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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kickin my heels up (in spirit)!

Boy do I feels like a lark n the spring today!
I feel like kickin up my boots and dancin a jig.

Even whens the sun ain't shinin over here,
It sure it be shinin' over yonder.
I just be feelin downright perky.
I always be a-sayin' that it be better to
Kick ur heels up than to sag ur bottom lip!

I am a-gatherin my learnin' books.
Next week I'll be a-sharin' them with you uns.
Then you can vote over yonder at that there poll.
Or you can change that there vote that ya did make.
Or ya can just leave the vote thet ya had.
Whatever makes you happier than a slug in a thunderstorm!

These young uns of mine be downright helpful round here
right now whiles I can't be walkin much.
That there little un, Stephen,
he did somethin perty smart this mornin. 
He were eatin some dry cereal...
and he up and knewd that he were gonna spill some afore it happened!
That boy, well he went over yonder and got the broom,
came back and what do you know?
That cereal got spilt plumb all over the floor!
But he were prepared...
Aren't he a smart boy?
He's been workin' right hard round here.

He's been a beggin to tell you uns some stories,
so this Saturday I am gonna let him at it. 

Thanks for everyone's concern.
That be mighty nice of you.
Really I am happy as a lark now.
And lookin forward to learnin some new things.
Hillbillies like to be edjumacated regular like, ya know?
See ya next week!
Seth will be here tomorrow, and Stephen on Saturday.
Them boys of mine be hijakin my blog!


Heather said...

I voted! Let me know if you need any help babysitting during one of those hospital visits- I assume they will be down here in KC/Indep.

Belinda said...

Y'ALL make me smile. I be happier'n a field lark on a cow patty. (I exchanged the real word there.)

Anonymous said...

I be smilin like a young'un that jest scooted out the back door wif one o' Ma's warm apple fritters in my han's....hit's plum heart'nin' to hear that you got a sweet smile on yer face! Yew let us'n know iff'n you got a need, now, ya heah? We be along presently to take care of that lil thing. (I wish...I think there's a few too many miles! LOL)
Jacque in SC

BubzRugz said...

Love this post.... good to hear you are feeling better....

Vroomans' Quilts said...

How cute - look how he has grown!! Hey, as long as they don't totally take over - enjoy the help!

Linda said...

I voted too but any of the choices would be great! Oh and that Stephen, What a cutie Patootie! lol