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Monday, August 22, 2011

Storms, dogs, denim and lollipops!

My days are busy. All of us have busy days. But for me, my busy days are pretty much lined out for me with toddler activities and school activities. Night time is my ME time. I take a nap every day so that I can stay up late at night to have time to myself. So night time is when I sew and when I blog. Only we seem to be in a rut of nightly storms. Don't get me wrong---I love rain, I love it during the day where I can open the door and watch it, and I love it at night where it lulls me to sleep. I just wish it would let me get my blog written first before it knocks out our internet :)
My list of doggie blankies is quite long. 
 I need to spread them out so that I can spread out the shipping costs. 
 I have decided to ship one per paycheck. Sound good to you? It does to me.
 I  have also decided to quit putting names on these.
That takes at least an extra hour if not more that I just cannot fit it in. 
Something tells me that the dogs don't mind.

 Last night I chose to make a blankie for Miss Gabby.
(Gabby on the left, Toby on the right)

Gabby's best friend Toby got mauled by two other dogs, her Grandma has Brain cancer, her mom is busy busy trying to take care of everyone. Dogs know when we are stressed. So I think she needs some de-stressing comfort!

I kind of cut part of it off in the photo to hurry last night but it is a mix of pretty purples.
It has two treat/toy pockets although the bottom pocket is huge but the opening got caught in the seam allowance so it can only handle skinny long toys. Perfect for a rope tug toy!

While I assemble denim quilts on my TRex machine, I usually quilt them on my good machine.
Well, last night I was happily quilting along when I got a loud thud a few bumps, some scary noises, and the machine shut down. I am scared to turn it on again to see if it is damaged. Yikes! I will tonight though to do my next Mabry Mill blocks. But I guess all doggie blankets will now have puckers because I am not going to use denim on the good machine! 

This week we will be doing more than one block a day on Mabry Mill. 
There are times that are more logical to sew blocks together now that we are getting into more intricate designs, so I will be showing you when to do that.

Block CA
6 pieces

Sorry about the glare, that block is yellow. It will show up better in a moment.

Block CB
7 pieces

These two blocks need to be joined together now.

A pair of lollipops?


Linda said...

Super idea to make a blanket for Gabby. She needs some comfort too!! Oh the Mabry Blocks look great. I see a lemon and strawberry ice pops :) mmm, now I want an ice pop. lol

Melissa said...

I don't think Gabby will minda at all and I sure hope poor Toby is OK.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I will post my row of paper piecing on Thursday - my trees aren't inviting ice-pops. We had horrible storms and several area people struck by lightening. I know our lightening rods worked overtime - but I feel it thru my bones when it does - all that metal in my body.

sweetybird09 said...

Awww that is so nice to make that blanket for Gabby, Is Toby ok after the mauling?

Its a good thing you have worked out the ME time, I think you have a great plan!

Take care and I hope your machine is ok

Angie said...

Seriously with the nightly rain storms. . .making my kids jumpy!

Love the quilt. You have a big heart, Lady!

Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

You are so sweet... THX ! Gabby is going with us to get Toby home from his 6 week stay in the hospital. The Vet said we can pick him up later this week. My Mom is back in the hospital as of Saturday and I am going to go there tomorrow to see her and stay a few days and then the plan is to bring Toby (my Mom's dog) home with me. We will care for him for awhile as my Mom still needs medical care... THX again Tonya for the wonderful quilt for Gabby -- They both will love their quilts! Your kindness warms my Mom's and my heart!

Fiona said...

Cute doggy blanket... such a lovely idea... I hope your machine is okay??

marilyn said...

Have you been using your Go! cutter yet? I haven't seen anything posted on your blog. Just curious :)

Snoodles said...

Hey girl! I love the doggy blankie! The pockets for toys are a great them something to work on, pulling 'em out!
Thinking of, and praying for you!

Stray Stitches said...

Your doggy blankets make so many little fur bodies happy!
Your Mabry blocks look very interesting :)

Heather said...

I love the rain too but am tired of the power going out! I hope you machine is ok. I've been sewing a lot of denim on mine but it seems to be holding up ok. And Gabby is going to love her new blanket!