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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Denim Machine

As you saw yesterday, I am finally back in the business of denim sewing again. It was not without a very long wait. I just cannot believe the ill luck I am having with sewing machine dealers. For those that don't know I use a brand new Janome for my main machine, but getting it was not without it's fiasco's. 

My 'Denim Machine' is Singer I bought about 3 years ago but is as plain as can be. It is supposed to be professional grade...and will chomp through anything. will chomp nicely. (We call it TRex). But it isn't all that great in quality. I cannot even use a walking foot on it because the part that holds in the needle--that you also hook the walking foot over--is plastic and breaks when you use a walking foot. 

So, TRex is reserved for denim. I had to send it in for service as it was slipping and skipping and the timing was off. It was gone--are you ready for this--4 months!! Every time I called 'they hadn't gotten to it yet'. Now, let me show you the condition in which it came home:
This is dust on it with fingerprints. It gets worse...

Right in the middle of the photo you will see a groove in the machine with a largish black speck.
That would be cigarette ashes.

See the black grime all around that wheel? That was not there before. I have no clue what it is. It is hardened and had to be scraped off.

The thread guide is missing.
When I called the store back to complain about all the dirt, the owner said, 'Ma'am, that isn't my problem. I just fix the machine and my other employs are supposed to clean it before they call you.'
I asked what he fixed on the machine. He replied, "Nothing, I just cleaned it. And you really must use it because I had to really clean the inside of that machine. There was lent everywhere."
Me: "So, you didn't fix the timing..then what took four months?"
Him: "I am just a busy person".
Me: "Where is the thread guide?"
Him: "It got lost from sitting around here so long. I will replace it for free next time you bring in the machine"

We went on to have a heated discussion that my machine would never come back, and that had I been the one picking it up instead of my daughter then it would have been cleaned first and so on and so forth.
(This non cleaning, non fixing cleaning cost us $80.00)

Then I got to cleaning. 
I had some good help this time!

I actually prefer to use my denim machine for Foundation Paper piecing too.
I always forget to reset the thread length size on the electronic machine. 
No need of that with this one.

Speaking of Foundation Paper Piecing, I completely forgot to put yesterdays photo up.
I am so sorry Linda!!
So here is yesterday's and today's:

8 pieces

9 pieces

Total Pieces so far: 82


Pat said...

What appalling service!
So glad you have a better helper at home :) xx

Heather said...

How horrible! I don't think I would have been so nice!

Stray Stitches said...

Perhaps a call to the BBB is needed to report this company's poor business practices. You were much nicer than I would have been.
Your Mabry Mill pieces are amazing! I'm having so much fun watching your creation :)

Sarah Craig said...

Pitiful service! I'm finding that's more common recently - but I lucked out yesterday and found a commercial repair shop that fixed my Juki girl within a couple of hours, told me exactly what they fixed, how to avoid the problem, and didn't charge me a fortune! Good folks! I have always used a treadle machine in the past for denim and leather - works great and no worries about burning out the motor! I'm not sure it's possible to break one!

Linda said...

I agree with Heather, I wouldn't be so nice either! That little Stephen is such a good helper :)
Your EPP's look great. I am all caught up too. I am going to make today's block and tomorrows block later on. I will try to blog my progress but it is going to be a busy day today Then I am off to a weekend getaway with the hubby :)

The Tulip Patch said...

That is just plain unacceptable. I hope you find a great machine person...I have one I trust and it brings me a huge sense of relief.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is something that should be reported to your Better Business Bureau. Totally not acceptable - you have the photos to proof, this machine doesn't look like it was worked on, but stored and then damaged.

Pokey said...

That is a crime, Tonya. There was no "service" done, and he is not "busy", either! You bet I'd report him, too!

Marcia Wachuta said...

You definitely need to contact the Better Business Bureau! That is absolutely terrible! We have a place here in Wisconsin that cleans Janomes and other sewing machines for $20.00 plus any parts if he needs to fix something -- I have never left a machine there for longer than a couple days. Both he and his wife sew and they know we don't want to be with out a sewing machine. PLEASE CONTACT the BBB today! Do you have a receipt? Please contact them this week and at least report it and have them mail you the thread guide part now, so you don't have to go back there. WOW!....

Anonymous said...

My first reply to him would have been about his smoking around my machine! He would have received an earful.
The BBB has its place but I would be sure that every fabric store and sewing class in town would hear about this "shop." I'd tell the people at the senior center to put him on the "watch" list for bad businesses. And I might even run a craigslist ad warning people.
We had a similar situation here with a riding lawn mower. I paid more because the guy could not figure out how to work on it (an older model) and even though we provided him with reference material I was charged for his time scratching his ***. I would have been better if he would have adnitted he didn't have a clue.
Stories like this work me up.

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