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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Eye of the Storm

 I first found out about The Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge months ago at

We were paired up with another challenger, and we traded fabric.

I was sent these fabrics:

The blue swirly I used in the background, the sailboats and yellow I used in blocks but also saved some for the border, and I saved all the red for the border.

For the quilt blocks I added some of my own fabrics, and tried the tube quilt method.
 The tube method I will explain in more detail someday. 
Here are the blocks and the different ways I could possibly use them:

I opted for this pattern:

I didn't have quite enough blocks/borders to meet the size requirements,
so I added an extra border. Here is the finished quilt:

I call the quilt The Eye of the Storm, and I like the result.
(Even though it took me months to complete!)

Friday, July 29, 2011

More things to Learn

Although I am not ready to start this week,
I truly do want to learn hand applique soon.
I especially want to try the freezer paper method 
and the starch method that Erin teaches on the My Tweets BOM.(see the sidebar.)
I think a reasonable place to start is the Consider the Lilies BOM. (see the sidebar.)
It has simple blocks with some simple applique.

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted with the perfect fabric for this BOM.
Sharon completely surprised me by sending this package in the mail:

Isn't that wonderful? And she must just know me and what colors I like!!
Of course I have already filled the clutch bag with my goodies. 
I am not a purse carrying person and I am SO tired of the diaper bag and have quit carrying it too.
So lately I've been slipping my debit card in my pocket.
Not anymore. This little bag is PERFECT for my everyday must haves. Thank you Sharon!

On the bottom of that pile is a "Faith" by Moda layer cake.
It will be so perfect for the Consider the Lilies BOM.
Since I am trying to be not so uptight about HAVING to get projects done before starting another,
I might just get started this weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Begin!

I think it is finally time that we start on our Foundation Paper Piecing Landscape quilt, don't you?
Look through your pattern and find this page:
You will probably want to print this page out and hang it up on your wall for reference.
You will also want to print page 2 reference.
Do you see the thicker black lines running horizontal across the photo on page 3 (above)?
The pattern is divided into rows and we will work on one row at a time.
We will not go in order from top to bottom because that barn row is difficult and we best save it for last!

Here is the plan of attack:
We will do one block a day, Monday through Friday.
I will not give step by step how to's but if I run across something difficult or somewhere that could use a pointer I will point it out. The landscape quilt block will be at the bottom of my post each day. We can each share daily and it will be fun watching them come together.

Next week will be blocks AA, AB, AC, AD, AE,
so print these out on your chosen foundation paper.
You will need fabrics B1, P3, P4 for next week--see page 2.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A bit of an extra post today...

I am sorry to post a second post today. I am such a blog blabber mouth that I have a list of posts that are on the way, and if I need to poke something in I usually save it for Saturday, but this needs to be poked in sooner. (Incidentally that is why it takes so long for me to post about gifties that you have sent. I am backed up in blogs for over 2 weeks right now! )

But there is only a few days left for me to post this and I need to get at it!

I know that there are a lot of quilters that have seen this little button around blogland:

If you have been ignoring it...then you really shouldn't.

Wantobe Quilter is all about helping people who would like to learn quilting get on the right path.
There will be some great blog posts...and daily giveaways.
Check out these sponsors:

Now, I am telling you, you are going to want to be part of this!!!!!!!!!!!
Quilters, non quilters, join in. 
Let me know if you are interested ASAP!
I need to know about quilters and non quilters to get you registered!!!

Lazy in the Hot Hazy summer!

Sleep. Who needs it?

Well, apparently I do. Twice last week I fell asleep at 10:00 pm while rocking Stephen to sleep.
I don't really rock him. I just kick back in my recliner and he settles right down and goes to sleep.
Then I move him into his bed---usually. But lately I seem to be just falling to sleep right along with him!
Then on our big Campfire day I took a four hour nap with him.
He never takes that long of nap, and I can't believe we both slept that long.

About 4 years ago I got Mono from watching a little girl in my home for two weeks.
She was visiting her grandmother who owned the local feed store. Grandma got Mono too.
Kids don't even show that they have Mono so we didn't know she had it until we both got it. 
Anyway, I was a single mom and working too hard and I just couldn't get over it. 
Since having the Mono I sleep more than I ever used to. 
Then Stephen came along and I sleep even more. 
I sure could get more sewing done if I'd quit sleeping so much!

