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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's scary when I have lots of time to think...

Oh, sigh...
I've taken away the May for Me button and tab.
I will miss it, but it will be back next year. 
That way it will look all new and fresh and exciting all over again!


 I am going to be spending ALOT of time sitting.
LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. 
(I'll explain in a minute about the medical stuff).
That can be dangerous because then I do lots of thinking.

Here's one thing that I've been thinking about...

I really LOVE to teach.
 I have several new (to me) 
projects that I would like to do. 
You have heard of Quilt-A-Longs, and Stitch-A-Longs, 
but I thought, what about a "Learn-A-Long?"
I will explain in much greater detail another day,
but I am thinking a quilt class, right here on my blog.
Actually it will be several. We will learn new techniques together.
To get an idea of what I am thinking, 
I put a poll over on my side bar.
Think about it a few days before you answer,
then let me know what you are thinking!
(And for those of you that are wondering about copyright and such..
no worries, I've thought that out too!)


I have been asked if I am having another Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along sometime.
Well, how about September? I have an idea forming...


And FINALLY the negative.
I have so many of you checking on me and keeping track of me,
and it really makes me feel blessed. 
(Yes, you are right, that is positive!)
In fact you are no longer my friends.

To let you know what I found out today,
I put a page up top titled 'Medical Journal'. 
All the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is listed there. 

And now it's storming and thundering. 
Time to turn off the computer again.
I need to go see if we are getting tornadoes again this evening...


Belinda said...

Well, you certainly have the issues to deal with don't you?! I'll be praying for you Tonya. God will work it out somehow. He always does, but you already know that!

Belinda said...

Oh and...I had to look up some of the terms on your poll. :) I'm not very proficient in the quilting department. Just plain ole stuff is all try to do. But I'm thinking about it. I'd like to learn something fun and different.

Sara G said...

Sending hugs!!! We will get through this as I'm standing with you. You are always in my thoughts. Praying!

Wanda said...

Lots of time to plan, design, dream, journal, rest, and anything else you can dream up (as long as you don't get up!

Take care of you because I can't be there to do it for you.


rubyslipperz said...

your thinkin'...sounds pretty good and quite productive =). Me...well...usually when i get to thinkin' gets me in trouble =P


Marcia said...

Yes keep the positive thoughts going... Sounds like you are getting the care you need now. Take the ibuprofen like the Dr. said as that will help with inflammation. Use this time to plan, design and dream and journal and rest like Wanda said! Let your body heal... We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I left up my May for Me page but changed it's name to Giveaways and May for Me. When I find out about a giveaway, I post it there and tweet it too.

Linda said...

Keep your chin up and keep thinking because I like the way you think :) Learn-A-Long is a super idea!!! I love learning new things!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Stray Stitches said...

I will keep you in my prayers as you try to make it through the medical stuff.
I would love to learn new things through your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Tonya - love you, gal! This hillbilly in South Carolina is thinking about you and praying for you each day. Let's claim the verses that tell us God is going to be there with you, and that He will see you through. Hugz!
Jacque in SC

Mariliz said...

You need to take care of yourself, so that you can be the best Mom that you can be. I know this is a lot of stuff, but it will work out. Don't put this off for too long. Sending prayers!!

debi said...

I don't know what to say, except you are in my prayers.....I'm so sorry you and your family are going thru all of this. You are one of the strongest woman I know!! God Bless!

Heather said...

Now I wish I could make it up there this weekend! I will have to plan some other time. We have some days off coming up here in mid June. :) You know how we're always complaining about how we want things to slow down? Well, you got your wish! Maybe you can find a good book to read too. :) On a side note: I just figured out how to fix the commenting issue!