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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get a Little, Give a Little

Last week I had a nice surprise come in the mailbox.
Jacque (or most of you know her as Snoodles), sent me a surprise gift.

Now, let me tell you how timely this was!
I had wanted to make a little case to put my scissors and floss in for my hand stitching projects.
I had it on the list to do for May,
but you know how those lists go....
So, now I've got my little sewing pouch!
Thank you, Jacque. I love it!!

Then, Mariliz saw my post about how I am trying to collect cardboard for my fabric.
She sent me some of these:

It is a pack of those comic board flats...
I'll show you how they look when I am finished.
I've cleared a shelf for them, and I am going to start on them soon.
(I hope!)

If you remember, back in May I offered a giveaway of some Christmas fat quarters and this book:

I gave each of you that asked for it a chance,
and I also gave each of you that joined us for the May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along
an extra chance.

I am not a fan of Mr Random Generator;
I always post it to facebook.
Like today I posted "Pick a Number between one and 22"
(the number of entries) and Angie quickly answered 15.
Ohhhh, Sherry, you are number 15!!
I think I already have your address, but I'll email you to verify it just to be sure.

I got this on an email last night. 
It's called an I.Ron. (Using the play on the Ipad and Iphone words)

Have a nice day!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations Sherry and thank you Tonya for hosting the give away.

flowerofshona said...

congratulations Sherry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rubyslipperz said...



Pat said...

Congrats to you - and to Sherry xx

BubzRugz said...

What a pretty sewing pouch... I love your new computer mouse...hahaha....

Marcia said...

Great little sewing pouch from Jacque!(Snoodles)
Congrats to Sherry! She will be ready to make a Christmas quilted item!
Great joke too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you like your zippered pouch! Congratulations to Sherry - she's ready to put together Christmas in July! LOL
Like your computer mouse, too!
Jacque in SC (aka Snoodles)

Sherry said...

I have been gone a few days and have not been reading blogs and set down tonight to visit a few blogging friends. I was excited to see that I won your giveaway. Thank you so much, I love it. Your little zippered pouch is great, what a nice gift. Love the I.Ron.