I have been getting some wonderful gifts from my blog friends.
I have been racking my brain on a way to give back, 
as I really really really have no time to sew up gifties.
(Cuz I'm lazy and sleep too much probably.)
Well, the opportunity came up to pay it forward.
I saw one blog that needed bright scraps for a quilt pattern she bought.
She usually only uses civil war reproduction fabrics, and has nothing bright.
The other wants polka dots.
Well, guess what--I've got those too! 
I can finally pay it forward a bit! 

Here is just one of the gifts that I've received lately.
I won a giveaway from Fiona at Bubz Rugz.
This is a Grace charm pack by Moda.

I already have plans.
I have itty bitty English paper piecing dresdens that I am going to make.
They finish at 4" and will fit on a charm square, so I will use part of them to make the dresdens but will save some squares for backgrounds. I also want to make some tiny scripture stitchery designs for it.
It will be a tiny dresden and Scripture quilt. I cannot wait to get started!

Look at this tag that was attached. Fiona sewed those tiny squares together, then onto the tag. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in the doggie business again

Remember my post about my simple table with my water bottle vase? 
Stephen and I found a new flower while out walking one day last week. We've never had these grow wild anywhere that I've lived before. I just love it!
This is one of these moments that I wish that i could draw. 
I can envision a large vase with a bunch of these in it for the center of a wall hanging.
I just can't get it from my brain to paper.
They put new dust/gravel stuff on the trail Stephen and I had been using for our morning walks. It is real soft and I really struggled getting the stroller through parts and I am sure this is what messed up my knee again. We won't be walking our little trail until some rain comes to pack it down a bit.
I have been able to make dog blankets again. 
I'll have to tell you the whole mess about my denim machine sometime. 
I can't really make the blankets for the prison. The new lady in charge of the dogs is not cooperating.
For now I am finding other dogs to give them to.

The blanket below is on it's way to a very deserving little girl.
She was rescued by a wonderful Mum and Dad who take very good care of her,
and she just had her check up and is doing great for a 13+ year old dog.
Instead of adding a name to her blankie, I put wonky pockets. 
I think they are perfect for tucking toys and treats in!
I tucked a toy in one of the wonky pockets for her.
This blanket is on it's way to Europe--and it's a complete surprise.
At least until they read this.
Hugs to you, Missy's Mum. xx

I am making a couple of other dog quilts.
Well, I at least have them all laid out but the H2H gets first priority for now.
I can not wait to share Toby's story with you--watch for it on Saturday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You are so BAD for me!

YES YOU--my family out there in blog land.

1) You caused me to eat s'mores. And some more. Which is why they are called s'mores.
2) You have caused me to have UFO's and WIP's. I am a finisher. I can't stand having Unfinishes. Well I have them. And the ideas floating around in my poor little brain are too numerous to count! I worked on a new system for all of  my WIP's. A bit here and a bit there. I. Can. Do. This.
I don't have to finish one quilt before starting another. I just have to finish one someday!
3) You have completely changed my outlook on my life. I have wanted a business for years. Now in 'my' time I just want to quilt and read blogs and write blog posts. I may even start a third blog someday. Don't worry. Not anytime soon. There is an idea and it is tucked away for someday...
4) You have caused me to see the value and take time for myself.  I don't have time to do this. But I do now. I let the dishes go a bit longer or the dusting to never get done. It's ok. (Well not really....)

You are all so BAD for me, and I thank you for it and for all your help, inspiration, friendship.


On another note, here are the heart blocks that I've received for the charity quilt.
 These came from Heather and from Sharon.

Let me tell you about the recipient I had in mind. And her sisters. My good friend, Helen, is a very special woman. I adore her and I've never had anyone take me under her wing and care for me as she did when I was pregnant. She is an angel and just cares for everyone. She was raised in a coal mining town in Virginia. In fact, have you seen the move "Coal Miner's Daughter"? Her childhood home was the house in that movie. Her home was a boarding house for miners. Helen quit school in 5th grade to stay home and help. She had breast cancer 8 years ago and is cancer free today. Helen's mother died of breast cancer and her brother of brain cancer. Helen has two sisters and and aunt with breast cancer right now. Both sisters are not doing well at all. I was hoping to send this quilt to the one who is worse and then work on another for the other sister in my spare time. And then a third for the Aunt. But, it looks like there may not be time to get it to the sister that is worse off. So here is where I beg of you. If any of you has a quilt or two that you could donate to this family of sisters all with breast cancer, I would very much appreciate it. And I will work on finishing this one as well. I just need to know if any more blocks are on the way. Thank you !


