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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ok, dog I have a story for you!

Meet Toby!

Toby has quite the story to tell. 
On Wed, July 13th, Toby's mommy had to go have brain surgery to remove a tumor.
Toby's Mommy is also Marcia's mommy.
Since Marcia needed to be at the hospital with her mom, 
she found a friend to watch Toby and her own dog, Gabby.

I am going to copy and paste what happened next.
I took it right off of Marcia's blog post:

Our friend, Bette, came to Mom’s house to feed the dogs and take them out at 6:30am.  She had both dogs on leashes in Mom’s yard.  Two big racing-type dogs from the neighbor behind Mom’s house came over into the yard and attacked Toby.  It was horrible. Bette was screaming, hollering, and kicking at the two dogs to try to stop them from biting Toby.  The neighbors came out in their pajamas to help.  The Police were called for assistance.  Finally, they got the dogs off of Toby.

Bette wrapped Toby with a bathmat and got Gabby back into the house and rushed Toby to the local Vet.  They instructed her to go directly to Madison to an Emergency Vet Hospital. They did surgery on Toby Thursday morning.  At about noon, Bette came to the hospital waiting room where we were waiting for Mom’s surgery.  Still traumatized by the morning, Bette explained what had happened to Toby.   

Toby has since gone through quite an ordeal of surgeries and other things. 
The vet's office has a facebook page and look what they wrote about him:

Meet our friend Toby. The victim of a severe dog bite wound, he has been in our care for a

 few weeks, having undergone several surgical procedures to repair the damage. Nothing gets

 this little guy down though. He is a real trooper, and we have claimed his as our clinic mascot!

Isn't that great?

I just love this photo of Toby and Gabby:

Toby gets a blankie with stars, cuz he's quite the little superstar!

That is a treat pocket directly in the middle. He deserves some treats!

Toby, Gabby, Marcia, Marcia's mother, and family have a rough road to travel right now.
Toby is currently back at the vet's for some skin grafting.
Marcia's mother's tumor was cancerous.
Please keep Marcia in your prayers as she juggles her quilting business, her mother's cancer, and she has had to take on the care of Toby now as well.

Here is a photo of Marcia and her mom:


Fiona said...

Oh that is all so sad... but wonderful to hear Toby is doing well.... and great blanket for such a trooper dog... so scary for everyone though and best wishes to Marcia and her mum...

Marcia Wachuta said...

Thank you for sharing about my Mom and my Mom's dog, Toby. Your kindness is so appreciated and I know Toby and my Mom will love the doggie quilt! Thanks! Marcia

Stray Stitches said...

Oh my! So glad that Toby is on the road to recovery. I will keep Marcia's family (furry and non-furry) in my prayers. Thanks for sharing the story.

KatieQ said...

That poor little guy really has a lot of spunk. The treat pocket in his quilt is a cute idea. I'll keep Marcia's family in my prayers. It sounds like they have more than their share of worries right now.

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Wishing all will come out right.

QuiltSue said...

That is such a sad story. I am thinking of all of them, they are all having to go through so much at the moment. Sometimes life doesn't seem fair does it?

Pat said...

How absolutely dreadful!
I hope the owners of the racing dogs are paying for the vet bills!

All best wishes to Toby, Marcia and her mom through this difficult time.

Bless your heart for making Toby such a beautiful blankie xx