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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things to Learn: Woven backgrounds

Very soon I am going to start teaching myself to do intricate hand applique work.
I don't plan on doing a "Learn-A-Long" for that as the My Tweets button on my sidebar
will take you to a wonderful blog/BOM that does just that. She shows step by step and videos.
Once I learn more intricate applique, I am going to want some neat backgrounds to showcase them.
That is where this book comes in:

Here are a couple of ideas showing you why I want to learn applique first:

Aren't those cool backgrounds?

When I do my study of backgrounds,
I want to work through this book as well:

It is basically along the same lines;
although most use these as the whole quilt,
and not just as backgrounds.

I think it would work great as a hand-in-hand study 
along with the Woven backgrounds.

These books will be a bit less stressful than others I've shown this week.
We might need a fun break in between the hard stuff!


BubzRugz said...

Those are amazing aren't they.... I am about to try and conquer needleturn... mmmmm

Dorian said...

That woven backgrounds book looks really neat! Thanks for the book ideas. Have fun.

Stray Stitches said...

The woven backgrounds are amazing. I look forward to seeing YOUR work :)

Jean said...

I have tried the convergence technique outlined in this book. It is fabulous and easy too.

Marcia said...

I love it! You are choosing some really cool projects! All those backgrounds are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Those are incredible! They really set off the applique that is applied on them, don't they?
Jacque in SC

Belinda said...

I'm leaning toward anything you want to teach with a cool background. And I could applique something onto it when done. :) When do we start oh Great Learn-ed One? LOL

Pat said...

My golly gosh - I'm missing for a couple of days and there are reams of posts!
I love seeing how much you are planning to learn and do. Those flowers are gorgeous up above - and Stephen, you behave so your mom can learn! :) xx

rubyslipperz said...

I have an older book about woven quilts...I did a teensy bit of this with decorative threads and stitching over unique yarns...eeee-yonz ago...eee-gadz! old...OLD me!


Heather said...

I really like this one! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this one! Sooo many neat projects & quilts you are showing us lately. :D

Sara G said...

Not the quilts and pot holders are the same, but the woven pattern reminds me of all the woven potholders I made as a kid. I'm really liking all the different ways quilts can be made. Thanks!

QuiltSue said...

I have made a Convergence quilt from Ricky Timms' book. It was simple to do and would make a great background for applique.