Thank you to everyone that sent ideas for basting my quilt. As of now it is still not basted. Jerry was going to spray baste it for me but instead took Stephen and gave me some time to myself. I needed that every badly as he was out of town last week and I had no break at all from the little guy! I will work on basting it tomorrow and then staying up tomorrow night and quilting it. I will probably machine sew the binding this time. The quilt deadline is this week. It has caused me to re-think alot about commitments. More on that next week.

The next couple of nights after I get the H2H quilt done,  I have two dog quilts to work on. I may be a bit slow to read blogs this week but I'll catch up eventually. I always do! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Basting help?

My H2H quilt is ready to be basted but my knee is in BAD shape this morning. I simply can not crawl around on the floor basting the quilt and it has to get basted as in NOW because it is due out this week. 

Please share if you know how to baste a quilt that is almost 60 x 60 and you can't lay it out on the floor...putting weight on my knee by crawling is not an option...Thank you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm crafting by the Campfire...and eating...and singing...

It's TIME!!!!!

I am so excited!! The time has come for our Crafters Campfire!
Be sure to visit Sharon's Blog for Campfire fun as well!
What will you be making today ?
What yummies will you be eating?


Banana Boats

These yummy little snacks are fun for a group around a campfire but they work great in the oven or the grill, so are perfect for our Crafters Campfire!

Gather the following:

Bananas--still in the peel
Miniature Marshmallows
Chocolate chips
Butterscotch chips
Peanut butter chips
M and M's
coconut flakes
Maraschino cherries--chopped
Aluminum foil

Have each person split one side of their banana peel, going down the length of it with a knife.
You will want to cut partially into the banana, and cut to within 1/2" of the top and 1/2" of the bottom of the peel.
Do NOT split all the way through the banana to the other side.
Stuff chosen goodies into the banana.
Wrap completely in foil and then place in heat source for around 10 min until Marshmallows are melted.
Enjoy your ooey gooey mess!


Indoor Campfire

Want to create some campfire fun for your kiddos but don't want to go outside?
I'll show you how!

Gather the following:

Strobe light --or any SHORT light source--even a flash light! Strobe lights work the best though.
Tissue paper in Red, yellow and orange
Newspaper or blanket to put under your twig campfire to keep the carpet clean.

Place your strobe light so it faces up towards the ceiling. 
Pile twigs to cover light, and then using tissue paper stuff it down between the twigs.
You will not want ANY of the white light from the strobe light coming through, 
so make sure it is completely covered.
I didn't have much I just stuck a couple of small pieces down below the twigs:

Turn your strobe light down so that the flicker speed is on low.
Turn out the lights, and enjoy your campfire!


Campfire Song

No American campfire is complete without the traditional song, Kum Bah Yah.
I don't know why it has become such a popular campfire song...but it is!
'Kum Bah Yah' is Gullah for "Come by Here"


My chosen fabric for the day:


Wanna know what I made with my S'more fabric? NOTHING.
I had a tiny pin cushion planned but I couldn't bring myself to cut it for something that small.
I think I am planning to make a needle book with it. Someday. I have some other things that need made first.

I did get more stitching done and plan to do more this evening. I only have two more designs left to stitch for my raggedy quilt, so that is my campfire plans for this evening! I cannot wait to show you my finished quilt as I am going to make it a bit different than every one elses. I haven't even started piecing it together, but I've got all the fabric, and the backing. So this was my very 'me' campfire fun today!

Other things done today: 

Went swimming with the husband and little guy. It has been over 100 degrees every day for over a week now. So a 30 mile drive to the lake once a week is our way of beating the heat.

Took a nap. A four hour one. Good grief! Little guy and I were worn out!

We have eaten 2 s'mores. 
Did you know marshmallows are fat free? We'll ignore that candy bars and graham crackers have fat.
Tomorrow it is back to all about healthy eating and me losing weight!

It has been a nice day. Thank you Sharon for the fun idea!

