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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Minute here and there

During May for Me, if there is anything that Marcia taught me...
it is to take a Minute for Me everyday. 
I've been working hard on that.

For one, I have been working on some Peanuts stitchings for my quilt.
The one that is more yellow is the accurate color,
and I haven't washed and ironed them yet.

Gosh, that lighting is bad,
but if you'll look at that yellow one you'll see the floss is brown.
I originally was thinking all mustard and brown,
but I got a bit tired of it, so I went for some color. 
I had some DMC perle cotton, so I tried that.
I would re-take these photos but I ran out of batteries.
Anyway, this time the floss really is blue and I think I am going to go colorful
for the rest of the quilt.

Back in May I bought some ME things.
First I bought the sewline pencil for my embroidery designs.
I like how smoothly it works, but it rubs off way too easily.
I sometimes found myself re-tracing Snoopy two or three times to finish him.
Stick to the cheap washable markers and don't waste your money on this pencil.
(Although it is good for quilting lines).

On the other hand, this little glue pen is well worth the money:

I have been using it on my bindings.
I am hoping to try it on applique soon.
It is nice and sticky, and easy to use, and not messy.
Good stuff!

Finally, this week I bought a cheap organizer.

It's nothing that special, but I love it!
I use the monthly calendar to keep track of what I want to blog when.
And I use the daily/weekly calendar to keep my prayer list in order.
Everyone on my prayer list is assigned a day of the week.
It helps me keep focused and keep my promise that I will pray for someone.

I am really trying to work on losing weight. 
I think I am going to join With Annie on a weight loss journey together.
The details are just getting lined out so more on that later.

Finally, the most important "Minute for ME" item is my quiet time.
I haven't kept up with my Bible study as I'd like.
I am disappointed that the interaction on the online Bible study isn't as much as I'd like.
Of course, I haven't worked hard at it, but to me it is hard to be THAT personal
with women that I don't know.
I had started a Bible Study Blog, but decided against it when I found the Woman's Bible Study blog,
so I deleted it.   Now I am wondering...
Would there be any interest among you to do a Bible study with me on another blog?
I could really use the companionship!
Let me know and we will start sometime in July.

What are you doing to take a moment for yourself?

There is a new medical journal update. I got the results back on my knee. You can read all about it there.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the stitcheries! TIme for me - I make sure I get to play with my cross stitch each night - relaxing at the end of the day and find it helps me to actually get a little sleep. Glad there is some headway on your knee situation. I should join in with Annie, too.

Mariliz said...

The stitches are so cute, love Snoopy!

Barb said...

Love your stitchery.

I have a problem with my lines erasing....and I too love that glue pen.

flowerofshona said...

im making time for me and my stitching every week !!
Love the snoopy designs :)

Taryn said...

OMGosh!!! I can't think of a better project than a Snoopy quilt!!!! Color me jealous......I love it!

BubzRugz said...

Those are so cute.... I saw this right before I read your post
we have a similar green pen here in Aus that I I also had trouble with a pencil... I won't take up your offer of a Bible study as I attend one in person here... but all the best in finding one....

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie! So, so glad that you have answers on your knee, and I'll be praying that you have a wise doctor, and he/she will start you on a path to increased mobility and less pain. Good news on the bills, too. I know how that is - no insurance here, either.
I would like to try to finish the study that you and I are doing, and then start one? Is that what you had in mind?
Giggle! I need to sign up with Annie too!
Jacque in SC

Marcia said...

Minutes for me are so important...even if it is just a few minutes. Your embroideries are great! I like the idea of you organizer. I have one too, but sometimes stuff just ends up on post it notes too. I have a friend who writes everything in her organizer book. It ends up being a journal in little snippets and notes. I have a little notebook that I write down ideas when they come to me so I can do something with the idea when I am done working(quilting) at the end of my day.

How about starting a new blog? --- where you would just enter a bible verse, prayer, or share some of your ideas for living a good life... That way it could be interactive with the commenting with those who follow. I would be you number ONE follower!

Just an idea!

*The Old Geezer said...

Wow! It sounds like you got a lot going on. I hope you find a good Bible study soon :-)

Linda said...

Your Snoopy embroidery is adorable. And the Agenda idea is great too. I use to use an agenda every day and then went to a blackberry which I loved. Now I have an iphone and typing on it is terrible so I might revert back to good old paper and ink. Call it retro journaling :) I love Marcia's idea on the Interactive Bible study! I would certainly participate in that :)

Heather said...

Snoopy is so cute! Great job on them!

I use Microsoft Outlook to keep me organized. I just print off the current day & it really helps me keep it all together!

I also like Marcia's blog idea. ;)

Jindi's Cottage said...

Your snoopy embroideries are so cute...that is going to be a fun quilt...I use the Karisma pencil...same concept as the Sewline but more expensive, I believe it came first, Sewline then followed with their cheaper version. I never have any problems with it rubbing off. I don't know if that brand is available in your neck of the woods though.
Glad your knee is a bit better even if there is no quick fix it is good to have answers.

Belinda said...

My Sister is a Peanuts fanatic. Your project gives me an idea for a great gift for her. Loving it!!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love Snoopy!! Too cute!
I want to get that sewline glue pen. Haven't found one yet. I love the micron pigma pen for my stitcheries. I use the .01 in brown. No smudging and a very fine line.
xx, shell