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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stephen fills in

Hi! I have been noticing that my mommy has not been very good at blogging lately. I guess that leaves me to all the work around here too.

Granma Patty (you should go visit her RIGHT HERE) understands just what I am going through. She sent a great big package with MY name on it. She sent several things for me to share with my family, but she said that I get to choose who gets what. So I worked really hard on deciding. I chose these for Daddy:

They are napkins for him to eat his football yummies on. Sometimes when he's watching football he eats bad stuff. Sunday night he had pizza rolls and I served them up for him on his special football napkins. 

Next I chose these for mommy:

I am thinking Daddy will probably be glad that we aren't made of money because mommy said if we were then she would make living room curtains out of that orange flowery one. She loves orange but I don't think it should be used for curtains. Do you?

Next in the box were these. I gave the bracelet to Sissy, and each of us got a sticker. We all got tops too but Bubba keeps taking them and playing with them. He's not a good sharer like I am. Oh, and that is cardboard on the bottom. Of course mommy wanted that. She has this weird fetish for cardboard.

Granma snuck this neat tool in the box all for me. You see I like to hide mommy's pins and pincushions. I hid her tomato pincushion that has all her glass headed pins in it. I didn't think she needed glass headed pins. Sounds dangerous to me. But I kind of forgot where I hid them so Granma gave me this to help find them. (It's a magic magnet wand).Um, Granma Patty--It didn't work! But it did work good when I knocked a new package of pins off mom's sewing table the other day.

Finally was the best of all sneaky stuff ever!
She sent me carrots and peas.

I put them right on my lunch plate along with my beans and cherries. 
Only they aren't really peas and carrots. See?

Sneaky sneaky huh? Thanks Granma Patty!

My Bubba knows how much hard work I have to do around this house so he bought me something to help me out a bit. I call this my Zoom Zoom:

Mommy or Bubba can push it from up top and I can just ride along. I have a cool box there on the back. I have been using it to deliver apples to the neighbors. 

I am sorry Mommy hasn't been very good at talking to you. I promise I will come back more often. After all, it's adventure season! 



Wilma NC said...

I could read that stuff all day!!!

Mariliz said...

I really like that orange fabric too! Those peas and carrot sure look interesting.

Sharon said...

Stephen, I'm sure those peas and carrots are your favorite veggies now! ;-) Tell Mommy not to worry, that we will all be around when she has time to post again. I like your zoom-zoom!

Belinda said...

Well Stephen, you sure do write a good blog post! I would love to try some of those peas and carrots. And the zoom zoom looks like something my grandson would really like!
We really appreciate you taking up Mommy's slack. We'll be here when she has a moment to write something.

Patty@Granma's said...

Stephen, I am glad you are using your magnet wand to pick up pins for Mom. Pokey pins and little boy toes do not go good together!

Pat said...

Cool. Every boy needs a magic wand, especially if it picks up pins! :) xx

Snoodles said...

Great job, Stephen! You tell Mommie that you will post again any time...we all love seeing your adventures. We will all still be around in blogland when Mommie has time to post. For now, you be her helper, and don't eat too many jellybeans! LOL Granmas know just what to pack in a package, don't they!

Sara G said...

Loved your post Stephen! Thanks for sharing all the neat stuff you have and enjoy. Tell your mommy I said Hi and sending hugs!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love Stephen's Post! Love the carrots and Peas! But I like real ones!

QuiltSue said...

Well Mummy's obviously busy Stephen, so isn't it a good job that she's got you around to help?

rooee said...

yay Stephen, I think you handed out the gifts to the right people! Very cute blog, say hullo to your Mommy from me. :)

Michelle May (Shell) said...

You did a wonderful job filling in for your mom Stephen! Those peas and carrots look extra yummy and oh so fun!
xx, shell