Mr Linky is all set up below for you to Link up your Campfire Day.
Recipes, crafts, family camping it up!
You can link up on Sharon's blog as well.

You can link right here:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Light, A box and A big Flop!

Recently I had a big garage sale. 
It was also a big flop!
Besides a couple of large ticket items, my daughter and I made a whole $12 between us! It cost her more in gas to come help me than we made at the sale. 
(Oh, and no, my prices were not too high. We had no traffic. Less than 10 cars the whole weekend! And we had good signs out too. It just wasn't the right time I guess.)

One thing that I was hoping to get rid of was this:

Every single 'older' man that came to the sale asked me what was "that light in a box". 
Ummm, a light box. 
A really huge one!
I put a piece of paper on there for you to compare it to.
I had asked someone in my past life to please make me a light box.
This is what I got. You have to completely unscrew all the screws in the plexiglass to get to the light.

Well, apparently the rest of the world has no use for this giant light box either. 
I set it out on the curb for anyone to take.
Nope. I still have the thing.

I am currently using the front window as my light box. 
Anyone want my really huge light box?
Stephen thinks it's a great place to store dinosaurs.

I just want the thing GONE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worth mentioning

Have I got a website for you!
Well, actually, two websites for you.
Well, actually, to be more technical, two blogs for you. 

When I started to post about embroidery designs and what not, then decided to wait since that wheel had already been invented, I told you that I would share some resources with you instead.
Well, I have found it. The BEST ever!
There is a new blog, completely devoting itself to teaching all about embroidery. 
If you thought I was excited about the others...well, I am jumping up and down about this one!
Go to 
She is making videos of each kind of stitch, and so much more!


Another great resource blog that I want to share with you today is

The whole blog is devoted to bringing you quilt links, patterns and resources.
It's very cool!

Have some fun poking around, and tell them Hillbilly sent you. Neither of them have a clue who I am. It might be kind of funny to see if they get a clue after all :)

Next week I will be posting about a Hexalong going along in blogland right now. It is NOT your average Hex flowers. I am sitting here dreaming up the possibilities...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 5 year mark

They say 5 is the magic year.
Marriages that last 5 years can last forever.
5 years makes a habit that can't be changed. 

Five years ago today I had not yet met my husband. Let me tell you part of his story....
(So many are new to my blog since last year so I feel the story must be told again. I'll go into a bit more detail today than I did last year.)

Five years ago today my husband had the absolute worst day of his life. It started out normal. He got up, went to work at his job of a police officer in a small town. He doesn't talk much about what happened the rest of the day. I cannot go into great detail as he is not a sharing kind of person, and what happened is still very difficult for him to talk about. I don't even know all of the details.

I do know by the end of the day, Jerry had lost everything. His wife had taken their children and fled the state after dumping their foster children on DFS's doorstep. How nice of her. In order to buy herself time to flee, she called up the county sheriff's department and fed them all kinds of stories of abuse. Jerry spent that evening handcuffed at his own desk at the PD. Jerry had no clue this was going to happen. He had a marriage and children,  and then he didn't. 

I will not go into all the details here, but Jerry was investigated by FOUR different government agencies. He was exonerated of all charges on all levels. Jerry spent every last penny trying to get his children back. They now live in Arizona, he has had no contact with them whatsoever. He sends cards and presents every holiday; which get refused and returned to sender. Arizona kindly takes a large portion of every paycheck though, for these kids that he never sees. I forgot to mention that our state, Missouri wanted Jerry's wife (at the time) and his children extradited back to our state, but Arizona refused. The Johnson county, Mo prosecutor decided that it was not a case he wanted to pursue. So many could have helped...but didn't.  It was later found out that Jerry's now ex sister-in-law works for the judicial court in the county where his wife fled to. How convenient!

The kids are 10 and 14 now. 
We are sure the 14 year old has been fed a pack of lies. 
This is quite normal on parental abduction cases...the one parent purposely alienates the other and makes them out the 'bad' guy. Children can very easily molded to believe anything their mother says. (The 10 yr old has physical and mental disabilities. She has lived well past her expected life span. This gives Jerry hope that he'll see her again someday!)

