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Monday, May 23, 2011

A time to be lazy

Oh, I am so mean!!
I am not going to issue the rest of your quilt today.
Well, I might if you all think you can stand two posts in one day...
but I've got to make some changes to it.
The wonderful Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts got to peek at it early.
I had her proof read it and she found a couple of typos
 but I cannot fix them until later today.

I fully intended to keep up while at the campground,
but their internet was down.
I got lots of unplugged time!

As for how our little trip went...
the good, fun part we will let Stephen tell you.
We did have a nice time.
It rained all day one day, but the rest of the trip was beautiful.
We always stay at the same campground;
it has an indoor pool, a playground, a restaurant,
and this weekend the fiddler convention,
so we got to listen to free music the whole time.

I got over my cold fairly quickly;
so that was a huge blessing!
I did have a bit of discomfort at night,
but that's because I didn't have my poor over-used recliner with me.
My stupid shoulder just gets fussy about that.

Now for the bad news.
I am not sure how it happened,
but I completely messed up my knee.
I didn't do alot of walking;
like I said we had a relaxing time.

But one evening I sat down to watch Stephen play at the playground,
and it started hurting.
Within a half hour I couldn't extend it.
By the next day I couldn't put weight on my leg,
you should see me trying to walk!

So, for now, I am grounded to the couch/recliner.
(or I'll be sitting on the floor with Stephen alot today.)

When something crazy happens to me,
I always try to find the blessing...
and I have found several!

1) Hubby did the laundry last night as I cannot go up and down the stairs.
I don't think I've ever seen him do laundry. What a blessing!

2) I get to be queen of the couch. May for Me!

3) It is my left leg. Which matches my left arm that doesn't work correctly. (and I can still work the sewing machine peddle!)

4) I've been puzzling over a couple of things having to do with my quilting.
I had found a brick and mortar shop that rents booths, 
and they were supposed to have a booth ready for me in May.
I went in the shop and the lady had forgotten. That's fine, I'll forgive her for that.
But, she is very dis-interested. Her store is very primitive...and my products are not.
She almost was talking me out of it. Well, I am thus talked out of it. :)
Thanks to my leg I have just too much on my plate to try to worry about this!
And finally, I have to do some re-organization of my charity quilt program.
As it is, I am being taken advantage this is the perfect opportunity to shut it down,
and re-think the whole thing...when I can walk again.
What a blessing to be given the 'excuse' to be able to do this.

5) I have to rely on God for my healing. 
I am sure that some of you will call me strange for this.
(It costs $400/month for the spouse on my husbands plan. 
The boys cost $50 each so they are covered.
As for me...I'd rather stay at home with my kids,
than have insurance.)
Now, of course, if it gets worse,
or doesn't get better by me babying it,
then I will figure a way to somehow go to the doctor.

In the meantime,
I am going to enjoy being LAZY!!!!


Mariliz said...

You're not being lazy, you're just taking time for yourself. Enjoy it, rest up, and recharge. It sounds like they may be some new changes coming with quilt programs.

Linda said...

Lazy you are NOT! You need the rest and down time!! Enjoy this well deserved time for yourself and time with Stephen! You know they grow up way, way to quickly!!

Sara G said...

Down time much needed!! Not lazy, at all. Sending big hugs!! Please rest. Praying for you! Love ya!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, rest and relax. Enjoy that missed ME time - getting someone else to do laundry is a bonus!

Pat said...

oh hon, wish you better *hugs*
And I pray having a few days rest will fix it xx

Anonymous said...

Not, not, not need some down time, and God may have known that he had to get your attention to make you take that time! Sure hope that your leg gets better, but I hope that you are blessed with lovely relaxation time until then. Let the other obligations ride, and you'll get to them later (or re-think them and change them around!)
Jacque in SC

Christine M said...

I hope you're up and about soon.

BubzRugz said...

Hope you feel lots better soon... in the meantime your body can have a well deserved rest....

Patty@Granma's said...

Bummer! What a way to start your summer! Try to see the bright side, even if it's under the couch cushions!!

Belinda said...

You poor thing. I hope and pray it gets better quickly...well, not too quickly so you can have some ME time!
I took some things to a local shop last year to see if they would be interested in selling them. They were, but not enough to bother acting like they were. Sounded like they were trying to talk me out of it too, and it worked. I figured if they weren't interested enough, I wasn't either. A bit disappointing, but all for the best.