Piecing!

I am not giving you a quilt pattern. It is up to you to design your Ahhhh's into whatever you want. Incomputech does have Hexagon graph paper. You can find it RIGHT HERE. I changed sizes around and printed a couple that I like for designing my Hexie quilt.

I will be making at least one quilt along the way; but I also may make some wall hangings, use them for embellishments, etc. Here is a really rough draft of the quilt that I will be making.

It needs flipped as well. It should be 5 colors across and 7 down. I will be making a rainbow-ish quilt. The first row down will be dark burgundy down to light pink, next row will be dk orange to light yellow, next will be dark brown/green to light green, next will be dark blue to turquoise, and last deep purple to light lavender.
I really want to showcase my Ahhhh's, so I will be making black hexies for in-between. 
I am way too busy to even start on my black hexies for now until that dresden quilt gets done, so I won't be sharing this until after the new year probably.

I have at least 84 different Ahhhh's to share with you. It will take over a year at one a week...that should keep us busy a while!

Now, as for actually making your Hexies. After many, many dresdens and a few other things along the way, I have decided I like these methods the best:

1) Use a cheap hand quilting thread and large needle to sew right through your paper. Yes, the stitches show up on top and don't make for as pretty web photos, but they hold up so well and don't slip. 
 See that little tail? Leave it there. I start and stop my basting ON TOP, it makes it much easier to rip it out.

2) Use a smaller needle and matching thread to sew the pieces together. I don't have a ton of colors at my fingertips so I am using gray thread to do all my piecing. Which, by the way, I whip stitch. After trying many methods I feel that holds up the best. More about this in an older post--you can find it up top.

3) When you are basting something with sharp corners, such as triangles, you can leave the wings out. Like this:

If you decide to not do this, and you baste the corners in, you have to be ultra careful not to bend or distort those points. Look at the top point in the photo below. The points are much sharper above.

Wanna Ahhhh Teaser?

These are all of your parts for tomorrow. These all make up one 6" hexie. 
Can you figure out how it is going to look?

Oh I almost forgot!!!
We have an Ahhhh Hexies Flickr group. 

See ya tomorrow, bright and early for your first 
Artistic, Hexatic, Hop-a-Long, Hex-a-Long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexie!


Angie said...

OH man so sorry to hear about your knee!!

sandra said...

Been waiting with baited breath, and now you make a start when I have to go out all day! Oh, we'll, Saturday is looking good.
Do hope the knee improves.

Stray Stitches said...

Love the name you came up with! Can't wait to see what you will create.

Snoodles said...

Very creative name! Can't wait to see what you do with the triangles...I've only done hexagons until now!

JuneBug, Milta and SnowPea said...

what's this about your knee? Dang!! ok so I am back into the electricty world and reading blogs - your creation awwwww's me!!


Connie said...

Looks beautiful but also a lot of work!