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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things to Learn: Bargello Quilts

Before I get to todays post, I thought you would get a kick out of a bit of my day yesterday.
My husband has been pulling extra hours because of the Joplin tornado.
Yesterday he worked a 15 hour day,
Seth was gone, so it was just Stephen and I all day.
I made a bit of attempt at straightening my sewing/office/bed/homeschool room.
While my back was turned, Stephen kindly dumped an entire bottle of this on the floor:

After I cleaned the floor up and gave him a bath,
I put him in his high chair with some yogurt so that I might do the dishes. 
I turned around to find him spooning the yogurt onto his head.

Upon further inspection, I found that he had also spooned it down his diaper.
I'll not show that photo. 
Now I gave him a shower. He didn't like that so well.
Next, we went outside to water his brother's herbs.
The neighbor came over and gave us a plate of cake.
Enter in bath number 3.
I had great plans to finish your placemats, dear friend you know who you are,
but instead I fell into bed exhausted! 
(As I seem to do most nights. I wonder why?)

Now, that you are laughing at my day,
I am going to bring you the post that I meant to bring.
Sorry about the length, but hey, you are the ONLY adults 
that I talk to day in and day out. I have to vent somewhere!


Bargello Quilts are another type that I've admired for quite sometime,
but I haven't been quite brave enough to tackle them yet.
I did make this one, but it was from a fat quarter pattern.
It was a 'no brainer'.

I really would like to learn to design my own.
I have some of my own hand dyed fabric that I've been holding for 5 years just for bargello quilts.
I think it's high time to use that fabric, don't you?

Because of the complexity of understanding how to design these,
I am going to learn opposite of how I want to learn Lone Star quilting.
I am going to start with this book:

I have always been intrigued with the twisty turny bargello quilts the most.
But they are really hard to design.
This book gives the patterns for several.

Once again, from simple to complex.

After trying some of them, and moving on to designing my own,
then this book will come into play:

While it doesn't have quite as twisty patterns as I like,
it does teach the techniques in very great detail so that I can design twisty turnies. 

The rainbow of fabric on my walls begs me to learn to make Bargello quilts.

(Want to Learn-a-Long with me?)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have always wanted to try a bargello - don't know as I want to start too complicated as the twisty - will have to google search some bargello images and see what I fancy. Sounds like fun.

Linda said...

These quilts amaze me! Would love to try to learn this!

Madame Samm said...

Oh my oh have wee toddler underfoot...well I bet he smells really certainly had me smiling and remembering my kids when they were young...I am surprised you get any stitching done..i never did till they were all gone from home

Anonymous said...

I sew remember those days! But there's nothing else like the feel and smell of that little one, wrapped in a towel (before he squirms out of it)and fresh from the shower! Nice memories!
Those bargello quilts are a little scary! Maybe in 2015, when some of my other projects are done? LOL
Jacque in SC

Angie said...

Oh the joys of toddler/mommy hood.
Hoping today is emergency bath free! :)

Stray Stitches said...

Reading about your day sure brought back memories for when my girls were young :) I took a class in bargello not long ago - I think you will enjoy the process.

Dorian said...

LOL, the day in a life of a Mom! Especially a homeschooling one, as our kids are always around us :) Oh how I miss my kids being toddlers! Your little one sounds quite rambuctious.

This is for the last post, but I love Lone star quilts too. They are a lot of fun to put together, have fun with it.

Marcia said...

I have quilted so many bargello quilts! They are so beautiful with the colors flowing from block to block! I want to learn how to make one of my own! YES count me in!

NorthernStar said...

I've always admired bargellos from a distance but I'd love to learn with you

krisgray said...

I feel for you! My DS got into everything and I have the mod podge way up on the tippity top shelf for fear of what you described - b/c it would happen!

Mariliz said...

Yes, you made me laugh. 3 baths/showers in one day...he must smell terrific! I do remember how quickly my 2 boys could make a mess. They were just 2 years apart, and I often fell into bed exhausted!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

wow, not only had I never heard of these before, but I think they're pretty far out of my skill level at the moment. lol so gorgeous! If you do a series on these though, I'll certainly refer to it later :)

rubyslipperz said...

O! MY! that was a "fun" modge podge experience...I had an "A&D" was used in the kid's pots and pans and spread around as cooking grease...well, I guess it wasn't on them...but, it was yukky to get off everything else. is a pretty amazing design, with some really gorgeous outcomes.


Belinda said...

I like this idea. I'm skeert but willing to try. :P

Bumpkin Bears said...

You vent away! I'm not surprised you were exhausted! I'm having an Embroidery Pattern Giveaway on my blog if you want to hop over, Catherine x

Heather said...

Aww... Stephen you better give your mama a break! I think after the 2nd mess a nice hosing off would have been good enough! lol

I'm not sure about this quilting style. It's never interested me that much. I will be interested to see what you learn from it though!

Irene Onderweegs said...

It's good to have a bath with hand shower, I agree fully, memory does work! 8^} And it's only one little guy! Sometimes I had three of those under the tap, each one mirroring the sibling in sight. LOL Jelly on the belly, butter on the head. I had to look cross, for future rest, but inside I felt hilarious! Ahh, sweet memories. Trust me, you will love to have a no-brainer sometimes, nothing enters the head harder after those splashy days than a new technique.
And yes, count me in for the learn-along, love to master bargello's as well.
Hugs from a cloudy amsterdam, Irene

QuiltSue said...

I made one bargello quilt - never again. I wanted to just understand how it all worked, but I really did not like the fabrics I was using, so didn't like the finished quilt. Luckily my DDIL loved the fabrics and the design.