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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May for Me Day

It is finally here! 

So many of us have all been eagerly awaiting this day!
Be sure to click the May for Me tab up top to visit all the participants.

As for me just some of the things that I have in store are--

  • The long awaited revealing of my Creation Station!
  • Seth (my 13 year old) is very herb knowledgeable, and he has been preparing some tips and pointers that are perfectly suited to rejuvenation!
  • My Mystery Quilt n Stitch along
I am going to indulge this month.
Yes, I am going to buy me....
(are you ready for my big self-indulgent expense this month?)
I love fuzzy slippers so much. The boot kind.
And we have not been able to find them locally at all.
(Mine bit the dust. They were literally falling apart and leaving pieces all over the house.)
I will be searching malls and the web and I WILL have me some fuzzy slippers by the end of the month.

My sewing list keeps growing.
It will be quite a feat to get this all done this month, 
and I am not going to stress over it. But I am going to attempt to make:
1) A sewing bag for my needlework
2) A needle case
3) A matching scissors fob
4) Finish up my Peanuts quilt 
5) a church bag and church pillow (my arm needs propped up all of the time and I am tired of stacking up a pile of hymnals and resting my arm on it. The stares are funny though.)

And finally, besides my sewing; herbs from Seth; fuzzy slippers;
I'll be picking up some good reading books and watching some good movies!

What will you be doing for May for Me? 
If you blog about it, let me know and I'll link you up right here!



Patty@Granma's said...

Fuzzy slippers? Sounds like you are planning a month of 'nesting at home!'
Me, I'm starting the month with a cup of tea! And I have the slippers to go with it!

Marcia said...

Yes! May 1st! Time to take time to enjoy!

You are really going all out with new fuzzy slippers!


Sara G said...

Happy May 1st! Fuzzy slippers sound great!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Fuzzy slippers - hey not bad... I so need a pair myself and have for the last 2 years... We are working on May for Me Now.... Post about it tonight. Jorge starts it off - yippeeee... Hope your having fun!!


The Tulip Patch said...

Tonya I am completing a king size quilt for MY bed. The binding is all I have left to go. I am so proud of myself...inspired by Diane Rose the blind quilter...if she can make them, what's my excuse? It will be so nice to sleep under my own creation.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Can't wait for the tips on herbs . Your goals are doable, but it is a ME month, so don't stress yourself if it is not all done. Hope you find your fuzzy slippers!