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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am so Stupid!! (so how about a giveaway?)

That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
That I am stupid, stupid, stupid. 
NOW QUIT SCROLLING to see what I'm giving away.
You have to listen to me first.

Here I am stuck here in my recliner. 
And, yes it is fun looking at all that fabric...
BUT...I am grounded from using it. 

Remember? I am supposed to be grounded for a whole week. 
No walking. No working.
I am to be playing queen. 
Well, that is certainly hard to do when you live with all men.
But I can't even blame them! Nope.
I am S.T.U.P.I.D.

I decided that it wouldn't hurt too much if I did some quilting. 
I have some very cool small orders that I want to get made up.
I was walking almost normally by this point--
so I thought, why not?
STUPID...that's why. 
All that hopping from cutting table to ironing board to machine.
By yesterday morning I couldn't walk again.
By yesterday afternoon the pain had intensified so much that it was 10 times worse than last weekend. 

So, I called to find out how paperwork was going on getting me some med help. 
It will take at least 30 more days to get an answer. 
ummm, you guessed it.

So, here I am.
 I can barely rotary cut as it is because of my stupid shoulder that doesn't work.
I tend to get a bit wonky sometimes.
AND now I have to attempt a system so that I never have to stand 
(at least for TWO WHOLE WEEKS now) while sewing.
I can lower the ironing board, but what about that silly rotary cutter?

Well, as I pondered, popped a pain pill, pondered, popped a pain pill...
IT came to me! NO--not an idea...a facebook message.
And guess what it said?

I won this:

It's a die fabric cutter.
I've actually been wanting to try one to see if it helps my shoulder for rotary cutting.
This is the 'baby' size.
If it works really well, 
then maybe someday I can get the regular size.
(which has more dies available).
It will be interesting to see how well it works number one for my shoulder.
And number two sitting down.
In other words, could someone physically disabled work it ok?
Well, I guess we shall find out.

Of course..there is a catch.
It comes with no dies.
And it also needs a different cutting match for each die size.
I've had a gander around
The dies are a bit on the pricey side for this Hillbilly.
But, I could collect them here and there. 
I'll let you all know how that goes. 

And FINALLY...a giveaway for you.
Was it STUPID making you read all that to get to the freebie?
I have this cute little stitchery pattern booklet that I literally had to
 JUMP through hurdles to get. 

It's from Australia,
and it's been very slightly used. 
The patterns are cute as can be. 
You can follow this at the Stitch-a-long blog going on now!
I am also going to include 5 Christmas Fat Quarters.
Not that I can take a photo.
I am grounded to the recliner. 
For two weeks.
STUPID, huh?!

What do you need to do to win this booklet
(that cost me $28 YIKES) 
and 5 fat quarters?

Follow and Comment.
You could even tell me something stupid that you've done recently.
(only one comment counts).

Those that  joined in on the 
May for Me Mystery Stitch n Quilt Along
get an extra entry if you send me a photo of your finished top.
It does not have to be quilted.
You may email  me, post a photo to your blog, 
or upload to flickr.
And come back here and comment that you did.
The is the ONLY way to get two entries.

I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks so that everyone will have a chance to finish up.
I mean...I've nothing better to do than sit around in this recliner
and read your comments. 


Wilma NC said...

I'd love to win, and I would have my May for Me stitch along finished, but I was waiting for the last steps to be posted, lol.

Linda said...

Nice giveaway! Sadly, I can't finish my May for me as my machine isn't back from the sew doctor yet :( I stupidly made my machine sick. I have no idea how!

Belinda said...

Oh Tonya, I'm so sorry. What you did sounds just like me though! My husband is forever griping at me because I won't stop. I ran into the bench at the end of my bed yesterday in my rushing around, and jammed my pinkie toe. It's a pretty purple today. I hope the fabric cutter works for you. I really need one myself, as I ALWAYS get rotary cuts wonky. ;)

Tonya said...

Just a note: all steps are posted and are up under the quilt along tab. I posted the last two in one day :)

I will leave this open until all of you can get it done. We want Linda to have a chance too.

Colleen said...

Not sure there is anything left to say... except you are NOT stupid. You are just an enthusiastic creative person and they can't keep us down!

Mariliz said...

I'm happy that you won a Go cutter. You will Love it!!!! Feel better soon.

flowerofshona said...

Wow I spent hours trying to find that book over here after seeing it on a blog !!!
Im a follower of your great blog and now my doggy bit SIT! lol rest that knee up hun, take it frm one who has knee trouble, the neopren knee suports are good

flowerofshona said...

