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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Great Holiday Ornament Exchange II

Last year I had this problem. I had no Christmas decorations at all. Between all the moving lately and other things going on...we have pretty much found ourselves to be decor-less all the time. But one can't go decoration-less at Christmas! I like unique, fun ornaments. So last year I started The Great Holiday Ornament Exchange.

 If you will do a search of 'ornament' over on my side bar in the search section you will find all the beautiful ornaments that I received last year. It is so fun opening packages from all over the world!
Something that was such a great success is worth doing again. 
(And this time mine won't be made of paper!)

Here are the rules, look over them and let me know if you would like to join in. 
There is a page up top created just for this event.
  1. You contact me. You may leave a comment on the blog , via email (, or on the facebook Great Holiday Ornament Exchange fanpage. In the comment,  you need to tell me exactly how many you are interested in making/exchanging. The list of participants, where they are located and how many they are going to exchange will be on the Ornament Exchange page.
  2. We will do this penpal style. I will match you up with however many that you want to exchange. If you want to make 12 and exchange 12, then I will give you 12 names. Just because you 'get' a name, doesn't mean that they will 'get' you. It will all depend on entries, preferences, etc. I do need to know if you would prefer not to ship internationally.
  3. Make it simple!! You can make them as complex as you want but the whole idea is to have fun.  You can use paper, wood, fabric...whatever! Just please make sure they are collector quality. You want the person receiving them to be able to cherish them!
  4. You are responsible for all shipping. We will have a ship date of December 1, 2011. Please keep in mind that overseas shipping can be expensive, so plan this when deciding how many you want to make.
  5. Include the family. Kids are welcome. This is a great way to teach them how to make something very special for someone else. Keep in mind kids will be involved. All ornaments must be family friendly/appropriate. 
Feel free to spread this all over the internet, on other blogs, forums, twitter, facebook, etc. The more the merrier!


Fiona said...

Oh Tonya.... I love this idea of yours.... I never knew you last year so didn't hear about it... I'd love to join in.... put me down for 4 ornaments... I don't mind international - they will have to be flat ones to go in a card... but I would appreciate local also..... I will blog soon

rooee said...

lovely idea! will let you know!

jill said...

Good morning Tonya! Sounds like fun. The family friendly made me smile first of all how about a puppy with a big red bow and a food bowl all painted with holly leaves and, ok(hope I made you smile a bit). I can see the family friendly part cause one year I had great fun making aluminum flashing ornaments I cut them in interesting Christmas type shapes and then cut some more if you cut(can use old fabric scissors)them in thin rows not all the way thru they will curl then I used a nail and hammer made holes and beaded them with antique (old)glass beads from necklaces using thin wire they turned out beautiful but a bit sharp in places not for tiny children. My grown kids refer to the year Mom made chinese star ornaments. I think it is something teenagers could enjoy doing. Have a good day....Jill

TheBeasKnees said...

Tonya, put me in for 5 and I will do International. So excited to start coming up with this years surprise for others!

Jeanette said...

Hi Tonya, Great idea. Put me done for 4 thanks. Happy Stitching,

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Great idea!
I don't put up a tree anymore, since my kids are grown and gone and no grandchildren yet ... We aren't even home at Christmas -- We go to my Mom's and my brother's home. No one comes here. We are out in the middle of nowhere! But I do put a few ornaments on my curtain rods in the living room with a string of lites! Looks pretty cool! I love to make things ... So count me in for 4 Ornaments (2 international and 2 in US --- if I can choose that?)

Sherry said...

I had great fun with this last year and would love to join in and make 6 ornaments. I will chekc out the special page too.

rosie said...

Hi Tonya,
I think I could actually find the time to do this!! Put me down for four ornaments.. Hope you give us lots of reminders!! lol

Heather said...

Sign me up for 4 ornaments, please! :)

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hello Tonya, I'll do 2 again this year please. I don't mind where they get shipped to - I'm flexible!

Hope you are well, Jane xx

MataClari said...


I'd like to join in! I can do 5 ornaments, international is fine by me.

Colleen said...

I dont know how I missed this post! I want to exchange again this year! I will do 4 ornaments! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

this reminds of a cookie swap much fun! I'll give this a try...I didn't see this last year either...put me down for 4...USA only....Mel's Designs