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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How I stay on top of things...part 2

I have been feeling a bit under the weather
---just one of those nasty colds that keep you awake coughing all night. 

Today my family leaves to meet my in-laws in Branson, Mo. Stephen hasn't seen his grandparents in a year. As I was having a coughing fit last night as my husband packed his clothes, he looked up at me and offered for me to stay home for the weekend by myself and he would just take the little guy and go. 
But, no, it is a 5 hour car drive, and Stephen has the nasty cold too. 
He needs his MeMe (as he calls me).

I won't say that I didn't do some 'dreaming' of having 4 whole days to myself.
I am a loner. I LOVE to be alone. I find that so rejuvenating. 
And it is a very rare thing for me to be alone.
So, what would I do for 4 days??

Well, I would start with cleaning. I prefer to be alone when I clean. 
No one under foot, or no interruptions.
I mean I would major clean.  More about that in a minute.
Then I would take a hot bath.

And the rest of the weekend I would rotate between
 quilting, quiet time, and walking.
And calling my husband every five minutes
--driving him up the wall--
to check on him and Stephen.

 Today is Wednesday....
the day I've set aside in May to blog about things 
that help me not go completely insane in my busy life. 
Last week I showed you how I attempt to stay on top of the 
'computer' side of my life.
Today I will show you how I attempt to stay on top of my cleaning.

Every time we move to a new home, I sit down with a pen and paper.
Then I list each room, in order, and what needs to be done in that room.
Then I type it all up into a cleaning schedule.
(click to enlarge)
(this is the list for this week. That bathroom part that is all scribbled out...means it's finished.
Seth likes to show that he doesn't have to do that any more for this week anyway!)

I've set this up to do weekly but that never happens.
It usually takes about 2 weeks, 
and of course there are some things that have to be done more often,
such as bathrooms, kitchen and floors. 
This list works great for Seth too. 
He has to pick a couple a day to do. 
And if I need a 'consequence' for him--
guess where I pick it from?
(My least favorite things, of course!)

I recently made a change in what I use to clean.
I won some Shaklee cleaning supplies from Mariliz.

From the very moment I used it, I fell in love.
And I ordered more. 
These products are completely safe. All natural. Nothing harmful.
The first thing I cleaned with my new cleaner was a very messy high chair tray.
Oh my goodness, no scrubbing needed! 
No wonder I fell in love. 
And no harmful residue behind is a huge plus!

The next thing I ordered was laundry soap and scour paste.
Seth and I both tend to be allergic to laundry soaps. 
Only not the same kind! I was using All Free for him,
but had to use Arm and Hammer for me. 
Now we both can use Shaklee. It's super concentrated too,
so a little goes a long way. (Same with their other cleaners.)

This scour paste I ordered is amazing!
It smells like cherries, 
and it even worked on all the pot and pan markings in my kitchen sink.
I was previously using a mixture of baking soda and bleach--
messy, stinky, and not good for you!
(Seth and I are allergic to bleach too. Weird, huh?)

Finally, a word about Shaklee.
Yes, it's one of those 'pyramid' things...but it's different.
(I've sold Discovery Toys, DK Books, and Nutrition for Life, 
so I know what those are all about).
For Shaklee--you can just buy the products.
Or you can be a member and buy the products cheaper. 
(which is what I do)
Or you can become a distributer and work it a little harder
--and maybe not even have to pay for your products 
and earn a bit of cash on the side.
But, they don't push you to sell. 
No big deal that I just want to buy. 
The prices are very good,
and I love that they are safe,
and super concentrated.

I encourage you to Visit Mary and see what you think.

In close, Mary doesn't know I am posting this.
She didn't pay me. I didn't get free product. (except what I won on her blog).
I don't do reviews unless I think the product is worthy. 
So there you have it. 
Now go clean something!


Anonymous said...

Sure hope you get better soon! It's no fun traveling when you are not well - and a sick little one just adds to the fatigue. Get some rest! Love your cleaning worksheet, and thanks for the tip on Shaklee products.
Jacque in SC

Linda said...

I love your "to do" list. Keeps all those tasks visible. Love the cleaning tips too. I will hop on over to Mary. I hope you feel better soon!

flowerofshona said...

My cleannig gets done in "worst area first" order or the bit i can no longer stand to look at lol! but i hoover every day with 6 dogs and im very fussy in the kitchen, only job i won't do is clean the oven.
Take care of yourself hun theres only one of you

Mariliz said...

You are sweetie, thank you for the Love! I'm so stealing your cleaning list, I really am a visual person and this will help me stay focused & organized. Feel better soon, drink some tea and honey, it helps soothe your cough.

RonJoeWhite said...

Colds are the pits! I hope you feel better soon :-)

StitchinByTheLake said...

My goodness you are even more organized than me! I love your cleaning list and your endorsement of Shakelee products. I'll be reading a little more about those. blessings, marlene

rubyslipperz said...

I am TERRIBLE at staying "on top of things" unless it is a chair seat or a
I must have missed the line to stand in when "they" passed out the organizational skills!
I need to learn a thing or 2...or 3! from YOU!
Shaklee...I have always liked the products that I've used in the past...
Do you have a website to link to for buying the products?


Sara G said...

Have a safe trip and feel better soon!!

hopemitch said...

Hope you feel better soon and your trip isn't too miserable with a cold. I love your list - thought things would get easier with an empty nest but it just makes for parts of the house that don't get traffic - so more dust lol. Hope