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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finishing up...and more blogger issues

Well, I have been googling for the problem. Your comment problems are a blogger issue again today. It has to do with different explorers. Those using Chrome and firefox seem to be having the most problems. I had to jump over to Explorer and here all is working fine. So, it's not me..this time :)
Since I had to post this update, I am just posting the rest of the quilt too...that way I am not giving more than a gazillion posts in one day!!!!!

May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along

Ready to finish up?

Rows 1 and 4 are just mirror images of each other. 
For each row you will need one windmill block
(the big pieced block that you only made two of),
Four of your four patch blocks, 
Two scraps measuring 3 x 4, 
 one of your stitchery blocks,
and a row of sashing 2 x 21 1/2.

Lets start with your first row. 

Stack two four patches on one of your 3x4 scraps,
then stack your other 3x4 scrap on two four patches.
Join the stacks.

Next stack a pinwheel above your dutch girl block.

Then sew the row together as follows:

As you can see, I already attached the sashing at the top.
(But not the bottom!)

Row four is done the same way, but opposite.
It's easier to just show you:

Finally, sew all four rows together, then square them up for sashing.
Add sashing down the two outside edges.
(Measure your quilt to get the exact measurements.)

Finally, add a border, quilt and bind.
I added a 3 inch border.
Sharon brought up a good point about how to measure borders.
When you do your borders,
make sure you take your measurements from the center of the quilt
and cut them to size before you sew.
When you just sew them on, then chop them off to size,
your quilt does not square up as well.

I'll show you the quilted version another day.
So, now that it is all together,
What do you think?
Give me all feedback. 
Positive and negative. I am here to learn, you know.
Just like the rest of you!

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BubzRugz said...

It's lovely Tonya, you know I haven't done it but that doesn't mean I never will!! I love the colours you have chosen...