Added my 'May for me' finished stitching in the flickr pictures :)
My funny story will make your eyes water lol
I was chatting on line and a little tipsy, decided to open another bottle of wine, got the cork screw out and opened the bottle, put it back in the draw and gave the draw a hard push BUT had left my boobs in the way of the draw ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You GOOSE!! WHen layed up it is best to do the whole recovery thing! Good time to hand stitch or applique. Make some hexies or yo-yos. My stupid recently - and only one? I put my dinner in the microwave - only thing was - I was cooking in the oven - my surprise to open the oven door and wonder???? where is dinner???

ANd thanks to your permission to test - my quilt top is finished - look forward to the others.

Sue Bone said...

Stupid things - too many to list but I am annoyed with myself for not oiling my bernina before lending it to a friend. Another friend put more than a drop of oil on it and now it is in for repair and I need to quilt some projects.

Sara G said...

You're not stupid!! Maybe silly at times but not stupid. Sometimes we do more when we should be resting but my mama always said to "never should of could of" lol. I don't know much about machinery but glad you got something neat to try!

Marcia said...

Ok... so I have gone back in your blogs trying to figure out which one a missed that said what happened to you ... Why are you laid up? Why can't you stand for two weeks? What did you do? Remember my life has been very confusing the past two weeks staying on a sofa at the Hospital with my Mom. But I am back home now and I want to know what happened? Did you fall?

We all have had an accident or two. I tripped over a box on the floor in my quilt shop and fell and broke a bone on the top of my wrist. Luckily it was my left hand and I quilt right handed. I was still out of commission for 3 weeks because I still need both hands to work - to roll the rollers to pull thread...

Please do not enter me in the drawing - let someone else win! So good luck to everyone who enters!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some me time in that chair!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Well...I get your e-mail updates. I'm going on the assumption I'm a follower too, since Blogger is still being a royal pain in the patootie, I can't check to see if I'm a follower. I hope you take it easy (hard to do, isn't it?) and can get out and about at the end of your incarceration (ha!). Take it easy, girlfriend!!!! I'll try to remember to check back to see if I'm a follower. No way to tell now. And you probably can't tell either.

Auntie Pami said...

What can you do if you can't sit still? Use your Baby. I use my little one at Sit 'n Sew and I do sit. I do have to get up and press, but you can do that sitting down. My stupid thing--I have 2 feather dies. Maybe I should do a giveaway?

Sherry said...

Of course I am a follower of your blog and the stitch along. I have posted a picture on my blog of my pieced but not quilted Mystery quilt. I was thinking about the mess ups I have done lately and what came to mind was the blocks for my quilt that I cut too small and had to make things work. I hope you are better soon. Congratulations on winning the die cut.

rubyslipperz said...

AB-SEW-lutely...Imma follower!!...
And...AB-SEW-lutely...Imma stupid sometimes. This last week, I needed to cut a strip of fabric for a row and I cut it short...not once, not twice... but THREE times! OMGosh!!


BubzRugz said...

Eeessh you are so hard on yourself!! I really, really hope you feel better soon.... I am not in the giveaway as I am already doing this !! (although the fabric would be fun!! haha) I don't know about the most stupid... I do little stupid all day long....... tra la la la...

Sarah Craig said...

OK, Tonya, here's a tip about your Go dies - look on Amazon! I've found them to be much cheaper, plus if you watch they go on sale sometimes -I got the 7" Drunkards Path die for $29!! Congratulations on the win!!

Jindi's Cottage said...

First off...I am NOT entering the giveaway so don't include this comment in the draw...right that done...
Lucky you winning that Go-Cutter jigger...but your poor knee...don't be so hard on yourself, you are not stupid, just human...but you do need to do as you are told and rest it up...

Pat said...

Not entering either, chickie. Just a little suggestion - maybe try ebay for the die cutters? Perhaps someone has some they used but weren't too fond of - and they may be selling them on?
As for stupid, no you're not - just keen. There's not a one of us who hasn't sometimes ignored the body - just not all of us have to pay for it like you are having to *hugs*

Wanda said...

Well, by reading the comments you should know by now you aren't stupid - enthusiastic maybe but not stupid. I too can't sit still while hurt so I would be there along with you. Congrats on the Go! I want one but right now the budget isn't looking that way but you never know what could happen - I might win one - one day! As you know I'm a follower and would love the stitchery patterns, so add this one to the pile of entries.


Anonymous said...

I agree - you are NOT stupid, just enthusiastic, as Wanda said! So sorry; we have all done that and pushed ourselves before our bodies were ready, at some time or another. I checked on ebay and there are some good buys on dies there....course, I don't know for sure what shape you would want. ;) I'm going to try hard to get some done on my M4M quilt. Right now I'm trying to get my H2H top done! LOL Can anyone say "chicken with the head cut off"? Haha!
Jacque in SC

Marcia W. said...

Congratulations on your fabulous win of a baby GO! I also have a physical issue to work around - and have to tell myself to just quit sewing for a while, and then can do more tomorrow. Actually, I talk to myself after my mother tells me to quit before I overdo it. We won't say how old I am - she is 80.