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Saturday, September 10, 2011


So what is it with Foundation Paper Piecing anyway? Just wondering.

I mean do you ever feel like you are doing what everyone else is but you didn't mean for it to be that way???

I wasn't going to post this morning but this is just a spout off post. I am frustrated that when I seem to always be a step behind (or ahead?). I don't want to do what everyone else does. I like to be DIFFERENT!

So I did a split four patch...and guess what happened after that?

Next I did Foundation Paper piecing---um, you all know where I am coming from if you follow many quilting blogs. I am going to teach a COMPLETELY different method soon though. Better hurry before some one else does, huh?

Next I wanted to do a Learn along of embroidery, taking the time to really teach the different stitches. This has been on my mind since before May for Me. Along comes along two blogs that beat me to it. And they are doing a wonderful job! I especially enjoy Stitched Sundays. (see side bar)

Next I wanted to do English Paper Piecing. Along comes along the Hex A Long. Well, no matter, I still have SOME things to teach you about this if I hurry. (Didn't I just say that I needed to hurry on FPP??!!)

Do you all remember the poll that I had on the side bar that I took of who would want to learn what?
Well, after Embroidery, FPP, EPP came Lone Star quilts. Two lovely ladies have or will be doing this soon. Although I am going to take the books and teach it as if I was teaching a class. At least my style is different, huh?

Then I wanted to do Bargello. Then woven backgrounds.

So, should I forget the Lone Stars? Anyone want to learn anything I haven't listed? I am open to suggestions here because I like to be DIFFERENT. And, I love to teach. I really do. Thanks for listening. As if you had a choice. Blogging is a wonderful thing! *grin*


krisgray said...

I have noticed that several blogs might do similar things at the same time. Maybe great minds.....

I would love to learn about the woven backgrounds. I was in a mug rug swap and my partner did weaving - cool! I have no idea how she did it!

Have a great Saturday.

Patty@Granma's said...

Assuming there are 100,000 ideas out there (just as a comparative) and 10,000,000 people thinking of ideas to discuss, present, teach, then at least 100 people could be thinking the same idea at the same time! So it's logical that there would be several people 'sharing' the same idea at the same time.
I know, cause I came up with what I thought was a 'cute, clever, quick' pattern for a charity quilt, and made up kits, printed the pattern, and with in the month saw at least a dozen 'nearly similar' patterns. Seems like every place I looked, some magazine, program, video, and guild was doing the same thing!
So just continue to do what you do. If you only teach one person something they need to know, you make the world a better place for that person.
"This Little Light of mine......"

QuiltSue said...

I reckon it's a case of "great minds think alike", as the other comments say.

As you have probably noticed I am planning a Lone Star quilt - and the comments I made on my blog about it mean that now I think there will be a few of us, BUT I am not planning to write a pattern or anything, just to have like a mutual support group. So I say, go ahead and do what YOU want to do.

Peace 2 U Designs By Syds said...

Sydney just loves her placemat and still uses it!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sweetie do what you love to do. Every technique and process has a 'twitch and a giggle' added - sometimes someone elses perspective helps a long ways.

Kat Scribner said...

Hi Tonya. I'm just poppin in to say hello. I do keep check on you, :D. Why do you overwhelm me by talkin like you have to do it all?! Sharon V always has to put the brakes on our mind activities - rake us back in for a breather.

Fiona said...

Sometimes seeing a different perspective is good.... and your explanations are different. I know I found your paper foundation piecing the easiest to follow when I wanted to do some... also not everyone reads all those other blogs.... go for it my friend

Heather said...

I agree with everyone else, just go ahead with your current plans regardless of what 'others' are doing. I can't wait to see what you post!

Belinda said...

I think everyone wants to be the first person to do something special. Personally, I've never experienced that, so I can commiserate. But agreeing with everyone else, I will say that you are uniquely you. Even if you are doing something someone else is doing, you are doing it in your own personal, special way. Do what you enjoy, and try not to get frustrated....Note to self....

Linda said...

Tonya, it is a good thing you like to teach because I like to learn. And, yeah! do whatever you want. Every teacher has a different way of teaching things which is great because not everyone learns the same way. I find I need lots of different tips and tricks to learn something new. I also tried to follow another blog for the Lone Star and it turned out horribly wrong, TWICE. Ugh, teach me how to make one please :) Those Borgello quilts are super amazing so someday teach me that too. I also want to learn some different blocks so I see a sampler in my future. I just purchased a book of 501 quilt blocks. I will never make that many but hey I have options. lol And, You know I will need help in learning how to make some of those. haha

Jill@northstarquilting said...

No matter how many people are doing the same thing, your own unique perspective will make it stand out from the crowd. You know we'll all be reading avidly no matter what you decide to do.

Just carry on enjoying the process and we'll carry on enjoying reading about it x x x

Pat said...

You are different!
Doesn't matter what you teach, you will teach it in your own style. That's you, not anyone else :) xx

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

You know what my favorite song is..." Make your own kind of music... Sing your own special song ... make your own kind of music... even if nobody else sings along.... Just do your own thing! I do! ... And that is why we all love you! Do your own thing!

Snoodles said...

Haha! Not much I can add here --- you have lots of good advice, and I totally agree! You are special, my friend, and you have gifts that you wish to share. We are all so blessed to know you, and to be the recipients!