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Friday, August 19, 2011

Crazy Night

I was in the middle of typing my other blog when a huge storm rolled in last night. I barely got it published before we lost power and the internet is very hit and miss this morning so I am going to show you the rest of the Mabry blocks for the week and call it a day. There will always be another day and I am always full of things to blab about.

Block BC
8 pieces

Block BD
7 pieces

That one is sideways. Why in the world do cameras and/or computers rotate photos when you don't want them to?

This week we are not going to connect the row to the first two rows.
It will be much better to wait until we get another row done.

LOL, that row looks like jelly beans or something.

Next week we are going to do all of the fourth row even though it includes 11 blocks. 
Some of the blocks are small but they need to be connected as we hang in there Linda!
(She is the only one joining along in this journey. If you want to join in just go back to the beginning under the foundation paper piecing tab up top.)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love watching the two of you. Next week I will show one of my rows - different project.

rubyslipperz said...

O... the dreaded electrical storms that hunt out and kill beloved electrical things in the house!

Fun colors...I really do LUV paperpiecing. I need to do more of it. It's great even for piecing that isn't really small.


Linda said...

I'm getting there. I have two of these blocks done. I'll send pics soon so you can add them to your blog. I hope to finish the row on Sunday and then I will take a picture of the two rows. I am getting much faster at it which is good because now it will get a little harder :)

rooee said...

I should have done this too, being that I have been to Mabry Mill. I love watching yours grow.
However.....drumroll......I have made your paper pieced heart this morning and another one that I found. They are very similar! I have never paperpieced with the add a quarter ruler before and I am loving it! Will put pics on my next blog post.

Snoodles said...

They really do look like jelly beans! LOL
I wish I had time to join in on are doing a great job!