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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A big thanks to all of you

I have had so many well wishes, thoughts, and prayers sent our way since my post on Monday.
You are all seriously the very best family/friends that I've ever had.

Life is crazy sometimes. You get all set up to have a perfect month, and then you are thrown a curve ball.
But that is ok.
Because here I was thinking all is good; I'm going to do this and that; and it will all go this and that way;
and then all explodes!--and THAT moment is the moment that I (as well as the rest of the family) learns to put ourselves back into God's hands and let HIM say how things are going to go.

Thanks everyone for praying and helping and the warm encouragement.
Some of you may be very close friends or relatives that are surprised to have not heard from me.
Just know that this time, all matters need to be kept here at home. 
But I love you and I thank you for being there for me!
We could still use some prayers, especially over the next month or two, but let's just move on already!

It is time for ME.
So, I am going to catch up with the rest of you.
Starting with catching up on some blog reading.
I just clicked on my reader while typing this.
Do you know that I have 513 blogs to catch up on reading?
Oh my...don't expect too many comments!
And as for all the wonderful comments that you've left me,
well I've saved them all hoping to catch up but there are 67 comments/emails to respond to.
So, lets just start here...shall we?

Ok, I'm off to read some of those 513 blog posts!


Colleen said...

Yeah you! You dont have to respond to this :o)

Marcia said...

YES You!

You don't have to respond to this either! Just letting you know I was here and read your post!

May for You ...One day at a time...

Pokey said...

Bless you, Tonya! The joy of the Lord is my strength....

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I am with Marcia.... I hope the hard times leave quick and can be fixed... We have had those few adventure too!!