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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Temper fits.

I am 42 years old and I throw temper fits. 

I purged some projects because I am tired of feeling angry that I cannot work on said projects.
I got really angry tonight that I couldn't even sew a tiny section that would have taken about 20 minutes. 
Interrupted, interrupted, interrupted.
And I sit here and think how I need to do this and I need to do that...
So I purged.
Foot stomping.
(My family all sat and stared at me as I tossed boxes around and filled up the trash bag with projects, pattern sheets, etc. They knew to stay out of my way!)

I feel much better after having my temper fit; and after purging.
Some projects that you might have seen me working on in the past,
well, just don't ask.

Do you have temper fits?


Seth and I did a little experiment for you that I will share with you tomorrow.
I am actually excited about the results. I think I have finally found a marking pen that works for me!


Although I have the entire weeks worth of Mabry blocks done,
I am holding off for another day or two to show them.
I know probably better than many of you how hard it is to keep up on things.
So I don't want Linda to feel frustrated.
 Just take your time Linda. These people can be left waiting :0)
We are getting into harder blocks and I really don't want you to feel rushed!


Picureless posts are boring.
How's this?
I wish that I could join them...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I haven't got anyone around me to interrupt (just furry). Maybe there are too many projects. Instead of purging - put away. Just one or two at a time. I get too many going and get frustrated that they aren't getting done But superwoman didn't leave her cape here - so things get put away. AND reality comes to earth with one or two projects to work to a finish.

Pat said...

No, I don't do temper fits, its not in me :)
Nor can I paint more than one painting at a time. So I don't get UFOs. But, it would be a boring world if we were all alike.
Love that Charlie and Snoopy shot, so calming even to look at :) xx

QuiltSue said...

Yes, I get annoyed when I can't get on too. I usually end up just walking away from the project for a day or so.

Dorian said...

LOL Tonya ((hugs)) I, too, have temper tantrums occasionally. It can be hard finding ME time, in a homeschooling house. Glad you feel better now.

Linda said...

Oh yeah, I have temper fits. I don't get that way often but when I do, LOOK out! Everyone know to shut their mouth and walk away from me or they too will feel the wrath. lol It is always good to vent when frustrated or angry. It certainly clears the mind and makes you feel better, so, Rant away my friend! We all understand!!

Melissa said...

I have my fits, too, and they often end with a purge. Afterward, I sometimes wonder if part of the problem was that I had overwhelmed myself with way too many "have to's" and not enough "want to's". Sometimes it is tough to recognize the difference and tougher to keep them in balance. At that point, I think the inner me just takes control!!

Stray Stitches said...

A temper fit sounds pretty good right about now. Unfortunately, I usually just do a slow, silent boil. However, even the dogs know when to stay away - they must feel the bad vibes - lol!
Can't wait to see the Mabry Mill blocks but think it's great that you are giving Linda time to complete hers, too.

Kat Scribner said...

Tonya, You are having an allergic reaction to "everything overwhelming" . You have a huge list of wanna do's, have ta dos and expect ta dos. You do a good job of getting it all out there. Go somewhere, shut the door and breathe deeply. A cuppa tea would be good too. I admire all your efforts.

Jill@northstarquilting said...

I seem to have a short temper at the moment too, it must be the seasons changing or something. Sometimes you just have to let it all out. Hope you feel better soon x

Belinda said...

When my kids were small, I thru some doozies. Take some time to gather your thoughts and gain some peace. We are all praying for you.

Patty@Granma's said...

Tonya, when my five children were small, and the only place I had to sew was on the dining room table, I declared a sort of 'Mom's time out'. Literally, I sent everyone to their own rooms for a 'rest' period. And you didn't interupt my 'me time' unless there was blood running or bones protruding! It takes a few days. Someone will test you on it every so often. Be very firm - hubby included. Blood or Broken bones are the ONLY reason to interupt for this one hour. Then when the hour is up, serve cookies and milk and hugs all round. Keeps everybody happy.

sweetybird09 said...

Oh Tonya, I get that frustrated at times, and when I do my husband just knows to back off and let me blow steam, its not that often though.

I agree with some of your posters, we all NEED some quiet time!

Take care....

Fiona said...

It's hard to imagine you throwing a tanti.... and I admit I do throw hissy fits occasionally.... less frequently now that monthly visitor has finally decided not to come any more....
Purge, purge.. need a massage?

Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I need some Me Time right now too... I will have to wait awhile tho' I am needed at my Mom's for awhile. But that's different ... I did get a little me time for a few days and that was helpful...
Sometimes you have to just get mad and blow off some steam to make changes. I seem to hold it in too long and that's not good. I am glad you got it out!
Seems that others can't see you need a little free time... when you care for everyone and they don't realize you need a little caring in return. I wish we could find a better way to let our family know... but how?

rooee said...

i throw temper fits in the garden, i take them out on weeds! and in winter i do the same thing when shovelling snow! haaaa
it's ok to let off steam, in fact i think it's healthy. don't throw projects away though, put them out of side in a tote or something.....that way you will have no regrets! :)

rooee said...

out of sight even! i need more cawfee!

Joy said...

I like Patti's idea! I used to do the same thing.... the girls' rooms were child-safe, they could play together unless I heard arguing (in which case they had to separate), and that one hour was mine, mine, mine. Sometimes all I did was organize my coupons and make my menu/grocery list (which made me a happier shopper/housewife), but 75% of the time, I worked on my crafts/sewing. It was necessary to me. If I didn't take care of me, and find a way to have some Me Time, I couldn't take care of the rest of my family without feeling resentful.

And to this day, when I get frustrated with a project or overwhelmed with my UFO list? I put some of them on Time Outs!! They go on extended vacations in a bin for months/years while I focus on other things. I have one 19 year old UFO, but we don't need to dwell on that! Snicker!

I haven't 'known' you here in cyberspace very long, but please take of you Tonya. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally! My emotional health seems to depend on having my Me Time, even at age 56!! Don't feel bad about that!! Hugs!!