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Friday, July 1, 2011

A very giving person!

I have just been blessed over and over again.
When I won the Go!Baby and discovered there were no dies included,
I was ready to give it away because there was no way that I could afford to buy dies.

Then I got an email from Marilyn,
She had actually won extra dies from giveaways and had duplicates.
Look how many she sent me....

Five different dies!
Can you believe it??
Now all I have to do is get the cutting mats to use with them and I'll be in business.

Marilyn is a very giving person.
Just after the tsunami in Japan, she organized a quilt drive.
She wanted to send around 300 quilts over to the victims, but it got bigger than she ever imagined, 
and she collected and sent over 1100 to Japan!
Many of these she quilted herself. She would put post after post of all the quilts that she quilted.
Can you imagine her house with all those quilts waiting to be shipped?
I tried to load a you tube news footage of her story, but the embed wouldn't work.
Click on this link:


Jill@northstarquilting said...

How generous! I bet that half-square triangle die will come in really handy. Can't wait to see what you make with them x

sweetybird09 said...

That is so nice for you to be able to make something with the dies she sent you, and that is so great what she did for the tsunami victims in Japan, what a talent...have a great 4th

Marcia Wachuta said...

That was really really nice that she sent you the dies! Fantastic! You will now be able to enjoy your Go Baby - once you get the mat! I watched her video and a couple more! Sounds like she is a very busy lady! Fantastic about all the quilts they sent to Japan! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

Belinda said...

Oh how nice!!! God always provides doesn't He? And what a generous person she is. Thanks for sharing that.

Mariliz said...

What a wonderful gesture! Let me know how you like the flower die, I've been considering buying that one.

Angie said...

So happy for you and inspired by Marilyn's generosity!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! The creation station will be humming with activity!
Have an awesome Fourth!
Jacque in SC

Pokey said...

OoO-oo, you are the blessed one! I'll be looking for the cute stuff to come...!

marilyn said...

They were extras I got off ebay when I got big lots and they were sitting around here not doing me any good :) I know you will put them to good use! I will have to see if I can get some mats for you now. I need the big mat myself, they do wear out when you use them all the time! I find the more you give, the more you receive. Keep giving sister.

Pat said...

What a truly kind person you are, Marilyn. What blessings you spread around the world . I know you'll be blessed in return xx

Madame Samm said...

there are many with hearts as big well yours....God bless Marilyn..x

Jindi's Cottage said...

How lovely of Marilyn to share her extra dies with you...