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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catch Me if You Can--Seth style

Thank you so much for the great response to English Paper Piecing. I am working on some other things to show you. Plan on seeing more about next Tuesday or so. Sorry if you thought I was going to today. I was a bit unclear about that yesterday.

Most of you know that my teenage son, Seth, is a home school student. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that I can teach what I want, when I want! For instance, Barbara Brackman has this outstanding Civil War Quilts Blog.
Currently in school Seth is on his last pass through Ancient History. But then I realized that we really should be studying the American Civil War this year because of all of the Sesquicentennial information that is out there to be found! So, by golly, that is what we are doing! And if we are going to do it, then let's do it right! So, as part of history and art class, Seth has started making his own Civil war quilt.

We started with a trip to our local LQS. 
We actually live in quilt shop heaven or something, because I have at least 3 shops less than 10 miles from home and another 3 within 30 miles. (It is probably a good thing that I don't have a car during the day, isn't it?!!) The closest shop (about a mile from home) had the best selection of civil war reproduction fabrics.
 Talk about convenience!
Seth wants his quilt to be in Black, Red, Silver and Blue...above is his first round of fat quarters selection.
(We tried our best not to find too much floral. He is a 13 year old young man after all. I think we did ok.)

Seth has not sewn since making a rag quilt when he was 4 years old.
We taught him how to press and not iron.
And he's had to learn to rotary cut (which he does not enjoy!)
He did enjoy sewing his block though. He turned the machine speed way down and went real slow.
(That boy does have patience when he wants to!)
I think he did a great job with his first block, don't you?

This block is called "Catch Me if you Can".
Seth is not home much during the summer; I cannot wait for him to come home again so that we can get started on his second block!


Pat said...

That's a fabulous block!
Wish I was as good at sewing as Seth!
Well done, lad :) xx

Stray Stitches said...

Seth did an amazing job on his first block. Of course, he did have a wonderful teacher :)

Mariliz said...

Great idea....great job!!

sweetybird09 said...

That is so great Seth did a good job, I like the fabrics he chose...make sure to show us the progress!

Belinda said...

Whoa! He's better'n me!! Go Seth! This is so cool. My son wouldn't have been caught dead behind a sewing machine or holding an iron. He did learn to iron after being on his own, and still irons better than his wife (that's what he says.) I'm anxious to see how this quilt story unfolds...

Heather said...

I need to go save those posts for the Civil War quilt. Ian & I will be making a quilt this year but a very basic one. Who says boys don't sew? Great job Seth!

Jill@northstarquilting said...

What a great job Seth! (and a great job for getting a 13 year old boy to sew!) It looks like he's up for anything and it's going to be a great quilt

Vroomans' Quilts said...

WHat a great learning tool all round! Love the choice of fabrics, which is probably more on the money as fabrics would be less colorful/flowery at that time.

krisgray said...

Great job! Love those FQs.

Toyin O. said...

Seth is doing a great job, kudos to him.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed! What a fabulous first block!

Sara G said...

Wonderful block Seth! Keep it up and you will have a nice quilt that you made!