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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mabry Mill

If you have been following my blog for a bit of time, then you know that we have (and will be doing quite a bit more) learning around here. One thing that was requested was Foundation Paper Piecing. After doing an initial block, today is the BIG DAY...the day where we are going to learn together how to make an intricate wall hanging.

I thought for those of you not quilting, but still following the progress, that you would like some background on the scenery that we are going to create.

Mabry Mill is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Mabry Mill was built in 1903. It started as a blacksmith shop, then became a sawmill, and then a gristmill. Here is a video of  the mill:

Mabry Mill is most known for it's scenic surrounding.
I, of course, cannot show you the photos on here but try these links to see some of my favorite shots:
James Evangelista
David Austin--(love the fog in this one)
Painting by Doug Breening
This one below is available as a computer wallpaper:

So, now you know a bit about what we are going to try to re-create. 
Each of us purchased our pattern at E Quilt Patterns.
Each day we will be doing one block.
Here is today's finished block.

I need try to get them done sometime before one a.m. so that I can get better photos!
I'll try harder tomorrow. :0)

For those that are completing the blocks with me, here are some pointers:

There are little tiny pieces in this quilt. Don't let that scare you!!! One step at a time...just follow the numbers. Pretend that it is a paint by number set that you did as a child.

Don't be afraid to use larger pieces even though the spots are tiny. You need to make sure they cover clear out to the dotted outer edge, and extra can always be trimmed away. Use your light source to make sure you have everything covered. I did not my first time. Notice piece 2...

See that little bit on the right corner not covered. Not good! After ripping out and re-sewing:

You can see, I use larger pieces so that I didn't have that problem again. 
Here are pieces 5, 6,7..the small blue pieces. I used large blue pieces of fabric.
They were trimmed up and will be used again later.

Also, make sure you don't miss any as you go.
See anything wrong with this?
The mountain is square!

I had to do a bit of ripping and go back and add piece 11 that I missed.
Much better, huh? 

I used a bit of glue stick to hold piece 12 in place. 
Do that for all of your larger pieces.

DAY ONE: 1 block; 12 pieces total.


rooee said...

I have been to Maybry Mill, it is so pretty! I even bought some cornmeal there! Paper piecing is so fun. I look forward to following your progress! :)

rooee said...

oops, pardon my spelling of MABRY! not my strong point..

Stray Stitches said...

I, too, have been to Mabry Mill - it is a most peaceful and beautiful setting.
Wow!! Look at you go on your paper piecing! It's already looking fantastic :)

Heather said...

I think Mabry Mill might be on my places to visit list now. I can't wait to see you completed quilt!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in VA, so Mabry Mill is part of my ole stompin' ground! I tussled with my crazee hearts this one done. I think they are about the limit of my expertise right now! LOL
When I get to where I can do those competently, then I'll try this big project!
Jacque in SC

Linda said...

Allrighty, Late in the day, I know but I'm ready to begin. Those tiny pieces are scaring the heck out of me. I have 20 minutes before dinner is done cooking. Eek, Well I can at least start it. haha Wish me luck!