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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Pretty

The Good
After my little meltdown last week, my family has been working much harder at giving me a break. 
One day Amy (my DD) came over and took Stephen for an amazing 10 hours! Did you hear me?! I said 10 hours!!!
And she took him away--I didn't have to leave the house. Even better!

The first half of the day Jerry was home. We enjoyed a nice lunch out at our local Mexican restaurant. Just the two of us. That never happens! We both were laughing at how enjoyable it was to eat without salsa and chips spread all over us, the table, and who knows where else. And after dinner Jerry drove me to one of our LQS's. (We have a few.)
This time I chose to go to Tula Pink's shop. I spent some time drooling over Crabapple Hill and Vintage Spool patterns. I really really am tempted to make some of those Vintage Spool quilts. 

The second half of the day Jerry had to go to work so I spent the evening sewing. Amy and I were talking that morning about some quick, easy things that I could sew up that wouldn't take as long as quilts that I might be able to sell next summer at craft shows. We came up with some ideas for pillows and pillow cases.

The Bad

I was so excited to show Amy the pillow and pillowcases that I had made that evening in my free time.
But the minute she looked at them she completely burst my bubble.
Her words, "Mom, you gotta quit thinking old. Its the twenty somethings that like to just waste money and will buy anything. You have to think in colors they would like. I don't think anyone would put green, yellow and blue birds in their bedroom. Kitchen maybe but not bedroom."

The Pretty

Well, I don't care what my daughter says. I like them. 
Oops. Thinking old again. Oh well.
What do you think? And be honest. I am trying to make some pennies here!
(When I start selling these I will just sell the pillowcases with no pillow and then the smaller pillow to match.)
Oh and click to zoom. I really tried to match the bird and the leaves to the yellow fabric. 


Mabry Mill

Block CI
10 pieces


Wanda said...

I love them but I'm old what do I know. I think the idea is great but since I'm up there in age too, not sure of the colors?! :/

Keep it up though, look around at some of the "younger" blogs too see if there is anything you can find.


Wilma NC said...

I like the pillowcases and pillow, but then again, I am old, lol. I sell stuff at a little craft store in my town, and I find that young people aren't that into quilty things. What I sell the most of is, kleenex holders!!! I have sold a couple of mug rugs too, but mainly kleenex holders. Seems the younger people are also cheap, lol.

Linda said...

Well, who goes to the craft shows anyway? Old People, that's who! hahaha I think your pillows are pretty. I love, love the swirly leaf on the pillow. Very different.
I do agree with Wilma in that people are looking for bargains at craft shows ( I know I do) so smaller purse type things would be good to have at the craft show too. Luggage tags, business card holders, tissue holders, change purse, etc in a variety of designs that are traditional and some contemporary designs too.

Sharon said...

LOL! I guess you have a lot of us old people who read your blog because I think it's adorable too! That was so sweet of your daughter to take Stephen and spend time with him so you could have a nice break. I'm sue they had a great time. Would love to hear Stephen's account of his day with big sis. ;-)

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I can add in one young(ish) person's opinion. I think if your items will be larger ticket items, playing to those who have money (a little older) is a good idea. the smaller ticket items it would be a good idea to mix in some of the newer fabrics like from Vera Bradley (or comparable) and then keep the quilting simple and let the colourful fabrics shine through. :) Just one opinion!

The Tulip Patch said...

Yours is really pretty but you should definitely listen to your daughter for at least some of your inventory just to appeal to different tastes. You should make potholders. They are cheap and easy and fun. What about dog food/water mats?

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I love the bird pillow -- BUT I AM OLD! I think the bird pillow would look great on my sofa. The pillow cases are really nice too, but it is the bird I love. I like the idea of variety of items and colors too. I think your doggie blankets are great and I think you could make a similar lap quilt that would be simple with squares -- Everyone in Wisconsin needs a little quilt on the back of the chair for the cooler evenings. How about texture quilts for Alzheimer persons or nursing home patients? They are comforting. You make the squares with a variety of textures. I am going to make one for our friend hopefully sometime in September. I'll share when I do it. Hope that helps!
Also glad to hear you got a "Date Dinner" with your husband. They are so important -- Call that "Us Time"!
Enjoy your day!

Belinda said...

I'm so glad you got some YOU time with your husband and then with your sewing. I know you enjoyed your day. Way to go Amy!!!

I do have to agree with her somewhat. I like the concept, but I think funky florals or pasleys would be a good way to go with this. I love what you did, but like most of the other commenters, I'm old. I think the bird pillow would work, but it might be purchased for a baby's room. I also think the doggie quilts would be a big hit with the younger set.

I noticed at our last town celebration, "Timberfest" the booths had a lot of little girl pillow case dresses in cool fabrics. Not much for little boys though and that was disappointing. Moms and Grandmothers eat that stuff up. Especially if it's priced right!

Melissa said...

I like them, but I hate to admit she is probably right. I just spent a good part of this morning looking at bedroom design ideas (that's our next project) and I found ONE that I liked. I am just not into all this modern minimalistic stuff! I guess Amy tagged me - OLD!

Angie said...

Very cute.
But, I would head her advice to a point.
I would go on places like, kohls, jcpenny, overstock. . .just to see what is 'in' as far as color/style.
Great great idea!

Snoodles said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a date, and sewing time, too! Whoo hooo! I think you have a lot of good suggestions, up above. I love the pillowcases/pillow too, but maybe it would be wise to cater to both age groups at the craft shows? Then you have more opportunity to make money!

Patty@Granma's said...

Tonya, I ran a craft fair for 5 years, back then, and there are two things I remember:
1) if you sell a small range of items (just pillows) then you need a wide range of styles/fabrics in order to appeal to more people. but if you have a wider range of items, pillows and pot holders, book covers and candle mats, mug rugs and pin cushions, and a wide range of prices, you can appeal to all pocket books.
3) holiday shoppers are shopping for someone ELSE. Granma gifts, Auntie gifts, Granpa and Uncle gifts, niece and nephew gifts. So good quality and reasonable price are key factors.
AND, I always made things to fit people on my shopping list, if it sold I had money, if it didn't, I had my gifts ready to wrap :-)

Stray Stitches said...

Time to yourself!!! Woohoo!!!
Sounds like lunch and trip to the LQS was just the thing you needed and then some sewing time too!
Date me old but I really like the pillow and pillow cases. But like others have said before me, you need to think about who will be buying. Angie's suggestion of a trip to Target is a good idea.
The Mabry Mill block is gorgeous. I don't know what it's supposed to be but I love the colors.

Heather said...

Now who do I have thinking about doing craft shows? LOL I like them but you should definately listen to her & make a variety of things & in different fabrics, etc.

Pat said...

10 hours - absolute bliss ! Well done Amy. And she's given you good advice too. To appeal to a wider range, you need a variety. I like the swirl leaf on the pillow, but not the yellow edging.
I'm older than you, but have a modernistic taste, which prefers un-fussy lines, but bold and bright. Like the Neighbor wall hanging you made and I own. See, you can do it :) xx

QuiltSue said...

How about asking your daughter to pick some fabrics and make a few small things with her choice and a few with your choice?

I love the birdie cushion, and could see that in a nursery. but maybe it would be grandma who bought it?

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Ummmm old is in and OLD people buy. But I love your daughters YOUNG spunk - maybe combine the old with the new... I am sort of old 42 and I love... But I love young too - This was just way to funny to read today - your daughter is soooooooooo much like you it's scary... hug to you both!! I am ready to talk (wink wink)


Mariliz said...

I think they look great!