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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Experimenting with the Pilot FriXion Pens

 I have read several blogs talk about the Frixion pens, so you know me...
I had to go get some just to try out for you all!

They come in a pack of three, containing one each of red, blue and black.
I let Seth do the experimenting as I thought he would enjoy it.
First I had him write his name out... first, middle, and last each in a different color.

Then to really test it, I had him make a box of each color that was really shaded in using a lot of ink.

You know our habit is to do things late at night with bad lighting but it is on mustard color fabric with red, then blue, then black.
We have been reading that all one needs to do is use the iron and the marks will disappear.

Well, they did. Instantly. But, yet, did they really?

The fabric is still mustard but I used the flash to make that little square show up. See it? It's white.
On the entire piece, all the ink color was gone but all left white residue.
Now for the best part of the experiment. The box says that if it freezes...then the ink will show back up!
Now what if you used one of these markers to draw out your quilting lines,
and then you donated it to charity, and it ended up on some Eskimo in an igloo, and all your markings showed back up? It could happen! 
So Seth and I just threw that fabric in the freezer for five minutes.

Look at that. The color started showing back up. Especially blue. 
This just won't work at all. I can't have an Eskimo seeing my marking lines.
So we tried one final experiment. I threw it in the washing machine along with my other cold wash items.

Would you look at that? That fabric even turned mustard again!
And every bit of the residue was gone. We even froze it again to see. Gone!
Happy Eskimos. 
(Bad photographer with the shadows.)

Final opinion---I am using these from now on! They wrote so smoothly on the fabric, and they were THIN lined. That is a biggy with me. And as long as I wash, there will be no marks whether the middle of the Sahara or the tip of the North Pole. Good stuff!

Linda (click to visit) is such a dear. She knew I had a bit of a tough day yesterday so she did a bunch of sewing on her Mabry Mill just to bring a smile to my face. She even past up what I had already posted! 
Here is her now progress with both rows now sewn together, and she has her ice pop type blocks done plus one!

Here are mine:

Block  CC
5 pieces

Block CD
13 pieces

Now, just to put this all in perspective for you all--
the above block finishes about 1 1/2" by 2 1/2"
and has 13 pieces in that teeny tiny space!
That is what makes FPP so much fun!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like the extended FriXion testing - no one else tried washing it! Great looking blocks going gals.

rooee said...

The blocks are looking wonderful!
The pens seem ok but I don't wash everything I make. I wonder if the pen markings would spritz out?

krisgray said...

Ok! I always wash other markings out of my quilts so I'm sold. I had beenresistant to buying these b/c of that "coming back when frozen." I mean what if I kept one my quilts in the car on the winter? Now I know to wash it first - THANKS!

Stray Stitches said...

I use Frixon pens all of the time for my embroidery work. Thanks for the review. Good to know that the ink and residue disappears completely with a washing.
Linda's Mabry blocks are looking wonderful. Your blocks are teasing me once again :)

Belinda said...

Wow, Linda's blocks are looking great!! Yours too by the way. *grin*

The pens are a great idea. Thanks for sharing your experiment!

Pat said...

hahaa Eskimos! You do make me laugh :) xx

Gmama Jane said...

Funny post Tonya!! Gotta watch out for those Eskimos!!
Gmama Jane

Melissa said...

I like those pens too. Why is it so hard to find good marking utensils for quilters? Aaargh!!

Belinda said...

Hey, congratulations on winning the "Stash Magic" book on SewCalGal!!!

The Tulip Patch said...

great learning about new products!

Fiona said...

haha... our minds are in tandem... I have just bought a couple of those.... I love how you tested them.. now I don't need to!

SewCalGal said...

Great test. I had heard that the pen markings came back if frozen, which means chemicals are still left on the fabric. I had wanted to do a test thru the laundry to evaluate, but hadn't yet had time. Thanks for doing this test and sharing your insights. I feel much better about these pens now too. But always good to do thorough testing of pens to understand when to use them/not use them. Great job!


Snoodles said...

I've never used those, but thanks for the great review. You gave them a thorough workout! Hahaha! Giggling about the Eskimos and the quilt!

Me and My Stitches said...

Glad you did the experiment with the pens - I have used mine a little bit, but hadn't done all of the testing!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love your experimenting!