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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A bit of an extra post today...

I am sorry to post a second post today. I am such a blog blabber mouth that I have a list of posts that are on the way, and if I need to poke something in I usually save it for Saturday, but this needs to be poked in sooner. (Incidentally that is why it takes so long for me to post about gifties that you have sent. I am backed up in blogs for over 2 weeks right now! )

But there is only a few days left for me to post this and I need to get at it!

I know that there are a lot of quilters that have seen this little button around blogland:

If you have been ignoring it...then you really shouldn't.

Wantobe Quilter is all about helping people who would like to learn quilting get on the right path.
There will be some great blog posts...and daily giveaways.
Check out these sponsors:

Now, I am telling you, you are going to want to be part of this!!!!!!!!!!!
Quilters, non quilters, join in. 
Let me know if you are interested ASAP!
I need to know about quilters and non quilters to get you registered!!!

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Wanda said...

Are you taking "names" for this?