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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

English Paper Piecing: Other basting methods

Most of you already know the most common method of basting your English paper pieces. Let's look at some of the other possibilities today.

My essential supplies for basting are hand quilting thread,  (It is nice and thick and easier to pull out.) a larger size hand sewing needle, and my Sewline glue pen. 

To begin with, it is not necessary to cut an exact 1/4" seam allowance all the way around. You can baste with excess fabric if you like.
 Here are a couple of examples of what my fabric pieces look like along with their matching templates
(Update--I've started cutting the edges and points off. I don't like the excess):

I use my glue pen to glue the template to the fabric.
A small circle in the middle is all that it takes.

Some pin right through the middle instead, but this is so much easier!
The sewline is the only glue that I recommend. I actually tried some others just for this post.
I tried my favorite Elmers glue and a very popular, more expensive applique glue.

I didn't like either. They were too 'wet' and runny. They soaked right through the fabric.
And they don't allow the finished shape to just 'pop' off when you are finished.

After you have glued the middle (or pinned) it is time to start basting it.
The method I prefer is basting from the RIGHT side. You actually sew right through all three layers---front, paper template, and back. 

I have one more basting method for you.
Are you ready---grab your Sewline glue--and glue baste it!
Yep, just glue it down on all sides!

If I could bring myself to, I would glue baste all the pieces. 
But ONLY with Sewline. I tried that name brand applique glue that I showed you up above.
NO. Wet, sticky, yuck. 
Do you realize how much glue that would have taken to glue baste all 288 diamonds that I just finished?
Oh my! No, I don't think I'd better do that.
 But for a quick Hexagon flower here and there---glue basting is the perfect method.


flowerofshona said...

Thanks Tonya :)
Im to fussy to have uneven bits on the back lol, i did think of glue but knowing me id end up wearing most of it lol.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Interesting - I think it is just personal taste (or way taught) on the front or back basting. I like the glue baste for a few. I'm bringing my hexie box to the campfire - I haven't worked on them in a long time.

Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for sharing your way of basting for EPP :)

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing! When I baste, I just pin the template on, & baste from the front- but I leave about a 2 inch tale at the beginning & ending of the baste stitches. It's easier to pull out- not knots to cut off. I don't have the glue so I probably won't be using it. :)

Anonymous said...

Neat ideas....gotta get one of those pens, so I don't decorate myself with the glue! LOL
Jacque in SC

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I have got to get one of those sewline pens. Can't find the darn things around here and my distributor isn't carrying them yet.
xx, shell

D said...

I prefer to pin and thread baste..boring I know but I have it down to an art (for myself anyway) and it goes pretty fast now. Besides, after I sew all the pieces together....its much easier ( I think) to just pull the threads out and let the paper pieces just fall out. Occasionally you have a few that stick because their edge was caught in a seam stitch but it is 'sew' easy (haha) to just pop it right out that it is really no big deal at all!

beaquilter said...

I'm going to try to baste from the front like yours! thanks for the tip, I've tried glue and I'm fighting with this BALL, the glue works too well so I can hardly sew on the edges, I'm fighting with it.