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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Granma's Wisdom and other Treasures

Yesterday when I blogged about being committed, there were some great comments. But I want to share one with you. Patty from Granma's Treasures said, "be sure to smell the roses (And you don't have to grow them for Pete's sake, just wander into somebody else's garden)" She expanded upon it even more when she emailed me "You can SMELL them, just don't go to all the work of GROWing them yourself". Isn't that great? 

Let me tell you a bit about Patty. The link I gave you above is her online store. 
You can visit her blog as well--Granmas Charms. Patty doesn't get to blog very often. You think I am busy? She runs a brick and mortar store that actually is two stores in one, and she runs a shop inside the local nursing home (at the request of the nursing home.); she runs her online store; and she has some MAJOR family stuff on her plate. I don't remember how I first stumbled onto Patty. But I am glad I did. She is very sweet and encouraging.

Last month Patty held a giveaway that made me sad. Since she just does not have much time to blog, her reader attendance has gone down, and when she hosted the giveaway, she had FIVE gifts for five different people. Only I am the only one that commented so I got the entire loot. (Well, that made me happy. I am just sad no one else even commented!) I'll show a photo in a moment.

First let me ask if you have read any of the Benni Harper Quilt Mystery stories by Earlene Fowler? Book number 15 just came out. It is called "Spider Web" (like the quilt block.) She has won Agatha Awards for best novel. Well, Earlene was at Patty's shop for a book signing, so first prize was her newest book signed by the author!

Isn't that way cool?
I also got prizes number 2-5....
A yard of spider fabric, two fat quarters, spider magnets (which Amy promptly stole for her cart at work) and a spider web doily.


Block three of our Mabry Mill quilt has probably the tiniest block piece you'll ever do.
Look at piece 7: (blurry but it is so small that they had to put an arrow to it from another spot. It is there on the right)

Completed block AC:

Block total: 10 pieces
Total so far: 27 pcs


Mariliz said...

Great advice! I'm going to go take my coffee outside and enjoy my roses.

Stray Stitches said...

Congrats on you win. Thanks for letting me know about the latest Earlene Fowler books - I have read the whole series.
Your Mabry Mill is looking amazing. I think I may have to try my hand at foundation paper piecing - and it's all your fault - lol! I can't believe that you have to put such a tiny piece in there - amazing!

Tonya said...

Sorry those two middle rows are so small. I can't figure out why. I just re-did the font all the same and they are still small. Weird!

sweetybird09 said...

Oh that is sad that your friend got no one to enter her blog, did she promote it, that is what I see prople do that want people to enter giveaways...

Nice gifts that you got though :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win...we should all go to her blog and follow her, to encourage her! Love how your Mabry's Mill is progressing!
Jacque in SC