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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things that help: Grocery Day!

Well, I still can't access my blog or leave comments using chrome.
 I am using Explorer now and it is working fine--but so annoyingly SLOW!

I can walk! Thank you for your prayers about my knee.
It seems to be tendon issues. I cannot completely extend it yet,
and I am still being a couch queen (May for Me!) for a few more days.
But I can now limp around with no pain.
I'll be hiking again before you know it.

I've enjoyed every part of May for Me.
Including my Wednesday "help" posts.
This final one is one that really really helps us out;
but before I show you I need to explain a bit about how we eat around here.
We made BIG changes to our diets a couple of years ago
when I was pregnant and blew up like a balloon with gestational diabetes.
My doctor said it was so bad that I am guaranteed to be a diabetic someday.
My husband has diabetes; as does his parents, my dad and my grandmother.
If we ate like every other American...
it would be a for sure thing that Stephen would get diabetes too=]

In our house we do NOT bake for the most part.
We don't have any sugar or flour in the cabinet.
We don't eat any bread, pasta, rice, corn, or potatoes.
( above--Big No No's!!)

We do eat the same things almost daily.
This is much healthier for you.
For thousands of years people survived on eating the same basic diet day after day.
Boring? Well, at first.
But we are very used to it now
and I love that I don't have to plan menus.
We basically have a rotation.

Breakfasts are premade biscuits (our only bread consumed) and sausage.
My husband cannot function without his morning biscuit and coffee.

Lunches rotate. Right now it is a small chef's salad.
I am careful with what I put on the salad.
We also get  yogurt and fruit for a snack during the day.
When we aren't doing the salad thing for lunch,
we do homemade bean dip with tortilla chips.

Supper is usually a 'meaty' soup, or beans.
We do have a bit of rotation though.
And we love Tuna Tuesday and Fish Friday. 
We very occasionally cook up some other meat dish.
And on payday we treat ourselves to eating out at the Mexican restaurant.

That is how we eat. All the time.
For shopping, we don't live near one of those big fancy grocery stores.
We use the W-place in our town.
I made a shopping list of everything that we regularly buy,
and I set my list up as if I was walking through the order.
So no going up and down the list while on each aisle.
We just take the list and pick up the items in order.
So quick and easy!

Sorry, it's a bit crooked, but you get the idea.
I am fairly sure no will want to copy our list,
since it lacks anything from the baking aisle,no canned goods, etc.
Plus, you'll want to make your own list--
matching it to your grocery store.
Organize your will give you more ME time!


Angie said...

So on your new dietary plan have you lost a lot of weight?

I do love a good organized shopping list!

Belinda said...

It would be sooooo much easier here if we could eat the same things on rotation. I would be FINE with. Unfortunately, the husband would not. Creating a menu and grocery list is one of my least favorite of all tasks.

Mariliz said...

I just started doing a meal plan. (after talking about it forever) We have a list of about 20 meals that I will make. which with weekends and the occasional meal out with last for 3 weeks and then we repeat the whole thing again.

Marcia said...

I wish I was that organized. I cook every other day a double meal and we eat the leftovers the next day! One night a week we eat breakfast food. I love that night!

Thanks for sharing your list great idea!

BubzRugz said...

Glad to hear your knee is somuch better.... your diet sounds very healthy.... you must be feeling much better on it... I love home made soup..... now it is winter here we'll be having it more often....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that our prayers are answered, and you are improving! We have a similar lifestyle: hubby controls his diabetes with his diet, and exercise, so no regular breads, rice, potatoes, etc. I have special flours and additives that I use to create biscuits and cornbread. He loves the fact that he can have those again! We use Dreamfield's pasta and do lots of other things to control his blood sugar. So far, so good! God has blessed our efforts and he's not needed a doctor or drugs. His numbers are good, usually between 95 and 110. Your list is a super idea!
Jacque in SC