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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another surprise gift for Me!

I was doing my blog reading today (Saturday) and happened upon 
June is truly a wonderful person and I love reading her blog.
I just never know if her creation is going to be beautiful, or funny, or...well, you just never know!
She is such a sweet person.You really should go visit.

Anyway, when I got to June's blog, I saw this Mother's Day Wish:

June is from Europe, (they've already had Mother's Day)
but she posted this as a Happy Mother's Day to the rest of us.

Do you know who that is a photo of?
My little girl. (who is now 21 yrs old. sigh.)
I don't get to see my little girl for Mother's Day this year,
so thank you June for bringing her to me!
Wasn't that a nice surprise?

If you would like to read the post about my mother,
you can find it RIGHT HERE.
It is a bit different than most 'mommy' stories...but is one of my most popular posts.

Happy Mother's Day all.
 I am powered down for the weekend and pre-posted this when I saw the photo on June's blog. 


Pokey said...

I read about your mom, Tonya, I'm sorry you do not have memories of her. I think it's a terrible loss for a child! I'm hoping your Mother's Day will be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Have a special day, Tonya!
Jacque in SC

Marcia said...

I trust that you are enjoying your Mother's Day powered down... We are at our camper enjoying the wonderful weather in Wisconsin. (Finally) I am still in my Jammas, sitting in a law chair enjoying the beautiful view of the Mississippi River. We had brats for lunch!
Having fun in May! Marcia

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Mother's Day for me is non in my life - my Mum choose not to be there my entire life. I have always wished her well and I still do. She is a wonderful Mum to my brothers for is was sons she wanted. I am so glad you are a GREAT Mum Tonya and love the picture. Happy Mother's Day to all the GREAT Mums of the world!!


Mariliz said...

Happy Mothers Day! Thinking of you.

Heather said...

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!!

QuiltSue said...

What a wonderful surprise for you.