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Monday, August 29, 2011

My other hobby--revisited

This post was first published right at a year ago but since we had so many of you that have never heard of geocaching I am republishing today. I have modified it a bit though to keep things new and fresh.)


I love it. 
(modification---I used to love it. It is fun but not like it use to be. Toddlers and bad knees--neither are geocaching friendly)

Most people anymore have heard of it. 
But, if you don't know what it is, here is a quick run down:

I use one of these:

To hunt for one of these:

Or one of these:

Inside I find things like this:

But, all I really care about is signing this:
(Modification: I actually only care about finding neat places for my family to hike and things to see.)

So that I can get add my numbers to this:

HBmamaG...that's me.
It stands for HillbillymamaGoose

Where are these caches?

You name it!
 There is one on the International Space Station, 
and one at the lowest point in the ocean. 
And everywhere in between. 
When you are walking along the path in your local park...

chances are...there is one there.
(Modification---when I started this years ago people took the time to put caches in really neat places. Now they are all over and in some really really stupid places too. It makes me angry.)

I have taken many a friend caching. 

Here is Seth and our beloved Dawg at Dawg's first cache. 
The cache is hidden under the rock.
Dawg was a great cache partner...he loved to play in the woods.

This is Joy.

One day I was geocaching in a state park. I was hidden from view-- high up on a hill. 
I saw a jeep back up to the park trail
and pop open the back end.
It scared me at first as the man was acting strange.
Turns out he was 'dumping' a dog.
But that's ok, as I was there to save her.
She ran right up the trail into my arms. 
The best cache treasure ever found!!

Geocaching is now pretty much on the backburner. 
It is something to do occasionally when I am dying to get out of the house.
For us it is a better winter hobby than summer. 
(modification--that would be why my leg is currently covered in poison ivy.)

Want to find out more?
Check it out yourself.

You can even do a search for caches in your area.


Linda said...

Well this sounds fun. I can take the little boys I watch on Fridays. I will have to check it out :)

Stray Stitches said...

My daughter and SIL love goecaching. Thanks for sharing about it. And I have to agree that the best treasure you ever found was the dog!

Angie said...

Poor Doggy. Glad you were there to rescue her!
That certainly does look like something that could burn off a lot steam for two boys!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a lucky dog to have been found by you. I only recently heard of geocashing from my niece. Intriguing!

Snoodles said...

My daughter wants us to start looking...turns out there are a few nearby, so it would be a gentle start!! Oh, so sorry you have poison ivy --- I get it so easily and it takes over my body like an alien or something! LOL

Fiona said...

thanks for the explanation... what a fun idea...

jill said...

So glad you were there when the dog was dumped. Dogs and cats are having a hard time the worse the economy gets. Also glad that was all the man was up to. Seems we all hear crazier things people do to other people.