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Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Makeover!

Recently when getting ready for a garage sale, I dug out this old cosmetic case that I had picked up at another garage sale. I thought it would be perfect for a sewing box.

As you can see it is old and needs some work done to it.

I started with ripping out all the inner lining.
It was really easy to tear out, and I was able to save each piece to use as templates to cut the new pieces.

Yuck, huh?
The handle was a bit of a problem. It was stuck through the top but needed replaced.
I popped it out of there, and then covered the wholes with a similar piece of cardboard.

Above is the before photo.
My husband said he would take care of replacing the handle, then painting the outside of the box for me.
So, here is how he accomplished that:

Somehow it doesn't even look like the same box!
I didn't even have to put fabric on the inside...

All those little shelves fold right in but still leave room at the bottom for larger items.

How is that for a makeover? 
I love my new sewing case!
It is where I now keep all my hand sewing goodies.
And guess what? It locks. That is a very good thing with a toddler around.
He likes to steal --or at the least reorganize--my stuff. 


Week 2 of Mabry Mill is done!
Block AJ
5 pieces

The first two rows completed.
87 pieces total.

(I am loving those stains on that old table. Please ignore them.)


sweetybird09 said...

Tonya, I kept looking at the before and after and I am so amazed that is the same what a great job!

I have one of those boxes, its in pretty good shape, I never thought to put supplies in it, great idea.

Have a great weekend.

Dorian said...

Wow Tonya, excellent job on the makeover!! That's a great looking box.

Tonya said...

Sorry to confuse is a different box!

Angie said...

WOW that is a neat makeover!! Very impressed!

Stray Stitches said...

Great makeover. Love the new box - it's beautiful!

Your Mabry Mill piecing is amazing!!!! Love the colors and your work looks perfect. I can't wait to see what's next.

Mariliz said...

So...he got you a new box??

Belinda said...

I knew something was fishy. But, loving the "after" box. Still think the "before" was salvageable. I might start looking for something like that to try. :P

Paul said...

Sometimes the only way to do a makeover is to stop at the trash can on your way to the store!

KatieQ said...

You had me there for a minute. How did you manage to train your husband so well?

Heather said...

I love your new case! Where did it come from? I have a nice fishing tackle box I use for all my different sewing machine/serger parts but I don't really have anything for hand work and it just floats all over the place. :)

Marcia Wachuta said...

I had to look very carefully back and forth at the photos -- It's a new case! LOL Great post for a Friday! I do love the black case!

Lynda said...

No way I believe that is the same case! I'm thinking your husband decided to buy a new case and throw the old one out.....right?

Pat said...

teehee.. I thought, hubs found a way to buy you a treat :)

Good you confessed, because otherwise hubby might be inundated with renovation projects :) xx

sweetybird09 said...

you stinker Tonya!

I thought the corners were too square on the new one, and the hinges were not right!!!!!

Great new box though!!!!!!

Fiona said...

It's amazing what has been done with the box... now he should have done a tut to show us how it is done....get our hubz's onto the blogs!! lvoely to see how your art work is going...

QuiltSue said...

LOL, that's a really great makeover!

Linda said...

Tonya, you are a funny bunny! Now, that is my kind of makeover. hahaha
The Mabry Mill piecing looks amazing!! I hope mine looks as good as yours :)

rooee said...

ok i am totally confused......heheeh but it doesnt take much! love the new case!! am in awe of Mabry Mill!!!

rooee said...

just to add......i would say that was an extreme makeover!