It is very common in America for children that are abducted by parents and then taken out of the country to get a lot of media coverage and aide. Parents that have their children abducted and taken to a different state within our country are not so lucky. We need at least $20,000 to start the proceedings yet again in court. That is just the retainer fee. We are looking at well over that before it is all said and done. If it were at all possible, we would lose everything again to make it happen. Given the evidence, we are sure that we would win the case but it would be a big, expensive mess spanning both states.

Today, at the 5 year mark, Jerry is obviously happily remarried (to me!). He has a little boy to look forward to every day. But the sting and hurt and pain do not go away. Ever. Jerry trusts in God and knows that He is in control and has His reasons. Jerry never gives up hope though. He will see his kids again someday. Even if it's on the other side.

In close, I ask you to pray for my husband today. 
It's a tough week--with today being the 5 year anniversary, and his son's birthday also being a few days away.

I'd like to also ask you to pop over and listen to a song that he wrote about his children. We have no way of sharing it here but if you go to the link it is the top featured song. Our dream is that someday a famous country artist hears it, records it and Jerry makes enough money off of it to get his kids back! Wouldn't that be great?!

Jerry would want me to warn you that when he recorded the above album, he had a case of laryngitis and was just trying to get the CD done for his mom for mother's day. We also had a tornado come through right during the recording session--so he just had to take what he had and go. 

In close I have a note for YOU, B. Owens. Oh, and you too A. 
We know you watch my blog. Google has this great stats thing that lets me see whenever a person visits my site. I can tell what browser you used, what city your connection is in, how long you stayed, what pages you visited. It is ironic that your visits go up when I mention Jerry or Stephen. It is also ironic that Jerry's blog got the same visits back when he used to blog. Go ahead. Watch us all you want.  Romans 12:19.

To my regular readers. I apologize for that last paragraph. I just had to do it. Jerry's going to get onto me for that one! It was not very forgiving of me. I struggle with forgiving B and her co-conspirator A. alot. It is hard to do when someone so badly hurts the one you love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I like Mondays.

So, after last weeks English paper piecing posts....are you more confused or convinced? Hopefully convinced, but you all should know by now that I am all about doing your own thing and not letting blog land influence you. If you get bit by the EPP bug, try some things and do what works for you. I will perhaps come up with a project or two, a pattern, etc, to share with you along the way...but I need to keep practicing for now. I still am working on those 288 diamonds. It may take awhile...

I have taken away the Medical journal page. Things aren't so crazy now...we are in a waiting stage and I need page space for more resources to come! My knee/shoulder are still doing better. I am beginning to feel pain again, but I have learned to baby my knee. I can tell when my knee is stiffening and filling with fluid so that is my clue to sit down--before the cyst enlarges again and causes  trouble. I don't want to go another month without being able to walk! It sure has opened my eyes to be thankful for everyday things. Like walking trails, and swimming in lakes. My arm...I just could jump up and down everyday with new found tasks that I can do again. Like hang photos or quilts, swing with Stephen on my lap, sew, and hug.

This coming Saturday, July 23rd is the Crafters Campfire.
One day of nice and easy relaxation. 
Share anything that comes to mind. A campfire recipe.
A travel craft. A favorite vacation. 
Eat some Smore's. mmmmmmm.
Mr Linky will be set up here, and on Sharon's blog.
I am getting ready. I have a pile of books on hand. 
Stephen and I are buying yummy stuff tomorrow. 
I have the perfect fabric picked out. 
What am I making with it? I have NO IDEA! 
I have had the fabric for years, saving it for the perfect occasion, 
which is finally here. Now to just pick the perfect thing to make.
Saturday I'll reveal the fabric---and hopefully a project that I will be making that day!

There is still time! 
My one participant is on vacation,
so if you want to make this:

Go HERE and get the pattern. 
We will start next week when SOMEONE,
no names mentioned, gets back from the Bahamas!

The numbers on my debit card got stolen this past month.My card has been used several times without my knowing. The card is in my possession (and cancelled now) so it had to have been a merchant where I bought something or paid a bill. I have not figured out everything this other person used the card for. There is something to be said for not having tons of money in the bank. That way when someone steals your card numbers, and they use the card, it doesn't take long for your bank balance to be in the negative and the card won't work anymore. Of course the bank has refunded any debits that I am sure the culprit did. I guess he needed the money more than us. It is frustrating to not know where this happened though. We actually think it is the City where we pay our utilities. I don't use my card for much, so this is a very big possibility. Since I use my card so little I think the bank will be able to trace it easily.

