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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A bit of learning for me in May

May for Me has really not turned out how we expected, has it?

Marcia, spent a good part of the month caring for her mother in the hospital.

I have spent the last week of the month with my leg all propped up.
(Well, except for that one evening when I forgot that I wasn't superwoman.)

In spite of these things,
it has been a wonderful month! 

With the quilt along, I learned so much about design. That's why I did learn. I love to teach; but I love to learn as well. I have a brand new machine and I was so eager to try all different aspects of it, I decided to use my May for Me quilt as a learning piece. 

I started with pebble quilting. This is done free motion. I am not good at free motion at all; and I really wasn't sure that I like the look of pebble quilting. But it was SO EASY and even when I messed up it just looked like part of the pebbles! I did the pebbles in all of the stitchery blocks.

Next I wanted to try out my new Accufeed foot. 
My new machine (Janome Horizon) has a built in walking foot.
I just did some simple straight line quilting in the four patches.

Then I realized this really wouldn't work for the other blocks,
so I tried out my new quilting guide. 
I set it a bit less than 2" and did diagonal quilting.

For the sashing, I decided my quilt was already a mish mash of quilting patterns,
so why not try some pre-programmed stitches.
Normally, I am not a fan of these. At all.
But this wave wasn't so bad.

It would be ok in something that was very narrow.
(sorry it's fuzzy.)

Next I did another pre-designed stitch.
I did tulips just on the outside sashing.
I really didn't like them much at all.
And I got crooked.
This is the other problem I have with my arm. 
I really have a hard time feeding the quilt evenly and not letting it tug to the left.
My left arm doesn't extend and I really struggle with this step.
So, I need to stick to something that isn't hard to keep straight.
And I am sticking to small quilts too.
Smaller means less tug!

Finally, on the outside border,
I finished my mish mash of learning with just a cross-hatch design.

On the back I used a dark color so that I could purposely see my stitches.
I was testing the tension on my new machine for all of the different types of quilting.
I was very pleased with the result. 
I never changed the tension at all,
whether I was free-motioning or not.

I am loving my new machine for sure after this!
And I have a cute little quilt to hang every spring,
that will remind me of our first ever May for Me!
and all of the wonderful new friends that I met along the way. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am glad you are enjoying your new machine. I am almost done hand quilting - binding tomorrow. Yes I can handquilt a lap quilt in a weekend.

Our community has a business donating 3 tractor trailers and 3 drivers to drive supplies down to Joplin. We have 4 site thru 2 counties that are drop-off sites (our home is one of them) and they will be taking off as soon as a truck is full. We are supplying the necessities - soap, shampoo, clothes, baby diaper, formula, etc....... Probably our quild will be sending quilts out at a later time (when cold weather sets in) - one of our LQS is going to man that with delivery.

Wilma NC said...

I had fun during May. Loved making the dutch girl quilt, not sure how I will quilt it though.

flowerofshona said...

Your quilting is nice :) this is the part that worries me as i have not learnt free motion yet !
Not sure if i can help the charity from over here :(

Marcia said...

Yes! May for Me didn't turn out to be an all fun filled month, but I think we both enjoyed the minutes we got! enjoyed reading about what everyone was doing this month! I have kidded about Jubilee June and July! I think I will just enjoy May for Me with Minutes for Me every day of the year!

Love all the photos of your May for Me Mystery Quilt and your quilting -- I like the variety of quilting patterns! Looks great! I enjoyed working on mine this weekend. Hope to complete the blocks and put it together later today!

All in all the May for Me Celebration was a delightful blogging adventure! I will post tomorrow and link to all of the post I have found of everyone's recap of the month!

May for Me --- for Everyone!

Mary L. said...

Your quilting looks great! Free motion gets easier the more you do it. Looks like you are already good at it.

Belinda said...

What a month huh?! So glad I participated and found some ME time and activities. Loved your quilting, sure wish I had a new machine. :( But, I'm happy to have the one I've got, so it's all good.

Melissa said...

You go girl! So happy to see you quilting along!