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Monday, July 25, 2011

You are so BAD for me!

YES YOU--my family out there in blog land.

1) You caused me to eat s'mores. And some more. Which is why they are called s'mores.
2) You have caused me to have UFO's and WIP's. I am a finisher. I can't stand having Unfinishes. Well I have them. And the ideas floating around in my poor little brain are too numerous to count! I worked on a new system for all of  my WIP's. A bit here and a bit there. I. Can. Do. This.
I don't have to finish one quilt before starting another. I just have to finish one someday!
3) You have completely changed my outlook on my life. I have wanted a business for years. Now in 'my' time I just want to quilt and read blogs and write blog posts. I may even start a third blog someday. Don't worry. Not anytime soon. There is an idea and it is tucked away for someday...
4) You have caused me to see the value and take time for myself.  I don't have time to do this. But I do now. I let the dishes go a bit longer or the dusting to never get done. It's ok. (Well not really....)

You are all so BAD for me, and I thank you for it and for all your help, inspiration, friendship.


On another note, here are the heart blocks that I've received for the charity quilt.
 These came from Heather and from Sharon.

Let me tell you about the recipient I had in mind. And her sisters. My good friend, Helen, is a very special woman. I adore her and I've never had anyone take me under her wing and care for me as she did when I was pregnant. She is an angel and just cares for everyone. She was raised in a coal mining town in Virginia. In fact, have you seen the move "Coal Miner's Daughter"? Her childhood home was the house in that movie. Her home was a boarding house for miners. Helen quit school in 5th grade to stay home and help. She had breast cancer 8 years ago and is cancer free today. Helen's mother died of breast cancer and her brother of brain cancer. Helen has two sisters and and aunt with breast cancer right now. Both sisters are not doing well at all. I was hoping to send this quilt to the one who is worse and then work on another for the other sister in my spare time. And then a third for the Aunt. But, it looks like there may not be time to get it to the sister that is worse off. So here is where I beg of you. If any of you has a quilt or two that you could donate to this family of sisters all with breast cancer, I would very much appreciate it. And I will work on finishing this one as well. I just need to know if any more blocks are on the way. Thank you !


Thank you to everyone that sent ideas for basting my quilt. As of now it is still not basted. Jerry was going to spray baste it for me but instead took Stephen and gave me some time to myself. I needed that every badly as he was out of town last week and I had no break at all from the little guy! I will work on basting it tomorrow and then staying up tomorrow night and quilting it. I will probably machine sew the binding this time. The quilt deadline is this week. It has caused me to re-think alot about commitments. More on that next week.

The next couple of nights after I get the H2H quilt done,  I have two dog quilts to work on. I may be a bit slow to read blogs this week but I'll catch up eventually. I always do! :)


Sarah Craig said...

So sorry that the H2H quilt is stressing you out! I always try to get my commitment quilts done very early so that I don't have to worry about deadlines - but it took me years to learn to do that (not with quilts, with work!) I've always appreciated a good deadline. Hope your knees are feeling better soon, and that your "me time" was refreshing!!

Linda said...

Oh those S'mores, haha. I had to have one after I read your Campfire post. It was So very yummy that I made a second one. Ooops, there goes the diet for the day. haha I also do have a PP heart block for you. I will mail it out today. Glad you got a little alone time. I'm sure it was very much needed and deserved!!

Stray Stitches said...

I used to be a finisher like you were. I am now all over the place and eventually do get things finished. I find I have more fun working on more than one project at a time. I hope you enjoyed your "me" time :)

Marcia Wachuta said...

I just back from two weeks with my Mom as you I have to quilt most of today but I started two heart blocks and I would like to mail them for the heart quilt, but it won't be til tomorrow when I go to town. And of course I said I would quilt the Heart Quilt for you and your dear friend. So after you get it together -- Mail it to me and I will get it quilted and send it back! You do so many wonderful things for your friends... that is why we are all family! Enjoy your day!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Tonya - two quilts have been boxed up and will be in the post this afternoon.

Pokey said...

Those heart squares will be a great addition to your gifts of love quilts. I'll be praying for your friends, and bless you for making us aware of them.

Anonymous said...

I have two hearts made, and will try to get them mailed in the next day or so. I have had to take on some customer appointments in hubby's absence, so I am behind. I promise I will get them out. I am scrambling to finish my H2H quilt, too!
Jacque in SC

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

Haha... and you haven't led me astray at all have you????? mmmmm..... great to have your man home ..... big hugz...