I like Monday's. It marks the beginning of a new blog week.
This week I plan to share some websites and some blessings. 
I have been blessed to the point of tears on more than one occasion lately by you all. 
Thank you. Every single one of you. You all just make my day!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stephen's Big Lake Adventure!

Once upon a time it got really really hot!
So, I asked Mommy and Daddy if we could go swimming in the lake.

Lake swimming is just my kind of swimming cuz it's dirty and murky and yucky. 

Mommy saw lots of bugs at the edge of the lake.
She wasn't too thrilled but I thought it was cool!

You know, when you are swimming at the lake you can get away with fun things that parents usually yell at ya for. Like putting muddy sand all over daddy.

Daddy bought be a boat for my lake swimmin' adventures.
Sometimes I just liked to dive right in!
Well, actually, I should tell the truth and the truth is I really didn't like that too much.
But it sounded fun at the time.

'Course there are other things to do at the lake besides just swimming.
Mommy wanted to go on a walk, so being the polite young son that I am,
I went with her. I even took a nap so that she could enjoy her walk longer. 
I am nice like that.

And Sissy brought us yummy food. 
Did you know that you can eat chocolate cupcakes at the lake, even though you aren't supposed to have them at home?

Sometimes Bubba and Sissy argue. Mommy says she's had a rule for a long time that when they argue,
they have to hug and kiss to make up. YUCK! Remind me to never ever argue with Bubba and Sissy!

Maybe someday you can go swimming in the lake too.
It's a great fun adventure!

And you get cupcakes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

English Paper Piecing: Sewing them together

Today I am going to show you several methods of sewing your English paper pieces together. This is probably the most argued step of the process!

First, let's start with the most common. The whip stitch. You just put two pieces right sides together, and then whip stitch using a matching thread. Positive--fast, easy. Negative--stitches show on front.

I don't like this method as I don't like the stitches to show.
I actually like to butt up my two pieces. I still whip stitch but if you hold them side by side instead of right sides together then your stitches won't show.
Positive: More durable than other stitches, threads won't show  Negative: harder to 'get the hang of'
(I could not get the camera to focus and I looked all over the web and couldn't find a freebie photo or video,
but you just 'butt' the sides together.)

My Sister is making a hexagon charm quilt right now.
Her preferred method is actually a running stitch. 
You really should Visit here to read how to do this method.

Another popular method that I haven't tried yet is the ladder stitch.
You can find a great tutorial of it over at A Few Scraps.
The tutorial states that you cannot see your stitches this way, 
so it does intrigue me. 

But, This post at Texas Freckles talks about how she has tried all of the methods and after sewing hundreds of hexagons, she feels that whip stitching will hold up the best. 
Only she doesn't butt them up edge to edge. 
AAARRRGGGHHH...You will just have to use your imagination,
or if you know of anyone that has a nice video of this method please share!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Simple Days

Stephen and I really don't get out of the house a lot.
It used to drive me crazy to be cooped up all of the time, but now we are used to it.

Now that my knee is better, a couple of days a week we do drive my husband to work so that I can have the car. Our local hospital has a nice little trail to walk. We tried to walk it several times last winter but it is up on a hill, no trees, and this is a very windy town. It just didn't work for Stephen at all.

Now it is summer though; mornings are pleasant. 
Last time we walked I let Stephen go very slowly, filling his pockets with treasures (rocks) along the way.
Today we chose another treasure--we'll share it in a moment.

First let me show you our very drab ugly eating area. 
My husband and I move about every 2 years right now, and just live in rental houses.
The current house is wonderfully large (for us), but so ugly!
We grow weary of hanging and taking down decor so we don't have much on our walls in the living room/dining room area.
(We do have one Photo quilt and one Painting in the living room.)

Here is our very drab dining area:

Today while Stephen and I were walking, we chose some treasures to help brighten our simple days a bit.

Doesn't this look better?

Someday those ugly chairs are getting some fabric covering them!

We didn't have a vase, so we used something else from our simple life.

Recognize it?

Does this help?

I do so much enjoy being a Hillbilly.
I may not have China, or fancy little teapots--nor would I want them. 
They are not me.
Morning walks, weeds and wildflowers, pockets of 'treasures',
and water bottle vases.
These things make me happy.