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Friday, August 26, 2011

Upside down!

{ See if you can spot the upside down mistake in the post before I point it out to you. I never noticed the mistake until I was typing this blog post.}

I am so slow to blog some things. I keep everything on a big list, and I just work my way down the list. 
Someone asked to see photos of projects with the new Go Baby that I won, and then was gifted several dies. 
I haven't had time to make anything yet. (We won't go there again.)
I did cut a few 5" squares from scraps. I might even blog about it someday.
Or even better, I might have time to start a new project soon! Yay! 
I'll just be slow to blog about it when I do. :)

Speaking of projects, I have received several hearts in the mail for the charity quilt.
First came these two from Snoodles.
Bless her heart, they were full of sweat and tears. 
Paper piecing was not her thing but she plugged away, and she did it!
The purple is pretty, but I am loving that Mario. It made me laugh!

Next came some hearts from Marcia.
She really has a lot on her plate, each day seems to be harder right now, 
so I was so surprised when she sent me 6 blocks!
I absolutely love those big pink flowers. I need some of that fabric I think.

And that's not all! She actually sent a whole box of things that I will blog about next week,
but I do want to share that she sent this along with the heart blocks:

It is a whole roll of 2 1/2" strips for me to use for sashing and binding!
Neat, huh?

Next came a block all the way from Annette in Australia.
I think she knows that blue is my favorite color. 
We have sort of discussed that sort of in a way recently. 
(I like to be confusing at times but she will know exactly what I mean.)

I really have enjoyed getting these blocks. I need about 19 more for a nice size quilt and I was going to just  break into my stash and start making them, but then I stopped myself.
Why can't I just make them as I go along with scraps from other projects?
There is no hurry on this one. So that is what I am going to do. I am just going to make them here and there as I finish projects. That will be more fun and add to the variety that have already made their way here.


Mabry Mill

11 pieces

Block CF 
6 pieces

Now we need to put these blocks together in this order:
Put CC, CD, and CE together first.

Then add CF to the bottom of these

This whole section can now be added to your CA-CB section.

Would you LOOK at that?? I just noticed as I was CF is UPSIDE DOWN!
When fixed the tree will match up better and there won't be just half a building in the middle of the field. 
(I am giggling at myself.)
Good grief. I will be doing some seam ripping this weekend. 
Ugh for always having to RUSH through things. 
Well, no more. Nope. Never. 
(Yeah, right.)

Ps...Stephen just might be here on Saturday. 


Pat said...

Love all the hearts that have been sent to you!
And girlie, stop rushing - eat that ice cream :) xx

rooee said...

if the heart charity quilt is a long term project, I will send you a block. have a fair bit on just now but will be able to do one in late Sept if that is not too late?

Stray Stitches said...

Ok, somehow I missed your post asking for hearts. If it's not too late I'd like to help out too. Send me the link to the post with all of the information along with your address and I will get a couple made.
Love how the Mabry Mill PP is coming along!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Pokey said...

You tree is looking good, oops sorry about rippin'!
I love your hearts, too, pretty stuff happening here ~

Snoodles said...

Aha! Now I don't feel quite so bad. (Grin) Yeppers, time to take it easy and keep it slow. Eat that ice cream that someone mentioned above. But make it a brand made with Splenda, right? LOL Can't wait to see Stephen's post....always fun! Take care, my friend!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Glad the post people did their job properly and delivered the heart...and yep, I know exactly what you mean! It's all good :)

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

So that is an upside down building by the tree???! LOL
Love the Hearts!
I hopped over to Annette's blog and read her post about her Heart. I am now following her too.
I already follow Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting! LOVE THE HEARTS!
Enjoy your day!