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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rows 2 and 3

May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along

Welcome to the final week!! 
Over the next couple of days we will make our rows and borders.
Then the finish is up to you.
Don't forget to keep uploading to The Flikr Group.

Today we are going to make the two rows for the middle of the quilt.
(Yep, we skipped right over row 1.)
For the first one, you will need 8 of your four-patch blocks and your Windmill stitchery block.

Here is a photo of how to lay it out:

Two four patches stacked on the left, then the windmill,
then the rest stacked on the right. 
That is pretty much all the explanation you need on this row.

For the next row you will need three pinwheels, your tiptoe stitchery block, and five extra squares of scrap, measuring 2" x 2" each.
Sew your 2 x 2's in a row first:

Then attach your stitchery to the bottom of this row:

Now sew two pinwheels to the left and one to the right:

I originally didn't plan to put sashing,
but as you move on you will see the blocks don't all match up seam to seam,
(they are all different sizes)
so sashing looks better. Cut sashing strips 2" x 21 1/2".
Put a row of sashing between these rows,
then one at the top and one at the bottom:
(oops, wonky photographer!)

I am looking forward to seeing your uploaded rows to the May for Me Mystery Flikr Pool


Linda said...

How Fun! I hope to get to this soon!

Angie said...

AWE, that is really cute!

flowerofshona said...

off to make a start :)

Anonymous said...

This is looking great! Can't wait to get back to this!
Jacque in SC

flowerofshona said...

All done but im gong to make you wait to see it till the end lol!